Your Team, Your Rules - October 7 vs. WPG

Friday, October 7th is "Your Team, Your Rules" night at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans will be able to vote on certain elements of Friday's game, including the first offensive play, the team uniforms, cheerleader performances and more!


Use the tabs above to explore the various options that you can vote on. Once you've decided, click on the VOTE NOW and place your votes. You can also fill out your information in the spaces provided to be entered to win great prizes including an autographed Jamall Johnson helmet, an autographed Kevin Glenn jersey and more.

The polls close at 5pm on Thursday, October 6th. Also, visit the official Hamilton Tiger-Cats Facebook page ( for additional "Your Team, Your Rules" poll questions.

Purchase your tickets for Friday's match up against the Blue Bombers to watch your selections unfold throughout the game.

A lot of the links don’t seem to be active. That is to say…it states “click here” but there is no active link anywhere to be found on the Tackle Under option and all of the First Pass Plays. Or is it just my computer?

Hey Wallace -- it's not just your computer. There seems to be a glitch that prevents the links from appearing.

While we work on fixing this, you can view the videos of offensive coordinator Khari Jones explaining the plays here:

I don't see a tab for picking which uniforms I'd like them to be wearing.

How do I tell them to replace Thomas with another DB?

How do I tell them to replace Thomas with another DB?

You spend the better part of your adult life learning how to coach football and then get lucky enough for them to think you know what you're talking about so they hire you as a coach. Anything less than that and all you get to do is spout off anonymously on the Internet and think you know what you're talking about.

On topic, I also do not see the option to pick the team's uniform.

@Blogskee Wee Wee and @stevehvh,

A handful of the "Your Team, Your Rules" polls are exclusive to our Tiger-Cats Facebook page. The team's uniform selection is one of them. To have your say on what jerseys and pants are worn on Friday, 'like' the Ticats on Facebook and cast your vote. Here's the link to the Facebook page:

Thanks. :thup: