Your kidding right!

It seems the Als have interviewed Marcel Bellefeuille for the coaching vacancy. Montreal fans you better hope they do not choose this guy.



Just ask the Rider fans.

Big mistake!

Here’s his play book.

Pass 2 yards
Pass 3 yards

They've interviewed every possible candidate and their cousins...

I think theres people on these forums that would do a better job...

It would look weird if they didn't interview Bellefeuile but did interview Jones. Unless Larry Smith has taken to smoking crack in his spare time, I can't imagine Bellefool has a snowball's chance in hell of being head coach. In my ideal world, they'd have fired him the day after our loss to Winnipeg.

Agreed. I think the interviewing of Bellefeuille was just as a courtesy. With the quality people that have interviewed (Marshall, Hall, Buratto, Jones, even Higgins, Price, et al), I'd be totally shocked if Bellefeuille got the nod.

discipline, in MY ideal world, he'd never have been hired as OC in the first place!! But then, I wouldn't have let Popp be HC either, and I probably wouldn't have traded a zillion guys to get Faloney way back when either.

Aren't ideal worlds fun?

You guys who slam Marce dont know a thing about coaching, scheming, or football period! Do you think he throws short passes planning for his players to get tackled by the first guy? Of course not, his players have to execute. Plus there are countless people in the organization overseeing his playbook. Are they all crazy too?

Grow up and pick on someone else to make yourselves feel better. Heres a couple things you and REAL football fans can take to the bank. Marce will be a grey cup winner eventually. And he'll also be a head coach in this league sooner or later. I'll eat the crow with pleasure if Im wrong.


And you do?
What the good of scheming if the D knows that all you are going to do is throw a 2 yard pass?

You can have a thousand people overlooking a thousand plays and if he calls the same 2 all the time, what good is it?
Besides, there are not countless people overlooking his playbook

Dont you find it interesting that MB leaves SSK and they go on to win the cup, He goes to Montreal and they have their first loosing season in 12 years......
YA! He is a great coach!

Methinks we have a friend or relative of Mr. Bellefeuille in the house... :smiley:

omg, I will seriously laugh at the situation, but I will feel sorry for Als fans if that happens!!! Maybe their is hope for Hamilton next year in the East!

Well put ro, couldn’t have debunked his silly post any better than you did.

One additional point however. He seems to think MB’s game planning expects his receivers to get YAC yards to make it work.

And that’s just plain silly. YAC yards are a BONUS, and should never be COUNTED on.

D and P ... I am a friend of Marcel and he's a super coach with a super family.

ro ... To say that MB leaving Sask is why we won the cup is total disrespect for all of the new(07) AND returning players and coaches of the Riders. Let alone having anyone believe MB going to Mtl. was the soul, if at all, contributing factor to their first losing(check ur sp.) season in 12 years. I could attack other people in that org. and name a laundry list of other factors but that's not how I roll. I don't have to find blame here outside of some untimely personell injuries and a lack of execution.

I would however like to see some evidence of this pattern you seem to have spotted in his play-calling. Did you know AC called his own plays for 5 games this year as well? So find me some film buddy, because I watched with amazement for 3 years as he guided great former( KK, Armstrong, Richardson) and current(MD, CG and Carlton) Riders to success with his so called 2 yard passes.

My point here can say something on this forum and repeat it until you're blue in the face, but I or no one else HAS to accept it as fact until you have proven it. So prove it man. But that wont happen because guys like you spend all of your free time putting others down to make yourself feel better, finding scapegoats to cover for the people in your stable, or just plain old bitching because you are miserable. Bahahahaha. All is calm in Rider Nation my friend.


No way in H does Marcel get the job. This is courtesy and nothing more.

Bellefeuille couldn't even call a bingo game.

Neither I nor anyone else has to prove anything!!!
I, ( I wont speak for anyone else) don’t particularly care whether or not you believe it.

You think he is a great coach!
Good for you!

What makes him a good coach?
You blame his terrible record…on 2 teams on others. If he “EVER” has a winning record, you must credit others for it as well! Or is it he wins cause he is good but loses because of others?

I am sorry Kel, but I think you are a bit biased, what with your relationship with Marcel.
You say he guided the Rider players to greatness? When did any of our players top any category on offense under his tutelage?? Kenton Kieth was great, but it had nothing to do with Bellefeuille. Armstrong Dominguez, Corey Grant (i’m assuming thats what CG is, man I hate it when people use initials for names, I guarentee that half the people here didn’t know who MD was or at least had to think about it for awhile), and Carlton (I don’t even know who he is) he might have helped them positionally, I don’t know, but in my opinion he did not help them with his play calling.
That is really what it comes down to for an Offensive Coordinator, calling plays within a good gameplan. Marcel rarely could do that. It was constantly shotgun draw, shotgun draw, hitch, 5 yd out. He just didn’t spread the offense out. He was the most predictable coordinator I have ever watched. (I am only basing these coments on what he did in Sask, as I didn’t watch too many Als games.) You know what I like for my offensive coordinator, I don’t even like knowing his name, if I don’t know his name its usually because no one is talking about him because he is doing his job and his offense is running smoothly, so they are talking about the players on the field.
Now I don’t think he was the only problem for us back when he was our coordinator, we did have Nealon Greene, but he was the main one.
That being said I hope he gets the job, that way Richie Hall might be back here. He may be a good Head Coach, you never know, just keep the offense out of his hands.

Bellifeulle hasn't been with the Riders for 2 seasons. Last year we ended up 9 and 9 again. This year we end up 12 and 6. What was the difference this year? Kent Austin. It had nothing to do with Bellifeulle being gone from the Riders. It had to do with Austin getting a hold of his players. We didn't have all of that off field crap to deal with this year. Calvillo missed how many games because of his wife's illness? It has nothing to do with your OC.

I would like to add that a lot of people thought that Kent Austin would be a poor choice to be a head coach, and look where he is now. Bellefeuille may not be a great OC, but he may be a better HC.

That's a valid point sambo; I really think Austin has been a far better head coach than he ever was as an OC.