Your Input Is Needed

Well SR is right on #2 and 3,
No commenting or leaked rumours about has-been never-was NFL cuts (either sign them or no comment) In Palmer's case - it'd be stupid idea
-and yes, consessions are too high. I would be more likely to buy a hot dog, slice of pizza, or beer if the prices were less. And I'm sure sales amounts would offset lower prices.
I don't tailgate, but there must be some middle ground (sectioned off area of the lot where people can bring in the BBQ's, booze) anyway...
However, if his 6th point (board) costs too much, save the money for player salaries. I'd much rather give KJ more time in the pocket with a new o-lineman than have a nice clear replay of him being knocked on his butt one more time. As long as I see the downs/yards, 20 sec clock, time clock and the score I'm happy.
Some other things to consider:

  1. washrooms - the lineups are a regular issue / Could you bring in 20-30 porta potties for game day and put them against the southern wall of the south side?
    2)Half time - if nothing else invite 2 junior football teams (6-14 yrs old, etc.) to play a 10 minute game each half of each game. If nothing else it's fun to watch. Also for a related promotion give kids who wear their team's football jerseys a discount on tickets at the FCS ticket office - it will only help attendance in the long term.
    Another idea is to have the jousting towers (padded sticks, outfits) with people from North and South facing off. Best 2 out of 3.
    The winning side gets to have the move of the game (better seat, lazyboy, etc.) the next game.

If I have a complaint put a solution up as well.

Fire Lonie, get stable owners.

Yeah, I like that.

......ABC, what would the proprietors of a Horse Barn know about running a football team?......

Your comments are noted. Thanks.

Lots of excellent suggestions here… Noted and Thanks.

some main complaints i hear, is:

the stadium needs to be cleaned up abit and repaired. people complain about the stereo system not working. people who go once don't enjoy the experience then dont come back. the Ti-cats sucked, but people loved the experience and continued to return. try to get the city to do its fair share of repairs. since hamilton and toronto have made stadium repairs, thier attendance has increased.

some website updates would be nice...renegades website always 'forgot' to update after losses. hamilton's website has a virtual stadium, where u can see the view from different sections in the stadium. the renegades should add this feature. post links to news articles about the Gades from other websites.

try to incorporate the senators in some way. have them appear at a half time during a game against the Argos. piggie-back on the leafs-sens rivalry.

show u are commited to improving on a 7-11 record. an improvement was made from the '04 season, and right now it looks like hamilton has taken all the Gades momentum away. the gades need to make some improvements to the O-line and sign Ranek, Murphy and one more reciever, to show your trying to make the playoffs, and not content with 7 wins or less.

try to organize school /college trips..where the students can all go together on a bus and sit together at the game. make similar offers to hamilton schools. ( come see the ti-cats battle the gades in ottawa, bus-trip with busses/ students from mohawk and laurier going together )...this way u get students from schools in both cities at the game...would be FUN....for this to work, cross-promote with the ti-cats so thier players appear in hamilton schools to promote and renegades players appear in ottawa scools to promote. then do it again when its time for ottawa to go to hamilton.

well, i'm a coach for a minor football team, so it would be nice to have players come out and practice with the kids. And not just the 2nd and 3rd stringers, but some of the bigger names on the team. Get the kids involved in the Renegades. It won't hurt to give each team in NCAFA tickets to the game.

There are alot of other good points, such as the sound system, maybe putting a bigger video scoreboard, better incentives for season ticket holders, such as discounts at certain places, free tickets for games, not just the exhibition games.

There are a few others that i can name, but i'll wait on those.

Some suggestions:

Have a couple of games with retro Rough Rider uniforms like BC did this past season.

Profile a couple of former RR stars at the games.

Cleaner washrooms, especially for the ladies. Paint job, air fresheners, flowers, regular cleaning during the games.

Cheaper beer and snacks or let the fans bring their own snacks.

Link season ticket drives to player signings, free apparel, video game rentals, sports store discounts. Look at what Goodlife is doing right now: GoodLife Fitness | Gyms and Fitness Clubs | Fit and Healthy Good Life
I picked up season tickets and got a little football. Cute but…

Wine and dine City Council. They’re VIPs, treat em as such.

Cheap season tickets for the kids. I mean really cheap, like $9/season , and replace the Beaver Lodge with a Kids Zone Bleacher. The Rough Riders use to do this.

Another Video Screen at the West end of the stadium. The sun from the West makes the screen hard to see in the East End.

Have the Ottawa GGs play before Saturday games like Western does in Hamilton.

Hire Bob Young’s team to redesign the website.

Cure Joseph’s fumbles and interceptions, beef up the O Line, keep Ranek and Banks.

Lure French fans away from the Alouettes. More promotion in Gatineau and Orleans.

Develop a vision as a ‘World Class Football Club’, with specific mission, goals and objectives. Try modelling the franchise after Edmonton’s accomplishments.

There’s no one answer. I hope the coming season puts us in the playoffs. Hamilton is going to be tough!

Nice ideas, Hi5, especially the cheap season tix for kids.
If we don't get the 8-18 year olds in FCS, this franchise will slowly fade.
If it doesn't go bankrupt or move first....

Additional point LG:
regarding Hi5's point on being sweet on councillors, having a media relations guy isn't a luxury, it's an essential. I've said on another thread that Forrest doesn't want to talk to media and they don't want to talk to him.
I don't know how accurate your website is when it says that JJ is the coach and GM (considering the standings aren't even final on the home page...) but regardless, this role need to be done by someone who knows the community and has experience with media. Either Forrest or JJ should be too occupied with day-to day issues to answer every media question. Only reason they should be quoted is for interviews.
Remember the media is the fans link to the team - invest an appropriate amount to foster that link - it will do nothing but help in the team's community standing.

$9 season tix for kids...yea right!

$9 a game sounds more realistic, but still very cheap.

I think $5/game ($45/season ticket) would be reasonable. Adults could get into the section (bleachers?) for $75/season. It would be a alcohol free - family friendly, non Mardi Gras zone. However, you could only buy adult tickets in that zone if you buy them with the kids tickets

Clever, for a second I thought you meant that the Gliebs owned horse barns. :lol:

......subtle eh?.......

Keep in mind that the team pays the city $4 per seat per game plus taxes, $42.12 for a season ticket. This strategy would then make the team $2.88 on kids season tickets and $32.88 on adults season tickets. With a player payroll of say $3.5 million how many tickets would they have to sell just to pay the players?
Everyone seems to hate Forrest Gregg for no other reason than the fact that he is associated with Lonie. It’s truly amazing because anywhere else on the continent Forrest is known as a football legend and treated as such. He’s won multiple SuperBowls, played in 9 pro-bowls, was all-NFL 8 times, held the ironman title as a player for some time by playing 188 straight games, is part of the NFL Hall of Fame, was named to the NFL’s 75th anniversary all-star team, and Vince Lombardi said “Forrest Gregg is the finest player I ever coached!” He’s coached in the NCAA, NFL and CFL. And Rodney Dangerfield said he couldn’t get any respect! He’s too old you say? A few other Ottawa sports figures the same age come to mind; John Muckler, Brian Murray and Brian Kilrea, but their age never seems to be a problem. Funny how that works.
John Jenkins is another guy everyone seems to hate for being associated with Lonie (and maybe a little because he looks like Ric Flair). He hasn’t even played his first game yet so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, after all he can’t be any worse of a coach than that classy, classy guy Joe Paopao. At the very least Jenkins knows what he wants to do, which I don’t think is something that could ever be said for Paopao in any specific sense.
Getting back on topic, this is what I’d like to see done: I want a new offensive line, new receiving corps, cheap beer (even though the concession deal was done by the city), I want to be able to tailgate (even though it’s against the law and the team is ultimately at the mercy of the city and the OPP), I want a new video board, and I’d really like you to install a new sound system and perform other leasehold improvements on the stadium you don’t own. I’d like to see you buy a fourth uniform for 1 game of the year. Also, I think tickets for most people should be free (seniors, minors, students, women, people with disabilities, anyone who’s ever played football and minorities) for the next three years to get people back into the mix and for everybody else it should be like 12 bucks a year. I’d like Bono and Mick Jagger to sing the anthem and perform a half time show at every game with the profits going to charity. And please put together a responsible business plan that will ensure the viability of the team moving forward. I’d really like to see you make a profit for the ’06 season. And who says Ottawa sports fans are fickle anyway?
Lonie, Good Luck and Git’R Done.

Lonie i think the reason for the croud turnout is performance based; i realise this isn't your fault but the Ottawa Renegades/Roughriders haven't had a winning season since 1979 and fans are fed up. You want to see more people in the stands then make the playoffs and you'll get it. I watched every game last season and in my opinion the renegades need 6 new starting players. A tackle, a linebacker, a defensive tackle, two wide recievers and a guard to make them competitive. Let's face it, it hasn't only been the losing seasons when the Renegades returned to the league the owners tried to re-build and the proper way to do that is by gaining draft picks and adding a free agent here or there and hopefully in three years you'll be competitve. But they constantly lost the people they drafted and dug themselves into a hole, no offence but people weren't exactly thrilled to learn that you were going to be the Renegades saviour after it was you who folded the team in the first place. Anyway so far you've had a okay start as an owner, you've almost re-signed Kerry Joseph stated that he's your guy and you've had talks with Korey Banks and Josh Ranek. Now you need to pick up some free-agents to fill the numerous holes in this team most noticeably the offensive line and wide recievers. I know i'll still watch the renegades and support the team when i can but alot of people don't share the sentiment so when 2006 comes around and there's only 20000 people in the stands don't flip out and start some crazy mardi gras promotion or toga party. Just put a winner on the field and address some of the issues stated on this forum ie the sound system, bathrooms etc... and the fans will come back.

Good Luck Lonie,

You took the words out of my mouth KK. Don’t worry, I’m never too far away from the Renegades. I just came back from vacation, Happy New Year to everyone.



LG, I think ORR idea of the Old R back on the helmets would be a great idea for the thrid unifroms, and if nothing else, it should be done on the thrids at least.


I think we can all agree that we could have the logo on a retro jersey.
But not if it costs too much to buy the rights from horn Chen.
The money, depending how much, could be better spent on players / coaches....

I hope, really hope, that the real Lonie reads all these posts and starts to consider the fans opinion ... because I really want to see this team succeed. I really want to see butts in the seats. It's awesome that Hamilton can very nearly sell out, and be the worst team in the League. So obviously, it can be done ... and I seriously hope Lonie does it. It's not rocket science, is it? Last, keep in mind the old adage ... you gotta spend money to make money. Go on a bit of a spree, so long as it's not impossible. Wow the fans back.