your plans to cheer them as RedBlacks or the Riders?

Just curious to see what everyone's plans are when it comes time to cheer on the team when Ottawa enters the field of play.

Are you planning to chant, "Let's Go Riders!" or....something that is definitely RedBlacks?

The league is giving you the identical old Rough Rider uniform look. They can't stop you from chanting stuff that has "Rider" in it.

If you chant something like "Let's Go RB!" That's going to sound like Arby's the fast-food restaurant.

What are you guys planning to do?

a boo bird by any other name...... :wink:

Here we go we Go. :rockin:

no cheers, just jeers.

Tiger-Cats fan :stuck_out_tongue:

I see this name as being racially discriminatory.

what about yellow blacks.
what about black blacks.
what about white blacks.
what about brown blacks.
what about non blacks.

Ottawa has a team again that should be the focus not whining about a name

define whining

After a week making the original post, I like RedBlacks over Riders. RedBlacks respects the former use of Rough Riders and Renegades. If the team adopted the name RiverBlades, RiverBlades subtly ignores the history and names of Rough Riders and Renegades.

:thdn: This type of comment makes me want to puke! Go REDBLACKS Go! :D

Their is a RedBlacks Nation face book group that I'm in that is making plans to organize a RedBlack cheer. It would start with each side having a color lets say South side would be Red and North Black. Maybe with some suggestions by e-mail the owners will set out Red towels on the South side seats and Black on the North like they do at the Sens playoff games. At least for the first home game to get the fans into it. Here’s an idea of how it would work. It randomly starts with fans on the South side red towel in hand chanting RED across the field and the North side responds BLACK repeat it 3 times each. Then South cheers something like “COME ON ALL YOU BOYS ON THE FIELD? North repeats we do this 3 times each than all yell “GO REDBLACKS? at the end. Heres how they do it in Scotland for the Celtics games. Ours would be a simpler version. We have reserved 50 season ticket seats as a group that plan on getting things like this started. Join our group and keep in touch.

oh yeah, try this name for a team in the south usa.

I'd love to hear/see this chant in Ottawa when Edmonton shows up:

It's demoralizing for the visiting team.


I think the REDBLACKS should do an Ottawa-style HAKA before each game...! :wink:

I love it. So much potential "RedBlacks" is brilliant. Heres another. - YouTube

That one's [another word that isn't quite so offensive].

I don't get it? And I live in the south. I think someone has watched too many Hollywood movies. If you read some type of racial message in this name then I would say that racism must be alive and kicking where you live..

Another possibility is the person making that comment needs the race card issue in order have something to fall back on as leverage. Once racial issues subside people like Al Sharpton are out of business and they must find a new mission which can be painful and financially detrimental in the short-run.

I truly believe that people will look back at the naming of this team and say that they were way ahead of their time. I can see allot of potential in the Name “REDBLACKS? The creators came up with a Perfectly unique name, using traditional Ottawa colours. It's one of the most interesting expansion names I've seen in a long time. Go RedBlacks Go.

My knee jerk reaction was pure loathing
Mostly because I remember players like Tony Gabriel, Russ Jackson, Conredge Holloway, Tom Clements and so many more.
And it REALLY rankles to think that Saskatchewan can whine and blackmail a traditional name from another club. favourite CIS team is the Rouge et Or (RedGolds...if you will)
Not much difference...really.
So considering the RoughRiders will NEVER back down on the name thing
RedBlacks are as good as anything else.

Just happy to see Ottawa get a team