Your Impressions of Pre-Season Game #1 vs. Winnipeg

I know it has been discussed briefly in some other threads, but please let us know what you thought of last nights game. Did anyone in particular stand out? Did someone cause you to pull whats left of your hair out? Are there any position battles brewing in your opinion? Random thoughts?

Let us all congregate here and discuss the first performance of our beloved 2009 Hamilton Tiger-Cats!

  • paul

I guess I will start with the first thing I noticed.

Before the game I believe it was reported that Porter was going to get the first quarter of action at QB. But when the game kicked off, it was Kevin Glenn under centre. A bit of a head scratcher at the time.

But then when I heard Coach Marcel say after the game that he was satisfied with the QB play of Kevin Glenn because he was going in to a strong wind and it dawned on me. Marcel knows what he is doing. He realizes with a young QB, confidence is very important, so he decided to let Porter throw with the wind in the 2nd quarter and allow the veteran and ex-Bomber throw in the 1st quarter when the team was going in to the strong wind.

I think that shows the coaching staff is going to do what we all thought. Put Quinton Porter in the best position to be successful and give him the best opportunity to seize the starting job. That is what a good coaching staff does.

  • paul

I too was surprised that Glenn started...........but you make a good point, paul, that just might be it.

Yes good point and good call by the coaching staff. But, we should also consider that Glenn went in and dealt with the wind factor and did an ok job. It's not easy throwing in those conditions. I won't be surprised if a platoon QB system is used to some extent this year as Porter works to get confidence and experience. I think no matter what happens we will see more of Glen than a lot of people here may expect. And I think it could work nicely for both players, especially in the first half of the season.

One thing that really impressed me was how we didn't just lay down and die in the second half. It would have been easy to give up, but we really did put up a fight. It shows me that in the first half what we saw was more an indication of nerves and inexperience rather than a lack of ability.

As for standouts, Haley and Hickman absolutely caught my attention. Castelo was solid as well. I think LB is going to be a really tough decision to make.

Cobb had a really good showing as well. I was suprised to hear that Pavlovic was playing RT. I think we've got some tough decisions to make. I think Zemaitis needs to temper some of his agression. He has a real problem keeping his hands off of players who beat him, that's probably why he took a few penalties. He lets his frustration get the best of him.

Obviously, way way way too many penalties, but all in all I felt pretty good about the second half. the CFL.
I think that was the strongest message, that was sent to the rookie's trying to make the team.
Considering that the Peg...played their A lines, for the first and second quarters.
Marcel....and the other coaching staff did exactly what they wanted to do, evaluate talent, regardless
of the score. And 'that' is what preseason is all about. ( refreashing to see ).

All in all...I thought the Cats defence, picked it up, much better in the second half. After being a bit shell shocked in the first. ( I'm sure coach Marshal....was spitting fire, at half time.) Too many mistakes....

The offence with Glen....was offencive. I was a little surprised about that. Kevin sure did seem to be not very focused. I guess his return to the Peg, was a big deal to him, after all.

Porter and Travalis...did ok. With Travalis having the best showing of all the QB's. And Jason showed that he is a raw rookie.

I think the one thing that stood out the most for me was...the Cats did not quit. After being down 26 points in the first half....
That showed a lot of grit. :thup:


I was impressed with DJ Cobb's play. I hope they keep him. :thup: As he learns OUR GAME, I think he will only get better.

I was impressed that the D had 5 sacks and the o line gave up none. Very promising indeed.

I guess what impressed me most is that our defence and offence actually made adjustments for the second half. How many years have we watched defensive co-ordinators do nothing after getting killed in the first half. If the coaches had anything to do with the dramatic change from the first half to the second half (and I imagine they did) rather than just a change of personnel, I am impressed and optimistic.

I was most impressed with us not going 2-0 in the preseason this year. We all know how THAT worked out for us recently.

  1. we dont have a capable third stringer lol. I was not impressed with Adam T and Boltus MIGHT develop but no way is he close to being ready for real game action, his reads are bad, he looks to scramble out of the pocket wat to early, his accuracy on the move is not good, poor pocket presence and will throw the ball into traffic when he's preasured instead of just taking the sack.

  2. Im still not sold on our receivers being good enough compared to what every other team has, our db's are questionable even though they went up against the best receiving core in the league last night imo.

3 our lines seem improved enough, now if things dont go well we'll be back to pointing the finger at the receivers and db's.

oh ya and i want richie williams back. It baffles me why they released him in favour of Adam.

Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the 3rd quarterback position mainly a developmental position? I say that because the 3rd quarterback doesn't dress for games and usually is resigned to running the scout team for the first string offense.

I don't think having a player like Richie, who has 3 seasons under his belt, is the type of player the Tiger-Cats wanted filling that role. Chances are after his contract expired, he would either want more money or walk away. I just think Boltus/Tafralis is a cheaper solution and an option with more upside that Richie at this point.

But I have been known to be wrong.

  • paul

Third stringers do dress, but it is a good point.

I only brought that up because if something happens to our starter Adam is all of a sudden number 2 which im not comfortable with and i dont see him being a player who will develop into a future starter, Boltus might but he is way to raw right now to be a third stringer.

Ah, yes, that is a good point.

Well hopefully Mike Gibson can bring a bit of that Rider magic over from Saskatchewan where it seemed liked their backups always stepped up to the plate and delivered when called upon.

  • paul

Lol true, i think a lot of luck had a lot to do with that also unfortunately it ran out come playoff time and last night lol. I have a feeling Regina has Casey on speed dial right now.

My impression and 2 cents: we stopped taking dumb penalties, Winnipeg stopped scoring.

This team did okay Not Tillied with Red Flags Covering the Field.
Zemaitis Really Got my Goat as did anyone who had Flags on them
But I liked the Effort in the 2nd half

I hope we don't rely on Glenn alot this season, because he appears to have lost his confidence as a
player. I think tafalia should be given more reps than Glenn and move glenn back to third spot. :cowboy:

Maybe I'm showing my age but I listened to the entire game and I don't have any impressions. I" gots to see the play "in order to have an opinion. The home game next week will be important to see who we have and what we need. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)