Your Monday morning Spectator articles.....

Here are all your Monday morning "after the win" articles from the Spectator.....not much "doom and gloom" for a refreshing change. (I guess a win does that eh?) :wink:

Cats score touchdowns to beat Esks by Ken Peters

Fowlkes touchdown lit up the crowd by Ken Peters

Depth adds to victory by Steve Milton

The Maas we've been waiting for by Scott Radley

Ticat fans aren't looking for scapegoats by Rebecca Sheard

Gass blows a gasket, vows revenge next week by Spectator Staff

Bonus Article: (Edmonton Sun)

Defending the turf: Esks felt insulted by the actions of Maas and Ralph by Derek Van Diest

Gass blows a gasket, vows revenge next week by Spectator Staff

this one was good but the score was 27-22 not 26-22

Rebecca Sheard should do a little research before she writes about the Cats.

"...after firing Marshall, who was Coach of the Year only two years prior,
Katz himself was replaced [replaced himself] as G.M. by Marcel Desjardins.

True Ticat fans are not looking for someone to blame.
We support the team and want it to improve.

[All fans definitely try to analyze what the problem is
and try to determine who is responsible for it, Rebecca]

By firing Marshall and Katz, we have set ourselves up for disaster.

[How many readers don't know that we, the Tiger Cats,
didn't fire Rob Katz, Rob hired his own replacement as G.M.]

In Ron Lancaster's last year of coaching, the Ticats only won one game.

[Ron Lancaster should be give a medal for not quitting as coach
of that shoestring budgeted, eventually bankrupt 2003 team.]

Bob Young needs to open his eyes -- have more patience and control.
The team needs leadership, not scapegoats."

[This last paragraph, and most of the whole piece,
leaves me speechless... or is it "wordless"?]

aj gaas is a horrible player,


Thanks for these links.

An Argo fan

You're quite welcome "BarneyFife" (luv that username by the way)

These articles can always be found on the Spectator site and later in the morning on the Ticats home page.....I just thought it would be easier for newbies to the internet and those with slow dial-up to get them all in one easy package.... especially after games days when there are typically a lot of articles....and besides, I get up earlier in the morning than most Ticats employees because I work harder than the office staff does....lmao! :lol: :smiley:

(just kidding guys!) :wink:

Why start a thread about the newspaper articles? The reporters were just doing their job.

WHY do u gotta come here and be like that?

Sorry, I thought that was the hip thing to say in the threads these days.