Your pick to win the Grey Cup

I'm picking the big Green Machine....
When we watch the game next Sunday, I think you will see a 'sea of green' in the stands,
the 13th man for the Riders.
Should be one-hell-of-a-game. :thup:


Montreal has no weaknesses that I can see from the GM to the coaches to even their depth guys (McPherson for example would start on half the teams in the league).

Montreal by at least 2 TDs

An Argo-Cat fan

Montreal by 3 touchdowns.
Doc 8)

Roughriders 24

This could be on of THE most dominant teams in CFL history.

Als by 14 but the Als have to respect the Canadian receivers of the Green Team or else they could be in trouble.

Agreed. Man, that is one stellar group. I cannot remember seeing so much quality Canadian talent at receiver on one team.

Good close game but The Al's choke again ....

Greenbacks by 6 .....

The Als are going to roll.

We should actually all hope that the Als win because Calvillo, Cahoon and Chiu would lean more to retirement after a win next Sunday. They would want to go out on a winning note. Another loss by the Als in a Grey Cup would make them even hungrier and for sure would mean another season with them in Montreal.

Heart says Riders - Head says Als big but it is one game and the old cliche is true "anything can happen on a given day," but it's extremely hard to see how the Als will not win by 20 or more.

A.C is going to KILL Sak! Sak is my second fav team but A.c will NOT loose this game! Then he and others can retire and we can be the best in the east :smiley:

Montreal by 12

Riders by 10 :wink:

Montreal Wins big +20

Saskatchewan in a nail biter.

Mind, with the capabilities of both of these teams, a "nail biter"means the point spread could be large or small.

Personally, I just hope there's no injuries, that both can give us their best, all game long, with no excuses.

Onknight...based on your prediction of a 20-plus win by Montreal, would it be safe to say you will not be watching the Grey Cup game, like you didn't watch the Eastern Final?

My prediction....
Montreal 31 Saskatchwean 21

Montreal by 16

Cheering for the Riders.

Als are gonna smoke 'em.

Riders all the way..