Your Grey Cup Party?

im throwing a Grey Cup party at my place ( which happens to be my birthday as well ), and im wondering what everyone else is doing for their own Grey Cup parties?

any fun ideas?
how many people are you expecting?


ps, if anyone from London needs a place to come watch the game, PM for details.

This is mine that I planned (check image), anybody in Wpg wants to go msg me for details. It will be awesome. Last year there was about 110, I think we'll get a little more from word of mouth and awesome prizes.

I always thought it was spelt 'Uker'. (on a side note it is saying 'spelt' is not a word. Am I a bad speller or is it just a Canadian word that is not recognized)

And to answer the question, my Grey Cup party for the 10th in a row will be the Grey Cup itself. Hope the Riders are in it.

I got asked to go to Edmonton, but it didnt work out... :frowning:

Well I don't play the game but that's how I've learnt to spell it :smiley:

And no worries with spelt as far as I'm concerned, my Google Chrome doesn't give it any red underlines :slight_smile: