Your Input Is Needed

Greetings Renegades Fans. Happy New Year!

With the season just over 6 months away, it is my goal to get closer to the Renegades Fan base in an attempt to understand how your Ottawa CFL experience could be made more enjoyable. I’d especially like to hear from the Rough Rider fans of why they have been staying away from the Renegades and how this can be turned around.

First some ground rules…
1. I only want constructive criticism posted in this thread, and
2. If you have a grip or complaint, you better have a solution.

Ok, the store is open… let me have it. Tell all your firiends.

Well I would like to know why you joined this forum on July 29th and waited till today to post something?



Don't you spell you name with 1 "L"?

Tell your alter-ego, to change the website....

Lonnie with two n's well just win or at least get the price of beer lowered so we dont have to remember all the losses

Ok… here goes:
I don’t consider the Mardi Gras campaign a success, unless I was making a portion of the beer proceeds. I’ve spent a week on Bourbon Street so I know what Mardi Gras is…

Comments about fans wanted to come to witness this perhaps… if you’re male age 19 – 25. I’m not in this demographic and didn’t really care if gals were flashing but from people I talked to, Mardi Gras was a joke.

My concern is not the product on the field as I don’t believe this is your area of responsibility anyways. I was concerned with the media circus about Jesse Palmer and what it does to our team. I realize that it’s a cheap way of getting the local media to talk about the Renegades. I can’t help but think what it does in the back of KJ’s head… I trust at the time, the coaching staff knew that you guys were only doing this as publicity stunt and were never serious. Right?

So what are the results of your Dec 10th campaign?
Did you sell the park out?
I didn’t see any subsequent deals after the Dec 10th sale on your website.

  • No Boxing Day ticket blitz riding the coat-tails of the big box stores.
  • No Renegades gift cards for merchandise or ticket credits.
  • No flex-plan announcements.

As for season ticket holder deals… are you telling me you guys don’t check what your competition is doing? Why reinvent the wheel?
Keep in mind; the prairies don’t appear to have to work as hard to get the fans to the game…

What works for others might work for you…
BC - … y&ceid=532
Edmonton - - Official site of the Canadian Football League
Calgary - … y&ceid=321
Sask – No ticket offer at this time - … e&artid=11
Winnipeg – No ticket offer other than guarantee seat for GreyCup (perhaps enough for next year) -
Hamilton – Lock em in for 3 years - … ay&ceid=69
Toronto - … ckets.html
Montreal – No deals there but they had over 51k in the Big O… Not a problem there.

Why did you only focus on college and university students? This doesn’t help with Lonie’s apparent frat boy style. This isn’t MSU. I was surprised that you didn’t try to sell these tickets to any student (pre-school, grade-school, high-school) at some of the local shopping malls (St Laurent, Bayshore, and Place d’Orleans).

Non party sections could have been assigned on the lower south and north sides for families. Kids get the $25 cheep seat deal and parents get a lower rate on the final three games or pass the $25 offer to them also.

You guys are not winning points with the city council. You don’t appear to be family oriented as its one party after the next. I’m sure city council will stay off your back if you do cater to the non-party customer and his/her family.

Moved that stcik, nail it right on the head, i will also add this:

I'll give my 2 cents on this, even if it's not the real Lonnie ! It might not make sense, but that’s what I think:

Montreal born & raise, moved to Gatineau in 2004 for my new work in Ottawa. Al's season ticket holder for the last 3 years, and yes, I do make the 410km round-trip to go see a game @ McGill/Molson stadium.

I also was a 99$ season ticket holder (2 passes) for the 'Gades in 2005, but i've been to games before when the Al's would visit.

I did reconsider getting 2 season tickets on Dec 10th, but decided not to get them, since I’ve seen nothing done to try and "grab" a small portion of fans from across the river. If I remember correctly, population is around 350 000 for the Gatineau region, just imagine if you could reach 1 or 2% of the population, and make them "part of the team".

NONE to almost inexistant ADVERTISING is done for the French community living in the Gatineau region, which is about a 10 Min drive to FC stadium. Even your website in french is not accurate or has broken url.

The 'Gades, do have some "French" fans, but it looks like the 'Gades are not part of the community and that's why I simply don't “follow� your team, even if I work in Ottawa, and was a season ticket holder in 2005.

When you hold your QB club at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, this won't get the "casual" fan, to go & participate.

1 more problem, media…

1.1 - Can anyone think, before making a statement in this organisation ?
1.2 - Stop the Jesse Palmer hoop-la, ‘Gades don’t even holds is rights, Montreal does !

Weather, well, as far as I know, you can’t control it, so we won’t talk about it !

Games on Wednesday/Thursday, just doesn't do it for’s not like FC stadium is used on Friday, Saturday & Sunday for anything else…

Banning "alcohol" at tailgates...NOT GOOD ! At least you guys can have that experience, which has been part of the CFL culture for years. If a drunk gets out of control...take care of him personally (revoke his rights as a ticket holder if you need too, ban him for up to 2 years, before he can have seats again)… don't make everyone pay for it because of 1 stupid ignorant, who goes there to get drunk, not to enjoy the sport

I was thrilled to tailgate last October with the Renegade Nation, before the Al’s game and I might repeat this year again, when the Al’s played the ‘Gades !

As for “alcohol�, I’ve seen worse from guys going to the games, that weren’t even part of the tailgate, but were coming straight off some bars in the area !

The security guards, don’t look like they have common sense ! Sure, remove a bag of chips that a family brings in, but let the drunk guy get in, he might buy more beer !

Don’t allow him ! I lived thru an experience like this in 2004 with my pregnant wife, and had to personally ask for the removal of the “culprit�, only when I told the guards I would call the Ottawa Police to remove the “drunks�, they expelled them.

Make me "feel" part of the team, and I’ll probably jump on your "band-wagon"...otherwise it will always be Go Al's Go for me !

Do you guys really think that this is the owner of the Renegades?

no...but if the real one does read it, he has my 2 cents....

I find it hilarious that Lonnie_G would post two messages right after XGamer where he admitted he was not the real deal, then would edit them out himself.....

Lonnie_G don't know who it is, probably not the real one as I stated in my post... but it sure ain't me.

No worries - we know it's not you.....

Who cares if its is… But like “X” says if he does read it… its that whats important here?

Nice to see that someone is trying to open a channel between the fans and the office.

I understand what you are saying but in this case the guy is just rearranging the dedication by pretending to be someone else.

It could have accomplished simply by posting a What do you think Thread

I don't understand the difference between "your input is needed" and "what do you think" thread?

I don't see the harm if the guy or gal gets Gades fans voicing their opinion. If this isn't Gliberman or someone in the office, shouldn't they be doing something like this anyways?

I think you're in Montreal... There is nothing on the airwaves in Ottawa to suggest that there is even anyone working on Bank street to pump the team up these days. I think May is too late to start to win over fans.

Have you ever thrown a party? Don't wait for the night before to organize it... Right?

Love the topic guys and the comments this is what we need in Ottawa. Hopefully Lonie reads this. But to mention the tailgating was not shut down by the Gades it was the City as it is law. (no public alcohol drinking). I personally would like to see more players in the community at schools etc.

I see your point.

What I meant to say what the same thread could have been posted with out pretending to be the owner asking for the fans opinion

are you the real owner or are you just somebody here to BS us?

if your the real deal, I have two suggestions for you.

  1. buy back Ottawa history as the Rough Riders, in other words, merged the Rough Riders and Renegades together to make them the same team like Montreal.
  2. bring back those great Red and Gold uniforms of the 1994 season or a Reebok version of them, but have a third uniform be a Black and Red one.

that’s it for me.

Surly there has to be more than this?

I cannot answer to the tailgating issues, alcohol in the parking lot is prohibited. This is city policy and out of the team’s hands.
Question… Is alcohol required for a successful tailgate party?

XGamer, Moved_da_Sticks, and Kanga… notes taken, thanks.

Some older issues:

  • Sound System (team rents the facilities)
  • Disconnect between Ottawa Rough Riders and their history and connection to the Renegades
  • OCTranspo ride (with transfer) to the park (with ticket) 2 hours prior to the game and 1 hour pickup in front of FCS.
  • Please continue…

I'm very sorry that those city officials are being a pain by no allowing tail gating. seems that they forgot how successful the 2004 GC was.

I guess Alcohol isn't really necessary for a TG, but it helps with the older crowd.

LG, if you could bring Ottawa's history back to the team, I'm sure that more people will identify and come out to see the team, but you gotta put out a good product and win the GC! Everyone, no matter what they feel about the Ottawa Renegades, wants to see them win. So get it done!

No body wants to see Ottawa lose this team though folding or relocation.

and good luck in getting the GC and in 2014 or sooner! :wink:


Even if this isnt Lonie's post, agreed - maybe someone is reading this who cares and can do something. Here are problems as I see them, with solutions.

  1. First of all, the tailgaiting. The situation as the year went on was completely confusing to all tailgaiters. First few games, status quo. Then we're threatened with tickets, there are announcements saying no more tailgaiting in the parking lot, etc.....then the last 2 games, there i am walking around in the end zone parking lot and there are bbq's and drinking all over the place. So what is it?? Can we tailgait or not?? The Gades MUST figure this out with City council, and just allow it once and for all. Anyone walking around the parking lot with open beer bottles - absolutely deserve a ticket. But for the 99% of us sitting in chairs, by our cars/trucks, having a beer in a plastic cup - whats the problem here?

  2. Forget Jesse Palmer. Signing him will get you maybe one thousand extra fans for the first home game. Then what? He hasnt played meaningful football since 2000. Do you honestly think he's going to help this team?? No way. You should be focusing on keeping Brad Banks.

  3. I realize concession prices are the city's area. But if you can do something about this, you should. You would sell double the amount of beer if you simply lowered it from $6 to $4. You arent the Senators and this is not the Corel Center.

  4. The Sound system. Horrible. At LEAST twice PER GAME the sound goes out. This is embarassing. Its been going on since the 80's. Can someone please fix this once and for all????

  5. The Gades website is sub-par to say the least. It reminds me of a website from the mid-90's. You want to see what a real, professional CFL website looks like? Go to Hamilton's. That is what Ottawa's should look like.

  6. This will cost money but again - look at Hamilton's scoreboard. Top notch. Ours looks like a glorified big screen TV. Its minor league. Get us a new video scoreboard.