Your Official Last Home Game of the Season CommentsThread

I said above that i was going to watch Lumsden, Eakin , and Williams. I'm already satisfied with the first two, now let's see Williams.
Also Flick and Morreale are proving that they lost nothing from last year. The problem has always been Paopao, Maas, and the stupid offensive schemes. Over and out.

And Shaw gets the pick on the Glenn's deep pass, but thinks to Clinton Wayne, we don't recover arm punt (credit to Russ for that term.)

And then there was an unnecessary roughness call on us. Some players on defence aren't playing like they're trying to impress Desjardins.

And 3rd down was forced, although as was pointed out by Leif Petterson, that was mostly because of a botched Winnipeg snap.

17-10 Winnipeg.

Cats got out of that one with only giving up a field goal.

Let's see if we can move the ball again here.
Go Eakin

Not surprising that we punt again on another 3rd and 1.5 situation. Too bad Winnipeg got good blocking on the return to get them to their 40. And with that field position, I’m afraid it’s hard not to imagine the Bombers getting at least 3 points on this drive.

Wow. Two and out for Winnipeg. But that was a good punt that was angled out and rolled to our 30.

Unnecessary roughness call put Winnipeg back, but defence did not look bad there, as Winnipeg did not gain much.

That was a strong throw by Eakin

Two and out with the long pass to the endzone, many fans thought there should have been a penalty on Winnipeg.

Fleming did not angle it out of bounds, but way to go Dixon for forcing Winnipeg back to their 5. Maybe a safety will be conceded, you never know.

Good coverage on the punt
Special teams have played pretty well over the last 4 or 5 games

Nice knockdown by Cody.

Winnpeg could concede safety, they are against the wind.

...and they do.

17-12 Winnpeg.

There is your safety BYF
Next time you should ask for a touchdown

Ok. I want to see I touchdown on this drive. (Let's hope this works.) :slight_smile:

And it's off to good start with nice Kornegay retirn to 50.

Not sure why it wasn't given to Lumsden on 2nd and 4. Leif Petterson said what's often been said about questionable playcalling made by the offense.

Wait a minute... contacting the kicker on Dixon? That was quite an attempt to blocking, and fortunately it wasn't a roughing the kicker call.

After the Ticats illegal substitution, I thought we'd take a knee. And we do on the second play.

And so the first half ends with Winnipeg leading 17-12. So far, Eakin and Lumsden have impressed me. Kornegay has also looked good on special teams. Will we see more of Fowlkes as a receiver?

And I'm impressed that so far, it's not a Winnipeg blowout.

When do you think Willams will come into the game?
I'm thinking at the beginning of the 4th quarter

Right now, I don't think we'll see Williams until late in the 4th quarter. And that'll be only if the Ticats are out of it, which they probably will be if they don't make the right halftime adjustements. The team may want to see what more of what Eakin do when he's given an entire game; to see how he can handle the situations that come up.

I would like to see Williams at the start of the half,....unless Ron intends to give him the start next week in Vancouver.
So far, Eakin, Lumsden, Fowlkes, Flick, and Cody stand out. Who have I missed?..