Your team's 2022 strengths/challenges by position group

I'll start: BC Lions

Strength: Secondary. Scary good. So much so that they cut KiAnte Hardin today, their 2021 super rookie who had 45 defensive tackles, 4 special teams tackles, and 2 INTs last year in 11 games last year. Too much talent and depth back there.

Weakness: Defensive line. Leos had big off-season plans. Signed Stove Richardson and threw big bucks at Woody Baron. Well, Stove is gone for most of the year with a blown Achilles and Baron is dicking around with passport issues (not sure when that will be settled). Betts and Menard will anchor one DE position which will be an upgrade but they now have to hope for for greater productivity from the other 3 positions over 2021.


Alrighty then: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Strength: Defense is scary good AGAIN. Offensive line has ridiculously good depth. Which one do I go with here? I'm thinking probably defense but in the final analysis the Bombers own THE TRENCHES. Gotta go with that.

Weakness: BACKUP QB. (since we haven't missed any field goals YET). We have better QB depth with Dru Brown showing signs that he can maybe keep us in the hunt should Zack Collaros miss any playing time. As for Dakota Prukop? I think you have to make him angry before you let him touch the ball. Once he turns into the Hulk he's good to go.


No idea. Arbuckle is probably a for sure but not much else to go on as yet. Locksley showed well last week but that's in the first pre season so gotta take it as that.
I think there will be a fair number of last years players back, defence especially. But receivers are still a question (outside Lawler and Walker), linebackers the same, running game Wilde is likely and Fletcher looked good last week now we have a real OC.
The depth chart for tomorrows game will probably offer more clues.


I suppose it's possible too that Chris Streveler could return to the 'Peg since he liked it there so much? Or would that be unlikely due to insufficient cap room? Of course, I believe he's going to exhaust every NFL opportunity before he comes back to the CFL.

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If he liked it then he's gonna love it now. The new rules allow us to put TWO QB's in the backfield at once. Imagine dart throwing steamroller 'Streveler the Leveler' lining up beside Zack Collaros and Johnny Augustine (9 yards per carry)... what a punishing ground game we'd have. Who'd be able to stop THAT combo in the Red Zone?


I guess my ADHD has me confused on the day as the preseason Elks/Stamps is tomorrow.....
Anyway, the depth chart was posted today and looks about like I expected it would. Lots of experienced talent with a few rookies thrown in. The big changes are in the linebacking core and the defensive backfield. Two Nationals in Konar and Dominique flank Lacey at linebacker. Two rookies on the corners in Dean and Lyon and Mathew Elam at free safety, who played for Sk. in 2018.
Added to the defensive line with returning Costigan and Ceresna are Kingsly Opara at DT who was in TO last season, and a converted receiver Pharoah McKever (6'6" 260 lb) at DE.
On Offence, Martese Jones bookends Walker and may double as a return guy, which he was in Mtl. Lawler an Vandervoort (Sk.) at slotback, Wilder and Fletcher running, Litre at Full Back and Castillo Kicking.
Apparently the coaches saw what they wanted from Arbuckle last week and the other three get to battle it out for the other two QB spots tomorrow.
Beard, Korte, Foucalt, are the Canadian centre of the line with Colin Kelly who missed last season with a torn pec, and Antonio Garcia (6'7" 305 lb) at tackles.

Looks solid and with a real playbook and real coaches we should be at the very least not an embarrassment again this year.


Quarterback situation is strong. Receiving corps is once again at or near best in the league. Stanback gives them a great ground game.
Kicking and defence are questionmarks.
The biggest challenge for the Als isn’t at any position, but in the lack of discipline on both sides of the ball.
Drive killing penalties on offence and drive extending penalties on defence are a big reason they have been a .500 team lately.