your new DC

with coach hall now looking for greener pastures-how could they get any greener, i want to come out and ask this question as well as answer it. who is your new DC? i know ET likes to promote from within but he also likes to hire guys he knows. does anyone remember who the HC candidates were before he hired coach miller? look no further than the toronto argonauts and DC kavis reed. reed was the DBs coach in ottawa when ET was the GM. i would almost put the farm on edmonton resident kavis reed becoming your new DC as ET was very comfortable in going with him as your HC last year.

i guess we'll see-good luck richie, long, long overdue.


If Kavis is available, I'd be okay with that. I think we will look to promote from within first though. And then add a d- coach as another assistant. Speculation on Roger Aldag and Bobby Jurisan anyone?

Aldag as a DC? huh. i think jurasin is waiting for an aplology for getting released back in the day. i seem to remember him still being bitter or something like that.

Ummmm... we need two coaches. One on offence, one on defence...

And Jurasin is not bitter. In fact in interviews as recently as last summer, he has stated he would love to coach with the Riders if the opportunity was right.

If you hire from within, then it's Gary Etcheverry.

If you hire from without, if I was Tillman, I'd look at Greg Marshall rather than Kavis Reed. Marshall's defences have always been very good (last year it declined a bit but I think that was more due to injuries, ratio factors, and the fact that the Bombers' offence couldn't sustain decent drives).

Kavis Reed, on the other hand, does not have a particularly good resume as a DC. He has held 2 DC positions, in Hamilton 2007 (pretty bad defence) and Toronto in 2008 (pretty poor defence again).

Gary Etcheverry

What is the status on Rich Stubbler, Ken Miller was OC when Stubbler was running the defense in Toronto. With great effectiveness might I add. I know he didn't pan out as head coach but hey, Richie Hall might not either.

Just curious. If ET was very comfortable in going with him as HC last year wouldn't he have offered him the job?

I believe the point is, ET interviewed him for the head coaching job. Seems to follow then that he would in fact be comfortable naming him as DC.

Meh....I've interviewed tons of people for jobs that, after the interview, I would never offer jobs to.

I’d be happy if this was the case. Good call, never thought of it.

I’m not sure why, but when I read your post it reminded me of a quote of Robin William’s in Good Morning Vietnam.
“Seeing as how the V.P. is such a V.I.P. shouldn’t we keep the P.C. on the Q.T. 'cause if it leaks to the V.C. he could become M.I.A. and then we’d all be put out on K.P.”

Good call?

After the defence Kavis Reed was responsible for in Toronto in 2008? Or the defence he was responsible for in Hamilton in 2007?

Not my definition of a "good call".

Gary Etcheverry gets my vote. Richie Hall was a great DC but I am certain Gary Etcheverry had his role in the scheme of things. And Etcheverry was probably as good a student as he was a coach so some of Richie Hall probably has rubbed off on him. With Etcheverry there will be some continuity. I am sure the players have just as much respect for him as they did for Richie Hall.

It was sad that Richie Hall never got the HC job and when he did not, I knew it was unavoidable that we would loose him eventually to someone. .

If Etcheverry is not the DC here, he will be one for someone else eventually, I am certain.

Only problem with Etch is he stated loud and clear in last weeks paper his number 1 goal was to be head coach in the CIS. I would think that some university will be giving him a call soon. Does Tillman want to go there, knowing his heart is elsewhere?? I agree though, he would be the number 1 choice, given continuity and all. Would help in the decisions of the defensive free agents.

ET interviewed him for the head coaching job. Seems to follow then that he would in fact be comfortable naming him as DC[/b].
Thats absolutley ridiculous. If I interviewed someone for a manager position but didn't hire him because I didn't think highly of him would it "seem to follow" that I would, in fact, be comfortable hiring him as a supervisor? Wow.

One could interview someone for a job and think the guy was a total knob, why would it follow that I would be ok with hiring him for a lower level position. Please explain this to me.

Not to hard to explain, actually. You conclude that because he did not hire him as head coach that he somehow decided it was because he was a "knob". The fact is, you generally don't interview someone for a head coaching position unless you already think highly of him. It is different than most normal jobs in that usually the GM contacts and interviews the people he wants, rather than accepting a bunch of resumes from people he doesn't know.

Meanwhile, you of course quoted me out of context anyway. All I was commenting on is that your conclusion that just because Kavis did not get the head coaching job, does not mean ET thinks less of him. In your world, because Richie interviewed for the head coaching position last year but was not given that job, it then follows that he should have been fired from his DC position. which of course is absurd, as is your entire position on this matter.

I made no such conclusion that he wasn’t hired cuz he was considered a ‘knob’. Nice attempted twist and a poor attempt at putting words in my mouth. I used ‘knob’ in my hypothetical scenario and IN NO WAY said that this was or may have been what happened. Read my post again and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Your comment that you only interview someone for a HC position if you already think highly of him is silly. He may have interviewed him so that he could formulate a judgement on him. It is probable he knew little about him, had heard some good things about him and wanted to check him out himself.

As for your last paragraph it is moot. The premise of your comments is based on your faulty presumption about a conclusion I did not come to, but was rather attributed (disingenuously I will add) to me by you which is unabashedly incorrect. :rockin:

et has on numerous occasions stated he only interviewed people he was familiar with, intimate with, friends with, but you go ahead and believe he interviewed someone he knew next to nothing about if it makes you happy. Sounds like Dave Ritchie will get the job. Wylie on the offensive side. How do guys rejected for the HC position keep getting consideration? Baffling!!


WIthout one, I'd be willing to wager that Gary Etcheverry gets the job as DC....................

Mind you, if one were to bet money on my sports predictions over the years, one would be broke.

Here you go:

Bob Wylie, who was the offensive line coach with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for two seasons, appears to be the favourite to take over for Gibson. Riders defensive assistant coach Gary Etcheverry and CFL veteran Dave Ritchie are candidates for defensive co-ordinator.
[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Etch is still in the hunt. If they promote from within, it will be him. But then they still need another coach. And rumours persist that he is headed to college ball (CIS)