Your ideal Grey Cup matchup.

Which two teams would you like to see in this years Grey Cup. Although I would love to see Edmonton Cross-over and play Calgary in the Regina, I realize that would not be good for the league as a whole, especially Saskatchewan. We would have a ball painting Saskatchewan Red, White, Green, and Gold. Saskatchewan/Winnipeg would be fun but again probably a bust in the Eastern TV market.

Looking at it through slightly red tinted glasses I guess Toronto/Calgary would be my ideal matchup dispite me not liking Toronto, at least at this point in the season, they are the most deserving Eastern team.

Obviously ideally I'd like to see BC play anyone, but as if it's not my team, who wouldn't want to see Saskatchewan play Winnipeg in Regina? That game would be crazy. I think sometimes people on this forum talk too much about attendance/ratings and the like. Sometimes you should just be able to enjoy the sport, and a Roughriders-Blue Bombers Grey Cup would be unreal.

Too bad it will be against Toronto :frowning:

The only way the B.B.'s will be in the Grey Cup this year is if they buy 46 tickets in the nose bleed section!!! The obvious choice would be the Cats vs Riders......or the Cats vs Stamps.....or the Cats vs Lions.....or what the hell!!miracles can happen....the Cats vs Eskimos....As long as were in it,really don't care who the other team will be!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :lol: :cowboy:

Hamilton vs. Saskatchewan

Lots of great side stories. 3 coaches from Hamilton who are now in Regina & 1 very BIG one from Regina who now runs Steeltown. Lots of players from both sides now patrolling different sidelines. Burris & Fantuz returning to RiderVille. Two passionate fan bases. A replay of the '89 GC ...

Hamilton vs. Saskatchewan would be the best for the league in my mind as well. Southern Ontario representation. Home town team hosting.

Based on what Hamilton has shown so far, they can't compete against the top teams in the West and a blow-out is not a good thing. If Hamilton improves a lot, I would agree with you.

I agree. For Hamilton to get to the GC, they'd have to improve significantly anyways. Long season. Not even at halfway point. Toronto got hot after Labour Day and made a run. Hamilton can do the same.

My first choice would be:

Toronto VS BC (Being a little bit of a "Homer")

Next Toronto VS Saskatchewan.

Could you imagine the week long party in the entire Province?

Stampeders vs Eskimos its my dream Grey Cup

Could you imagine the week long party in the entire Province?


With both teams having sub 500 records to get in.

The dream is Hamilton vs Toronto, in Hamilton but that's a giant pipe dream. I mean, someone from the east crossing over's never been done, nor has a crossover made it to the Grey Cup. Yet alone it being Hamilton or Toronto to do it and have the other make it all the way.

Right now I'd be happy with Hamilton vs Sask. I like to think just as Sask tends to be most people's backup team in the east and that Hamilton is the rest of the west's backup team and given that there's still bad blood from when Winnipeg was in the west and it's so easy to hate on Toronto and a lot of people have difficulty identifying with the Quebec based Als.

But what the heck do I know?

If the Montreal Alouettes were still the Montreal Alouettes I'd love to see them go head to head with my BC Lions in Regina. Could you just imagine a team that beat the Riders in back to back Grey Cups playing for the championship in their own back yard?! This seems pretty unlikely to happen though, especially given the year the Als are having and the Lions offense is not playing to its potential. If BC isn't in I just want to see a good football game. Argos vs Stamps or Riders if I had to pick if BC isn't playing.

I am looking forward to halifax against yellowknife

good one oldtimer! Heee Haw

Honest prediction T.O v. Hamilton _Crossing over!!!!!!

I don't see Calgary, Sask or BC finishing below 500, so they'll sure have to earn it by going 8-4 or better down the stretch.

Whitehorse vs Fredericton [Jivin with FYB] - seriously; Argos vs Roughriders

I'd love to see Saskatchewan against Hamilton. Rematch of the 89' Grey Cup, lots of extra side stories as well. Also Hamilton has a pretty solid fanbase, more deserving of some good than the Argo's or Als.

Riders vs Stamps. But that is unlikely. So Riders vs Winnipeg. It would be like labour day and banjo bowl all at one time. The universe could explode,, but that too won't likely happen either. Can the Riders play the Riders??? Awesome!!!! :rockin:

Did hell freeze over? Actually that would be hell. :cowboy:

Riders vs Riders......Awesome!!!! Never Again!!!! Been Done Already!!!! REDBLACKS(Checkerboards)vs(Riders)??????????????

:lol: :lol: :lol: :cowboy: