Your Picks (Mock Draft)

1st overall: Matt Carter WR

3rd overall: Peter Quinney FB

17th is a longshot to guess but whatever 17th: Mike Cornell LB

1st: Zac Carlson OL

The Ticats will take Rottier at #1 to apprentice under Gauthier, and trade the 3 pick to anyone who gives us an experienced starting DL.

I dont think so. We're loaded with OL and we'll probably take Carlson who's the better prospect in the supplemental draft. And as for DL when or if we sign Mace there's little chance we'll be drafting a DL. Obie Stressed interest in drafting a receiver already and he wants another FB to back up or start over Pavlovic.

We don't need to draft a receiver with Lavigne-Masse, Corey Grant and/or Dave Stala coming to camp to compete with Rempel and Bauman.

Carlson will cost us a high pick, Rottier will cost us nothing. They are both highly rated.

Sadeghian will compete with Pavlovic at TC, and we can easily pick up another FB with our 3rd round pick (these guys are pretty plentiful, and teams rarely use their very top picks on this position).

Besides Adams and Guillory, we have a lot of question marks on the D-Line. We need to make a deal for more experience (insurance) there.

Carlson will cost us a 2010 pick but most people seem to think he's more worth it then Rottier. And Obie said we are going to bring ALOT of receivers to camp, likely 15+. I make 1 correction with my picks then I stand by them.
1st: Matt Carter WR

3rd: Etienne Legare DL

17th: Peter Quinney FB

Supplemental draft:
1st: Zac Carlson OL

I wouldn’t say we are “loaded” at offensive line. With the signing of Alex Gautier, I have a feeling Obie is going to want to draft an offensive linemen that can eventually take over at tackle for Gautier if he gets injured or gets long in the tooth in a few years. So don’t be surprised if Obie goes that route with Rottier or Carlson in the supplemental draft. I don’t see Rempel, Bekasiak or Dyakowski being able to handle one of the tackle spots.

I don’t know the draft depth that well, is there a receiver or fullback out there that would warrant being selected with the 1st or 3rd overall selections? If not, you can’t go that wrong with a non-import space eater on the offensive or defensive line where there is a lot more room for error.

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#1-Simeon Rottier guaranteed to learn under aging gauthier add depth,
#3- Osie Ukwuoma young,athletic good sp teams maybe lb or de
they wont draft a receiver, they are locked at the postion and need to shore up their lines with depth and the draft is really not overly loaded with skill positions

zac carlson suppl!! that will be a great draft for ti cats

Here it is.

 #1 Rottier
 #3 Legara
 #1 supplementary  Zac Carlson  <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->  Being held May 11/09

I could see a trade happening this weekend. May depend on the likelihood of Mace signing for training camp. The Cats are deep enough on the OL where they could just wait for the Sup Draft to acquire Carlton.

So if Mace is in the fold and with the potential of picking up Carlton will eliminate the need for many of the top rated players in the draft i.e. Legare, Rottier, Lee, etc.

FB, WR, LB and DL (if Mace doesn't sign) are in need for non-imports. I do agree with Forde that the Cats do lack a legit Outstanding Canadian Award player. Could this be acquired through the draft or the use of picks in the draft as trade bait? I guess we'll see.

something that I have woundered is if there is any point in looking into the tallent coming into next year's draft and see where the probability of finding a quality player in the first round next year so that we can find the area that needs depth and wont be there in the future vs the area that needs depth but will have a good probability of filling that with a quality player next year.

Here's a revised version of my mock draft.

  1. Hamilton- Simeon Rottier OT Alberta- You can never have enough quality NI offensive linemen. This guy will be a quality backup and replace Gauthier down the road.

  2. Toronto- Matt Morencie OT Windsor- With Jamall Lee taking an NFL tour, it's best to take a player who you know will be there right away, Morencie can start on the inside right away if needed, he is the most athletic, pro ready lineman in the draft.

  3. Hamilton- Osi Ukwuoma DE Queens- Great size and physical attributes, likely to be a pass rushing specialist who with some hard work can start down the road.

  4. BC- Etienne Legare DE Laval- Best defensive prospect in the draft, good motor and good pass rushing ability. Needs to either bulk up or slim down to start in the CFL, but definitely has the tools to start.

  5. BC- Scott Mchenry SB Saskatchewan- Good, tough inside receiver with decent size. Poor mans version of Jason Clermont, should be able to turn into a 4th or 5th option.

  6. BC- Jamall Lee RB Bishops- Best physical prospect with the best E camp numbers for a Canadian back since Jesse Lumsden. BC will have to wait this one out, but down the road it can turn into a great pick.

  7. Montreal- Matt Carter WR Acadia- Fastest wideout in the draft, can start out on special teams and be a 5th target in the future.

  8. Calgary- Dylan Steenbergen OL Calgary- Local kid who should be a quality backup for years to come.

As for our needs at FB we can adress that in the 3rd round with Eric Lee out of weber state. He has good size for a FB at 6'2 235.

Eric Lee won't be there in the third round.

1- Hamilton trades pick to Montreal for Kerry Watkins and Chip Cox or to Winnipeg for Roby Bryant and 1st round pick next year. Montreal takes Tristan Black or Eric Fraser.

2- Toronto Etienne Legare

3- Hamilton Mat Carter or Eric Lee

I tend to agree with you here, people aren't getting that if we get Mace there's no need to waste a pick on Legare, and Zac Carlson in the supplemental draft is a better prospect then Simeon Rottier. We have to give up a 2010 pick but so what? It's not like we won't have more and Carlson is someone we can keep around here for a long time and he looks like he could be a great starting N/I OL. Odds are we're drafting a receiver this year. And team's that don't have early picks are likely to get ansy and offer us a nice trade. The first overall probably looks like a hot dog to a starving man right now, I bet they'd make a good offer for it.

Obie's pretty swift. I bet he's got something up his sleeve for draft day.

Continuing on what I was saying earlier would a package of picks and/or players pry Fantuz away from Sask? Or maybe Thelwell from Calgary?

I guess that would depend on who Obie has on his board, whether Mace does sign and if there is more then wishful thinking that a deal could be made (Fantuz). I tend to think Fantuz would be untouchable but would Tillman do it for two 1st rd. picks? And does Obie value those picks because of the players potentially available to him in the draft?

Carlson will cost us a high pick, Rottier will cost us nothing

I guess the 1st pick overall is not a high pick???

Haha yeah I read that too.

Hang on here. Carlson was a redshirt freshman in 2006, backup in 3 games in 2007 in his sophmore season, Last year played at right tackle with moderate success and was asked to compete at guard for this season. So all together he has around 10 games of college experience and IMO should have played out his senior year at WSU. So I would like to know how you came up with the idea that he's the #1 Oline prospect in the draft? Have you seen him play? Anyway he is probably a 2nd round pick but because of the way he's being auctioned off teams will probably force the taker to give up a 1st rounder.

I think with the 1st overall pick we should select Simeon Rottier, with him and I'm hoping Zac Carlson from the supplemental draft we will have two of the best O-line prospects this year and they will be the future of our offensive line.

Now depending on what happens with Corey Mace I say we go with either Tristan Black(if we sign Mace) or Étienne Légaré(if Mace signs with an NFL team) with our 3rd overall pick.

With our 17th overall pick I am hoping we get lucky and still have Tang Bacheyie and or Eric Lee on the board(which I highly doubt)

Tang Bacheyie - Looks like he could be an excellent special teams guy and future DB or even challenge Barker for the Safety spot. All an all he would add much needed Canadian depth to our secondary..

Eric Lee - He could be our next solid FB, and take over where Jeff Piercy left off.