Enjoyed the other thread about"most liked player" so let's try this one on for size!!

John Bonk..Wpg
Kevin Glenn..Ham
Rob Murphy..Tor

I'm limiting myself to current players only.

[ol]- Nik Lewis: Can he go a month without running his mouth?

  • Korey Banks: Him and Lewis feuding is like Pestilence fighting Famine.
  • Kelly Campbell: Yes, Kelly, God is personally responsible for EVERY SINGLE POSITIVE THING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU.
  • Rob Murphy: An unlikeable a-hole even before Twittergate.[/ol]

I get the others but what did Kevin Glenn ever do to be on your "Most disliked" list?

Charlie Roberts , Partied before big play off games, was selfish and his fault for the fumbles that eventually lead to Glenn,s broken arm , costing the Bombers a Grey Cup !

Fixed that for you... but getting back on topic..

Rob Murphy
Jason Jimenez
Nik Lewis
Jermaine Copeland

As for past years:
Molly McGee
Larry Highbaugh
Mervyn Fernandez

flat out don't like...
Nicole Lewis

Don't like, but only because they aren't (weren't) on my team so I respect them...
Ben Cahoon
Ray Elgard
Bryan Chiu
Doug Flutie
Milt Stegall
Gene Makowsky
Allen Pitts

And somewhere in-between those two...
Damon Allen (I admire him as a player and I respect all that he accomplished, but after being in some private conversations with him I lost a lot of respect due to an overwhelming ego)

Oh, Sandro deAngelis is another player I can't stand. Since when is it acceptable for a kicker to be cocky? His comments after the 2008 awards showed his lack of class.

Dwight Anderson.

Brandon Browner. This guy must have incriminating photos of CFL officials in compromising positions with farm animals. Otherwise, I can’t explain how he’s allowed to mug receivers every other play without being flagged for illegal contact or PI. There seems to be one officiating standard for DBs in the league, and another standard for Brandon Browner.

Rob Murphy

I also have had bitter feelings towards Tony Gabriel. 72 while he was with Hamilton and 76 while he was with Ottawa. 1976 was very disappointing to a then 10 yr old but then I also have a memory of attending my first game that year against the Eskimos that till brings a smile to my face. 40 to 0. I need that memory now after our last game.

Never liked the guys who would attempt to injure someone when they were vulnerable:


Those are just a few off the top of my head.

I would say Brian Kelly who played for the Eskimo's of years gone by. I didn't hate him as a player, I hated him for always burning my team by always getting open time after time after time. I was a B.C. Lions fan back in those days and went through frustration many times. But to take away my frustration hate on for Kelly was getting a huge kick out of Henry "Gismo" Williams with his Punt/kickoff return show. At the end of it in the endzone you'll always see the back flip. Gizmo had speed to burn once he hit the hole/seam down the sidelines for the endzone.

Picking the favourite was easy compared to this. You guys chose a lot of players that make this list and there’s even more, but I have to choose Don Mathews the coach. Arrogant and over-rated. It was a pleasure to watch him fail in Tor. in his last stint. He never took a struggling team and made them into a contender. All the teams he coached( except for Sask. which was an utter failure) were teams that didn’t need too much to turn them into champions.

Jack Gotta; He's the guy for me if we are talking coaches.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

My thoughts exactly.
Also hate Rob Murphy, aka king of the sucker punch.
And Adriano Belli.
And Casey Printers.
And I don't like Jason Goss too much either.

Roy Dewalt, overrated bum. One of the stupidest QBs I have ever seen. Fernandez made him look good, but once he was gone, Dewalt sucked. Panicked during broken plays and never had a clue what to do.

Couldn't agree more with this statement!! Kevin Glenn, I never liked him in Sask or Wpg. Walking off the field after throwing an int. laughing..happened more than once!! He's doing well in Ham. but I don't care for him at all.

FYB....I forget about Roy Dewalt..he was about as field smart as Bishop but without the canon arm!!

Maybe you were hallucinating. I doubt he ever laughed after throwing an interception.

Most hated of all time is easy:

Mike O'Shea

I'm a Ti-Cat fan so there should be no need to elaborate why. There isn't one Ti-Cat fan I know that likes Mike O'Shea.

current players:
Brandon Browner
Nik Lewis
Andy Fantuz(purely b/c of how much Rider fans hype him up)
Rob Murphy(not so much anymore, but really disliked him with BC)
Mike Labinjo