Your team of the decade - 2010s

Since the end of this decade is approaching, I was thinking about what would be the Als’ team of the decade in terms of impact (performance and longevity).

Personally, here is my team of the decade.

QB: Anthony Calvillo
OT: Josh Bourke, Jeff Perrett
OG: Scott Flory, Kristian Matte
C: Luc Brodeur-Jourdain
RB: Brandon Whitaker
FB: Patrick Lavoie
SB: SJ Green, Jamel Richardson
WR: BJ Cunningham, Eugene Lewis

DE: John Bowman, Gabriel Knapton
DT: Alan-Michael Cash, Eric Wilson
MLB: Henoc Muamba
WLB: Kyries Hebert
SLB: Chip Cox
CB: Tommie Campbell, Jonathon Mincy
HB: Billy Parker, Jerald Brown
S: Marc-Oliver Brouillette

My only real issue would be with Hebert … and that because he was/is a cheap shot artist with little if any regard for the results of his reckless hits.

Nice list. But hmmm. When I think of clutch conversions on 2nd and a mile, only one name comes to my mind. Now I’m curious to go back and compare their respective (Alouettes) career stats.

Also: I see a gap in your roster for punters & place kickers. That’s actually the part that would have piqued my interest.

Sorry - I didn’t realize so much time had gone by. Cahoon’s been retired for almost 10 yrs (hard to imagine), and Richardson had three consecutive 1000 yd seasons for the Als back in 2010, '11, & '12.
Guess the years have been a little lean since then. :slight_smile:

This is actually where I am somewhat undecided.

Since the Als keep using only one kicker during the game, I couldn’t make up my mind between Sean Whyte and Boris Bede.

If it was only about placekickers, I would definitely go with Whyte. However, both are in my opinion mediocre punters, with Whyte having a weak leg while Bede being often out of control.

Makes one realize how great Popp was before he got fat, sassy and living away and doing the job.

He brought in the top QB
Brought in the top 3 receivers in the league.

Assembled a great Canadian O-lline at least for this team that only needed 2,5-2.8 second to protect

Had a very complimentary running/blocking RB in the backfield. Whitaker was very underrated imo

And put together a very solid defense. Very Solid.
Their biggest impediment to more GC wins was playing in a horrible division which they often secured by game 11.

FWIW I would go with Bear Woods over Muamba at MLB.

And there has to be a place for Martin Bedard, long snapping for over a decade.