Your Quarterback just went down . . .

Lets say your starting QB just went down and all the backs ups have the *****, or the flu, or polio.

Now, because of some cheat code you just imputted into the radiowaves of Planet Earth, you have the ability to choose any QB from any CFL Team.

For Tiger-Cats, Roughriders and Lions I placed their back-ups as options because there is more uncertainty in their QB position. Okay maybe not BC but Jackson is good.

Who do you pick?

Gotta be Ricky Ray. Consistanly one of the best QB's in the league while putting up monster numbers on, recently, a ho hum team. Give him the Riders receivers and he'd throw 400 yards and 3 td's 20 times in a year

In Hamilton, our QB is already hurt. I'll take Porter. This kid is gonna be great.

well i would take smiling hank cuz he is my hands down favourite qb in the cfl. but i choose quinton porter cuz thhat guy looked great in hamilton ad has a very promising career in the cfl. probably the best looking prospect in the cfl.

Ricky Ray, hands down.

Okay they haven't been the powerhouse they have been, the past couple of seasons, but they've got no running game and a weak O line; so the opposing defence knows he's passing pretty much every down so they just pin their ears back and rush the passer.

Give Ray a decent O line with a strong running game, and I doubt there's a better QB in the CFL, and he's in his prime.

Also cool as a cucumber.

I agree Mad Jack, its Ricky Ray hands down. If Ricky wasn't available then I would pick Henry Burris then Anthony Calvillo. If AC was younger, I might have went with him, but how many years does he have left? Even HB is getting up in age now, I believe he is around 32. Buck Pierce would be a good choice too, if he can stay healthy. option for Joe Montana.....

If you want to bring in old retired guys then my vote would go to Sonny Wade.

Who's the QB thats hurt? I thought Porter was basically the starter now? I agree Porter looks like a keeper and I'd be amazed and disappointed if the Ti-Cats didn't release Printers.

As for the poll I took RR, in my mind he's clearly the top QB in the league at this time.

Gotta go with Ricky Ray for the reasons others listed. He's the best QB in the league.

Present Day........Ricky Ray!!

From the Past.....Doug Flutie then Warren Moon!!

....I totally missed the point of the question, lol, my bad...