Your "second" favourite team this year

Just a bit curious about, other than your favourite team (in these parts you're required to say the Tiger-Cats), which other team will you be quietly cheering for ?

My alternate choice has always been been Saskatchewan but I think for a change of pace this year, I'll be watching Winnipeg, hoping they do well and gain respect once again.

I like Paul LaPolice as head coach as you won't find a more committed, professional, meticulous and disciplined person........ and right now Winnipeg sorely needs such a person at the helm.

I'm also interested in seeing what the re-uniting coaching trio of LaPolice, Reed and Barresi can come up with now that the three of them have even more coaching experience under their belts.

So for me, I'll be cheering for the Bombers to do well this year (2nd best below the Ticats of course) :wink:

That would be a Tie Montreal and Calgary

Id probably go with Calgary. I like the style they play and am a big Dwight Anderson fan.

Mine is BC always.

Toronto because I grew up with them as my no.l team and love the double blue unies. But don't fear I "pretend" to hate them, this works well living in Tigertown and cheering for the TigerCats. :wink:

Since we're confessing :wink: ........ I've always been a fan of Mike O'Shea ( he's been great for the league as a whole)

Second, Ottawa Renegades cause their not playing. :wink:

Hey I wanted that one. :roll:

1st Hamilton, 2nd Hamilton, 3rd Hamilton, 4th Hamilton, 5th Hamilton, 6th Hamilton. 7th Hamilton, and 8th Hamilton!
There is no 2nd favorite team in my eyes! :rockin: TI-CATS TI-CATS TI-CATS!!! :rockin:

Have to go with the Riders.Their fantastic Canuck O is hard to ignore :slight_smile:

None, one wife one team.

and you never notice an attractive woman walking on by either, right?

Well I do and the Stamps have always been a looker for me.

Hard for me not to like Calvillo and Cahoon, not only the way they play, but also how they conduct themslves as men. :thup:

The Ticats are my 2nd favourite team, the Bulldogs rank number 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

For once we agree..

To me, it doesn't make sense to have a "second" favorite team in the same division as your favorite. For me, Saskatchewan is an easy choice as second favorite.

That's a valid point "safetyblitz" but I will counter by saying the best outcome would be if the Ticats played the Eastern Final at home against the Bombers and we won........the Ticats advance to the Grey Cup but the Bombers gain respectability once again.

Disclaimer: Be aware that my "Blue Bomber" support isn't guaranteed past one year........I have them on a strict probationary period :wink:

I say the best outcome would be for Hamilton and Sask to play in the Grey Cup, with a Hamilton receiver making an incredible catch with broken ribs in the final minutes to tie the game at 40-40. Then on the ensuing Rider drive, the Cats return an interception for a touchdown to seal a 47-40 victory and the Cats live happily ever after. [sticks fingers in ears] LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA.

My second favourite team? Whoever is playing the blue team.

Saskatchewan. Ken Miller :thup: