Your Meal Out And Rate It...

Took a friend to Swiss Chalet - I had a coupon :D. We had 2 appetizers, penne pasta and a half chicken. We drank water and had no desserts.

The pirogues were awful and the pasta was bland. The 2nd appetizer was good and she liked her chicken.

Including tip it came to just under $55.

Not bad.


last time we went to swiss chalet, it was not so good. Chicken I thought was too dry and I cant remember what else I had, but I didn't care for it.

Funny I ate there tonight as well we were both disappointed . Ribs which are usually good were not tonight . The chicken was okay the fries under cooked ( usually over cooked ) .

The wings were just okay . They seem to be losing their quality control.

The day before ate at 5 guys and it was just made right . No complaints .

Used to go to Swiss Chalet fairly regularly and always enjoyed it. Past few years tho it hasn’t been nearly as good. I think they are trying to offer so many other menu choices that they’ve taken their eye off the ball which made them famous - their chicken and ribs. I think their menu size has quadrupled in the past 7 or 8 years.

I agree 100%.

They need to stick to their core menu.

The prices for the ribs were also outrageous.

the last couple of years we have been going to Denny's two or three times a month.

Denny's was a favorite since almost 50 years ago when we use to go there after church young peoples events.

Denny's is not gourmet, but it is good for what their purpose is. I like that most locations are 24/7 dine in.

I have never been dissatisfied with my meal. Sometimes the steak can be a little over cooked, but then Denny's thing was first and foremost, hamburgers & fries, sandwhiches, and breakfast food.

For a combination of food quality, prices, and convenience, I would give them an 8/10

Brought in fish for Mothers Day - restaurant name withheld. :wink:

Fish and fries were underdone / under cooked.


well I am sure not going to eat at that restaurant.

When I worked at Rogers Media there was a Swiss Chalet across the street and they did a damn good job on the perogies. Sad to hear they’re not great nation-wide. :frowning:

I found them tasteless - even with the dipping sauce.

Usually Swiss Chalet is a slam dunk for decent food. Last night was a let down.


Nice to see the forum advertising. Every little bit helps in terms of revenue for the League. :slight_smile:

We went to Cactus Club last weekend and not my cup of tea. I just had a burger and fries which was ok, but the cola was really awful, almost flat. The music way too loud and way too much base.

The rest of our party of 8 had varying degrees of satisfaction. No body, except maybe my son and his girlfriend, was too thrilled with it.

It probably deserves more from its target crowd, but for me, since good cola is really important to me, 2/10

If the cola was good, maybe 4/10

Went to Moxie's the other night. Food was really good but expensive- 7/10

Frequented Milestones a few times lately , my food was good, my wife's not so much- 5/10.....these guys would get a better rating if they would turn down the music. Maybe the beebop waitresses like it loud but at lunchtime when your crowd is all over 50, turn it down. We asked for them to turn it down and they wouldn't. Not going back. (Funny but at 7pm in another location the music was down low.) After one waitress would not turn the music down in spite of myself and a woman asking, I waited for my food and then every question she asked me, I said "What, pardon me. I can't hear you." She got the point. I feel like writing to them and telling them why I will not be going back.

Will never go back to Swiss chalet. First they got rid of their dry ribs and now all the food is terrible- 0/10

Too many of these franchise joints are the same with mediocre food. A family run place is the way to go. Stay at home and cook for yourself is best. I like cooking. I'm even starting to like my own cooking.

Amen, brother. I agree.

Went to Crabby Joes.

The portions were small but tasty. The prices were outrageous. Won't be going back.


Yesterdays meal out..
Was with the wife and her family gathering for mothers day..
3 generations of southern women cooked up a feast of some of the best food ever...I'm gonna be stuffed for days

I'd rate it 10/10

Sounds like good eating better than your restaurant food any day but aren't they the women (the mothers ) suppose to be the one's taking the break yesterday . :wink:

We really like the Cactus Club but I won't ever order traditional grub (like burgers etc) at those category of places. Its just not what they're known for, so they mail it in.

As to Mothers Day, we took the Mom's out to a local Asian buffet and it was great.

A friend and I used to go to the local Original Joe's, and the food was always good, and the service was always great as well. I ordered banana bread French toast, and it was awesome, but they didn't have syrup... I told them that was OK, but they gave me the meal for free... it was the second time in a row they gave me that discount. My friend moved to Alberta to be with kids and grandkids, so I don't go there as often.

Ratings - Food: 9/10
Service- 10/10

Planning on taking a client to the local Original Joe’s tomorrow. Very timely review/tip.