Your oldest CFL collector card?

Been a long time CFL fan, but first time on the boards. Great to be here :slight_smile:

I was doing some cleaning my parents old house and once I got to the basement... I found 4, factory sealed boxes of the 1991 CFL cards with Rocket Ismail! Just wondering if anyone else collects/collected CFL cards. Didn't even know there were any until yesterday :lol:

i am not sure on my oldest. i have a box of cards in my parents basement somewhere (i haven't lived at their house for 10 years, so i hope they are still there) but i remember having some of those 91 cards.

the oldest cards i hve are rougrider ones that the police used to give out to kids to show how 'kind and friendly' they are. i have team sets from around 82 or 83 if i remember correctly. the same year as my first rider/cfl game.

I have been trying to find a place to buy the cards but it is very hard to find any. I found one in Banff but they wanted$2.50 for 4 cards. Alittle steep.

I ahd a few from the mid - late 70's but they got lost during a move...... :cry:

I've got i think 8 from my pops from back in the day. Garney Henley was one of them, not sure of the rest, but all in that era.

I don't know where it is right now, but I've got a big book of them. A full set that I accumulated a pack at a time (including many, many multiples). I do have a box of the '91 cards you're talking about, but my previous set is a few years older, though I don't remember the year exactly.

Good idea for a thread...I got a Rough Riders set from ebay earlier this year, but neglected to make note of which year. :oops: I believe it's 1971. Mostly mug shots in a red box and the old Cowboy logo.

Anybody collect media guides?

I know I'm dating myself but somewhere in my attic I have cards dating back to the 1950's. Not entire sets but I know I have Jackie Parker, Tommy Joe Coffey and Johnnie Bright but my all-time favourite CFL card is a 1963 James Earl Wright, who sadly passed away this spring. The reason it's my favourite is he is leaping in the air with legs spread, kind of like a jumping jack with the ball cocked behind his head ready to throw, the classic pose for the QB of the day.

Well I have a memory of a CFL sticker book that I had as a wee kid, it had a page for each team. I think it would have been the early '70's. I can't recall where I got the stickers, but I can remember getting them a few at a time and putting them in the book. I went looking for it, but I must have of lost it through the years. But I did find a few Blue Bomber cards from the early '80's (I think), they're the one the police handed out if you promised not to hang out a 7-11 all day. No date or stats on them - just game rules and tips on how to be a good citizen (I guess that part didn't sink in). There's (among others) Nick Bastaja, Milson Jones, a young Rick House & Trevor Kennerd, James Reed, and Vince Phason (a great name!). I'd forgotten about some of these guys.

I used to collect them back in the 90's and hockey aswell. I had thousands of them I had complete sets for a few season's. I lost intrest when my roommate sold them all on me. I just couldn't get back into it after that.

I have a few Ticat cards from 1952 Parkhurst.

I believe that the 52 Parkhurst set was the first collector cards for the CFL.

I also have a sealed box of those 91 cards. Got them in a pawn shop/antique dealer in Cache Creek BC. I think I paid $10.
He had 5 more I think

I have a 1991 bobby jurrasin card and few others umm roger aldag dave albright donald narcisse and rick worman i think all from the same era