Your thoughts on AC playing tomorrow

He did run the offense on the last full day of practice and looked OK passing but he is even less mobile than before (and given the OL lately...). That being said, the Als are going into a bye week and 1st place in the East is on the line so this game does carry at least some degree of importance. However, I have seen even the smallest of groin injuries turn into something much more serious. The Als may be risking a long term injury to AC if he does play.

In my opinion, I think the Als should have made the decision to go with Brady tomorrow. The East is wide open so I don't think Thursday's outcome will have that much of an impact. Who knows? Maybe Brady will surprise.

Your thoughts?

I try not to think about AC. I prefer to dream that we have a QB who can throw 20+ yards downfield and get a completion once in a while. It makes no difference if we win or lose, our team is not good. Time to start looking to next year-- find a new QB and give him some development time.
By the way if Brady plays maybe we will get to see the first quick kick since sonny wade

Crimson, I agree that it would be a better decision to sit Calvillo and let Brady get some quality playing time. I fear, like you do, that Calvillo could seriously aggravate his groin injury during the game and then be out for 6+ weeks. Brady would also give that 3-4 Calgary D a different look with his ability to scramble.

Start Brady.
He needs the reps

I say play Calvillo if he can walk. Als play at home before a bye and then they come back play the Tabbies at home before going on back to back games with BC, Edmonton. They are playing a beatup Calgary team at home and should not take this game lightly. Things are going to get a lot tougher for the Als after the break...Take these two points off the table.

I assume you jumped off the waggon, and stopped watching the Als after that week 1 loss to Saskatchewan right? Because it appears that way, by you saying that. Calvillo completing a pass once in a while? What's wrong with completing 33 of 38? Is 87% not good enough for you?

As for Brady, he did a great job in that game against Montreal a few years ago, but what else has he accomplished? What did he do when he got his chance in Hamilton? What's makes everyone think that he's the answer over a CFL Most Outstanding player, and a QB who passed for 5,000+ yards in a season 4 straight seasons?

I don't get it.

My thoughts, Calvillo should play tomorow. Montreal needs Calvillo. AC is NOT the problem nor is Brady the answer. If AC says he's good to go, then let him play. If it get's worse during the game, or AC looks nervous to aggravate him, then we put in Brady.

With Winnipeg playing the Lions, and Pierce playing, Montreal needs to take advantage of a beaten up Calgary team, and who is playing their 2nd game of their short week.

Calvillo should definitely start if he is capable of moving. Putting Brady in wont change the problems with the offense and just means we have a less talented QB throwing for too few yards on 2nd down

Not playing Calvillo doesn't mean the Als would be taking this game lightly. 1) He's hurt and you don't want him banged up more. 2) The offence has sputtered with him at the helm, and Brady deserves a shot. At least it will shake the offence up a little.

Well, assuming you watched tonight's game, I trust you will eat your crow humbly now? Great passing from AC, both deep and intermediate routes!

If not for the 2 fumbles, the game would have been quite different

You cannot expect better from Calvillo than what he gave last night. Great performance marred by the fumbles and more penalties from his O-line. He tries to change his snap cadence to draw the defense off-side and it's frickin Mudge who takes a procedure penalty. God that must be frustrating. His long pass to Watkins was perfectly thrown and shows me that A.C. can still toss the deep ball.

Don't get we wrong, I think AC is a great QB. I was just a little worried that he would really aggrevate his injury by playing. Actually, maybe it's just me but it looked like it was bothering him a little at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. He played a great game though.

I am not jumping off the Calvillo bandwagon by saying that I'm less than impressed with his performance against a team that has given up close to 50 points on two occasions, was injury-riddled and playing a short week.

I also don't think it's fair to lambaste Brad y on his performance in Hamilton. Can you honestly say Calvillo would have been any better?

Brady, or another QB, has to be given a chance. AC is coming to the end, and the Als need to see what they have coming up.

And we weren’t injury-riddled?

Strickland, Sanchez, Imoh, Fritz, Ellis, Stala, Cheatwood, Charbonneau, Perry, Vilimek. Obviously Calgary had more injuries, but we weren’t at full strength either.

Only Stickland and Sanchez are part of the "core" of this team. Charbonneau has never played a game. Fritz is a plus not having him. Imoh is a change up back. Ellis had not won the job yet really. Als were a lot healthyer then the Stamps and did not have to travel on a short week. Stamps Dline was make shift and it really showed. Als played well and deserved the win but the Stamps were an easy prey.

Ellis HAD won the job. He beat out Mackey in training camp. And your starting MLB is most certainly part of the team. So is your starting fullback and one of your starting O-linemen.

I think the Als are a better team without Fritz and Vilimek starting. Piercy is a better fullback but Vilimek is a better special team player. Makey got hurt at training camp and Ellis was moved to linebacker cause he wasn't going to start on the Dline.

All I'm telling you is the Als are as healthy as any team seven games into the season. It dosen't get much better then this. The way the secondary has been playing since Sanchez is out. I'm not sure Popp is in too much of a hurry to see Sanchez back. I'd trade Sanchez and Fritz for Copeland or Boerighter in a minute.

Fair enough.