Your pick! CFL Outstanding Player 2009!!!

I know its week #2... Who do you think will be CFL Outstanding Player 2009??? I select, on a long shot, Weston Dressler. I think he'll put up numbers to compete with a quarterback this year...C'mon lets hear your picks people!!!

Come back in 4 weeks and Ill make a prediction then. :slight_smile:

too early for me to be confident in my answer but hey just for fun right now il guess that it is Quinton Porter.. just a longshot guess but if the cats can pile up some wins and make the playoffs this guy will be a huge part of it and his name may get tossed in the mix! but its only week 2 haha who knows if i was picking safe i'd say Anthony Calvillo - als look scary good

Go out on a limb, its only a prediction, wild guess. Have fun, maybe you'll be right.

I agree that if the Cats keep playing the way they did last night that Porter's name will have to be on the list.

Yeah, safe pick is definitely Calvillo, but Porter was actually the first name that popped into my mind. It depends on if Hamilton can turn it around and find some success this year, but it wouldn't come as a huge surprise to me if he's in contention. It might be tough though to beat out the ridiculous numbers Calvillo is probably going to put up in that offense.

yea montreal is a beast. and yeah i really hope the cats have some success (so far looking good) theyre fans deserve it and it'd be nice to have a competitive east division again!

As a Ticat fan, it hurts me to say this but my vote right now goes to the Argos Jamal Robertson. He's been pretty unstoppable. Luckly the Argos don't use him nearly enough....