YOUR Grey Cup plans

So, what’s everyone doing for the big day? Are you lucky enough to be going to the game, or will you be watching it on TV? At a bar, at home? Party or not?

I’ll be doing what I’ve done for the past 4 years. My annual “Toilet Bowl”, a game of touch football, played in whatever conditions outside, before the Grey Cup. The winner wins the Toilet Cup (a silver-painted toilet seat). Then, we all return to my place and watch the game (often joined more friends).

This is my favourite time of year! (my birthday, Toilet Bowl, Grey Cup, CIS playoffs … I love late November!)

Going to the game. Went in '94 and had a great time. The Lions aren't my team but would have liked to see them make it since the Riders didn't.

My wife and I throw a big party each year. We get about 20-25 neighbours and friends. Lots of TV's (See bathroom poll...LOL) usually about 20 appy's some cold some hot. Lots of dips (bean, Crab, shrimp, jalepeno jelly, Spinach). Between liquor and food we usually gain about 15 pounds! LOL

.....if any of you are over at Sporty's I recommend staying away from the Crap's a little off......

Uh.....Sporty? Would you be so kind as to clarify exactly what "crap" dip is?? I hope that isn't a reference to your wife's cooking.....

Or the afore mentioned bathroom problem

Oh no...RNR has been an influence on me...I'll go edit. Thanks teach, I'll put in 15 minutes detention time!

This should be a lesson to RNR on what can happen when you rush through your posts!

I can't believe none of you have ever heard of crap dip... it's really quite amazing actually... you can put anything in it, and yet it always comes out green and gold!!!

Well to get this convo back off KK's favorite topic, and back to the thread topic.
I will be at the Game. Flying in at 9:30 am in Van, Touchdown Manitoba that afternoon, something involving liquor and partying that night. Sat aft is Rendeyvous(sp??) Sask, and then continue on my binge that night while I hopefully get to watch the parade of Cheerleaders and such. Sunday probably sleep till 1, games at 3, should be screamng at Esks fans long before that. around 6-7 should be celebrating with whoever won, since I really could care less, and then try to find out which bar the 9 sets of cheerleaders will be going to and going there. Monday sleep untill my flight at 10 pm

I am going to be watching the game from my condo in Vegas!

billy Soup your plans sound familiar to mine fly in at 915 get to the Sandman go to the Gades party at 2pm at the Shark Club. Saturday definately be there for the parade and cheerleader exhibition. Will be screaming at Esks fans all the time. I could care less who wins the cup Sunday as long as it isnt the Esks. Plane leaves at 11 on Monday. Dont forget to drop by The Cecil, or The Drake maybe some of the cheerleaders will be up on stage. I should be easy to find be one of the only guys in a Gades jersey.

I might be a little harder. There should be quite a few with Rider jerseys On. I will have an old Ron Lancaster one. I would be wearing my Narcisse one, but the damn #'s are falling off.

I'm just curious redwhite2005, do you know how to make a post without pressing quote. Your statement had nothing to do with mine. Other then me being a Rider fan and you trying to make fun of Shivers. It just adds to the clutter, and makes me scroll down much more. I know I'm whining, but hey Thats what I do, and It is a pet peeve of mine. Thank you. Your friend Billy

edit** I'm sorry aparently red you weren't making fun of Shivers this time. My bad. Have fun in Vegas.

Well...since I've just returned from Montreal......where I partied hard.....Met some GREAT people.....ate at Napoli's Italian Restaurent (mmmmmm,mmmmmm,mmmmm). Purchased a Canadian Football(ok a replica)...and just had an awsome time!!!

I'm sad to say that I and the wife will be the only ones at the house watching the big game Sunday. Living in Ohio, it's pretty much impossible to find anybody else that watches CFL. But....we will have a great time none-the-less because you don't nesassarily need a house full of people to enjoy the game...A game like the Grey Cup provides all you need to have a great day.

I will be so NOT :roll: wanting to go to work the next day.

I'll be at the game cheering on the CFL. Would have been better if the Lions were in it but I"m going to enjoy the game none the less. It's gonna be a party and I want in.

It's okay Billy understandable! Have fun at the game and do not get to drunk I just might have send green to bail you out! Whinning not you!

Take Care

If I don't flap my way to the game, i go out in the barnyard and gobble up some appies and refreshments and talk turkey!!!!!!!!!!


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Dont forget that the Grey Cup will be in Toronto in 2007 you can experience it first hand for yourself. Take the whole week and that year and soak it in. Its a blast. Oh yeah unless you want to fly to Winnipeg for next years Grey Cup. Man will it ever be cold sitting in that wind trap.

Hey you CFL nutballs. I'm packing up my luggage and heading off to Vancouver for the Grey Cup. Thanks to Third And Ten, you know what I look like so make sure you come up and say hi. Maybe I can have a "barley sandwich" with one or two of you at one of the Grey Cup events. I'm pumped, it's my first Grey Cup. See you there!

.....have a blast yeasty!!........

once i turn 18, ill go to grey cups, because im not allowed in the parties yet