Your Picks (Mock Draft)

I like to break it down in 3 groups: A)players who can contribute right away, at least on ST. b) Players with potential needing seasoning and C) Futures, guys with remaining elegibility NCAA or plan to send back to the CIS for a year. Just the guys that come to mind... looks like this

A) Legare, Eric Lee, Mat Carter, Thaine, Black, Morris, Bacheyie and Bedard

B) Steenbergen, Rottier, Morrencie

C) Fraser, Hinds, Armstrong, J.Lee Clark

Hopefully Dave Stala and Corey Mace make up their minds before the draft or we won't get the full potential out of our picks.

I would go for drafting linemen (both d and o).

This is the area that we are still weak in, in my opinion. More so on the dline. You have to build from the interior outward.

I think we have enough receivers but we need to look at all d and o linemen as possible.

Even if OB had an agreement in place with Mace. I wouldn't send it to the league till after the draft. There is good reason to believe the Ticats will finish better then 8th. this year, so giving Winnipeg a pick next year instead of this year would make sense.

A few points to consider:

Rottier played very well in the Shrine Bowl despite whatever opinions you had about his combine. There is no need in Hamilton for him to play T, but a need for another NI O-Lineman. Carlson's reviews have already been stated, and there are 5 better OL's available in next year's draft, why waste that pick on Carlson?

DL is probably the biggest need for Toronto in terms of NI talent, followed by OL. There are more credible O-Linemen than D-Linemen in the draft. If Rottier is taken by Hamilton, Toronto will take Legare - and vice versa. Almost no chance that Hamilton gets both.

Matt Carter at #2 or #3 is a REACH.

Toronto has several NI running backs on the roster, and Clifton Dawson possibly returning from the NFL. It seems they have little need for another NI running back, especially one they might not see for a few years. They need players now, much like Hamilton.

I'm in agreement with getting Rottier and Carlson because Gauthier and Hudson (especially Hudson) are getting older and now's the time to get high quality Canadian O-lineman in there to apprentice under them for a couple of years and spell them off occassionally during games to keep the vets fresh over the course of a gruelling 18 game schedule and hopefully playoffs.

I wouldn't trade a first round pick for Thelwell he's old and hasn't had a lot of playing time in Calgary which is understandable with that great recieving corps so I don't think you will know what you will get in terms of production out of him.

The team could fill a lot of needs with a bit of skill and luck considering they have 7 picks and the potential to add Carlson from the supplimental draft.

Another possibility is trading our first overall, BC seems to want it pretty bad because they want the rights to Jamall Lee. Let’s see if they cough up a few good players for it. Argos likely won’t trade their 1st rounder as they only have 1. Then we still have the 3rd overall to work with. And as for Carlson, after reading many great points by you guys above, I have one word to say. “pass”. Waste of a future pick.

They already have 3 picks in the first round. Plus the likelihood of Lee dropping is even greater now.

for the argos and ticats yes. there was an article from the Vancouver paper today stating that although they have those picks, they doubt Lee (and yes they know he's signed, but they really want his rights) will be around still when it's their turn to pick. So they want an earlier pick. and who has earlier picks? Hamilton and Toronto. Toronto has 1, Hamilton has 2. Which team do you think would be more likely give up 1 in a trade? They'll probably give us one of their picks and a player. We pick a few turns later and come away with a decent player. (we hope)

Ob has just told Rick that he's going to pass on Lee and Bellefeuille kind of confirmed that, so that would leave Toronto. If BC really wants him that bad then they might want to jump ahead of Toronto but Toronto's only strenght right now for Canadians is RB's...seems they could use a receiver or a LB more then another running back.

I know I heard, I'm just reporting what I saw in that BC paper. They still want to move up, they want to guarentee that they get the rights to Lee. I see BC offering us their 4th pick and an unkown player or two for our first overall. Wether we'll accept or not is another story.

I would venture to say that right now Ob is playing Auctioneer and I can see BC, Winnipeg, Montreal and Edmonton offering some interesting trades. probably will go down to the wire.

If we were to give up our 1st overall pick in the draft to BC, along with one of their 1st round picks, here are some players I would like us to ask for in return...

Sherko Haji-Rasouli, He would give us another very good Non-Import interior lineman. Also if you look at where he played his College football and then looked at the bottom pic in my sig. You will see why I think so highly of him... :lol: But in all seriousness he would be my #1 choice.

Korey Banks, He is easily one of if not the best DB in the CFL, now I know getting Banks is an extreme long shot but I can always dream! lol... Anyway if we could somehow get Korey here it would make our secondary one of the scariest groups in the CFL... Could you imagine Banks and Thompson on opposite sides? What a scary thought for an opposing QB...

Aaron Hunt, This guy is probably the best Defensive Tackle in the CFL, Another really long shot of us acquiring a player of his caliber but if we could get Hunt it would make our weakest area from last season one of our strongest ones..

These are the guys I would love to see in Black and Gold, if BC was disparate enough to move up to the #1 pick.. Now I know for sure we wont see a Banks or Hunt trade, but I'm hoping a Haji-Rasouli trade could be a possibility.

I can guarantee we wont be getting any of those players. We're looking a prospect and a draft pick.

Never like Players from U I hate Florida but they could player from TEXAS I say make the Trade.

Historicaly teams have not traded starters to move up in the draft but the SMS might be changing that. Players playing their option years now become "moveable". If a team expects that a player is looking for more in their next contract then the team can or is willing to pay, you might want to consider getting a prospect in exchange for one more season from that starter, especialy if you feel you have someone to put in that spot. IE: Justin Sorensen

i could see bc still being able to take lee at #4-6, as for our picks im sure OB will make the best move available weather that be draft or trade, should be exciting to see how it gos!

There wasn't much chance of BC trading any of those players anyway, but the fact that I believe all 3 of them just signed new contracts says the chances are less than zero....
Interestingly enough, I don't think Haji-Rasouli would help the Cats much... nothing wrong with your o-line. Every team in the league would like Aaron Hunt though.

The only way Obie trades the top pick to BC is if BC offers us the #4 pick in the first round plus an impact starter. That, or all of BC's 3 first round picks.

Bob Obilivich was on with Bob McCowan on Sports Net/Fan590 a few hours ago and said the Cats are pretty sure who they'll chose with the first pick .

As to the third pick "that depends on who the Argos take ,then we'll see "

He also said talk to me Friday .

Sounds like they'll trade the 3rd pick if Argos take our next chosen player with 2nd...