Your kidding right!

By and large, coaches get to much blame for failure and too much credit for success.
Marcel is a good coach.
Is he ready to be a head coach?
Who knows.
But most of the criticism that he gets is unjustified.
If they choose him, the level of coaching will improve dramatically over 2007…

And no, I am neither a friend nor a relative of Marcel’s, so keep that nonsense to yourselves…

Yup! I think you hit it on the head!

Lets test your theory! :twisted: :twisted:

Lets trade Marcel back to Sakskatchewan for Richie Hall. Straight up, one for one! :twisted: :twisted:

Let the B*tching begin! :lol: :lol: :lol:

lol...I did laugh...but I felt bad c'mon people. Sheesh.


Yes, regardless of your opinion of MB, it WAS a good line; I laughed as well.

Sarcasm has always been a traditional form of humour in my family, so I was raised to appreciate it. My father always taught me that a well-timed and well-phrased insult is a work of art.

That one qualifies.

What I do know is that in years gone by, Ritchie took plenty of heat for the failures of the defence here in Riderville.
Suddenly, we win a Grey Cup and he is a better coach than he was the last few years....

I need to go to an NFL example, so forgive me.
Tony Dungy is a pretty good coach.
But he was loudly criticised in Tampa for his inability to win the Superbowl, and it was the pathetic nature of his offence that was most usually cited as the problem.
Anyone think his offense in Indy is holding the team back?

LOL...Carlton is none other than Corey Holmes man! He looks like Alphonso Ribiero and he did that fresh prince Carlton dance in his first tenure here(can't recall if I saw it in 2007). I was ashamed to be talking about Marcel because of the coach Hall thing too. I mean our all star D coordinator needing replacement is the far bigger issue. God forbid if Hall leaves who else is there? Agreed totally and I don't even want to hear it boys and girls.


lol so what your saying is he hopes for a reciever to get lucky and break the tackle of a DB closing in on him while hes focused on making the catch? :lol:

No I am not. Its a hitch screen to the wideout, a slant, rb screen or a hot pattern these guys are refering to. All of which are plays that DEPEND on the reciever gaining YAC. YAC isnt always a bonus like these guys would have you believe. What's any WR screen or any RB screen then? THESE ARE PRO ATHLETES people... every O in the league has a few players that can consistently make the first guy miss. IE: Ban Cahoon, J. Payton or Kerry Watkins. You make these guys sound like shy university interns on their first day of practicum. LOL.


Yes we all understand that on certain plays, like screens, you are banking on some yards. BUT you cannot expect your receivers to gain yards when that is so prominent in your play calls. People start cheating. defenses are just too good to throw screen then hitch then slant. It just doesn't work. Don't get me wrong when his plays worked, they worked well. There was nothing wrong with the actual plays by themselves, it was the lack of variety, the predictability, that made Marcel a less then stellar Offensive Coordinator.

I haven't read a word of this thread....I just wanted to point out how disgusting it is to see so many users pissing all over our language.
"Your kidding right!"
Let's all take a look at that. It's a subject title for a new thread.....and it has terrible grammar.
I know this isn't an english class....but sheesh! At least put a LITTLE effort into making your posts/threads APPEAR semi-intelligent.

Please stay on topic!

A child could predict Bellefeuille's plays after a while. No amount of puffery from one of his friends is going to change that. To those comparing him to Kent Austin, let's not forget that Austin won a Grey Cup in Toronto as O.C. He was also the quarterbacks coach when Joseph was having his best season in Ottawa. So it made perfect sense to have him coach the Riders. What has Bellefeuille won?

Bottom line in Professional football, as in most other endeavours in life: RESULTS.

Item 1: Saskatchewan's offence improved after Bellefeuille left.

Item 2: Montreal's offence declined after Bellefeuille's arrival.

Conclusion should be obvious.

Clear to me that Marcel is nothing more then a joke at coaching football. IN in a roll of OC he is inept. Anyone who can not see that well I suggest watching football more. The Als fans that have posted here are most likely correct. You give him a token interview and let the new coach give him the apple and the road map.

I can see it now!


It is interesting, Marcel brings in a ball control type of offense to Sask, in the three years he was Sask he offensive scheme improved the riders play. Over that same time period, look at what little he had to work with. Corey Grant, Jason French, Nealon Greene. Yes he had Matt D and Richardson for a while and then he had Keith for awhile. But over all an average core of players. There were not as many good players on the team as this years riders.

Yes, he went into Montreal and they had their problems. Part of the problem is he was brining in a completely new offensive scheme to the team. Problems are bound to happen, then throw in injuries and the lack of a good running back and you have more problems.

Look at another OC in this league, who was being championed as the next greatest Head Coach to come along…Jacque C. and where is he now, likely going back to a BC as bit player.

So while his game may be predictable. Players still need to excute and it may not be the exciting throw for 30 yards that people are used to he does have some good points.

Anybody who can look at the 2003 riders and not ask scratch there head ask just how did that team post a an 11 and 7 record, they must be crazy.

Lets face, Anthony C, didn’t look sharp all year, and you can’t blame that on Marcel B.

However, would I want him back in Saskatchewan no

I blame it on MB.
He took a 14 year vet with 50,000 careare passing yards who had a 5 step drop back and tried to change him to a 3 step drop back!
MB had one of highest passing QBs in CFL history and tried to change his passing style!!!!!!!!!!

Want more to blame on MB.
He had a winning QB, who called his own plays and took that sucessfull play calling away from him, and substituted his own plays.......

Yes AC was not sharp this year and we CAN blame it on MB!

you should never, ever depend on YAC, thats a bonus... people keep saying these are proffessional athletes people, but so are the opposing defences!

Bang on james…I’ve always said YAC yards are a bonus…probably said it in this very thread a while back too.