Your Good, Bad, and ugly moments?

Ala Mike Hogan (retro) lets do our TiCats Good bad, and ugly up to now this 2007 season

The Good:
The play of Nick Setta.
Perhaps the best kicker in the CFL.

The Bad:
The return game despite the team trying to upgrade this position has been a bust. Hill was the last returner that could bring the fans out of their seats. Is it that hard to find a top return guy???

The Ugly:
Had to be when Zeke was miked up and EXPOSED our "D" coordinator of being in WAY over his head

Good: Signing Printers, franchise cornerstone for the next 6-7 years.

Bad: Sticking with Maas for way too long. Had they gone with Williams and maybe even Chang earlier, they could be in the playoff hunt.

Ugly: Too many games without a single TD

An Argo-Cat fan

Good: Moreno, Loescher, Keith (thus far), Printers signing, win against Wpg, win against Cgy, Setta, and Lumsden

Bad: Labour Day vs. Argos, rematch against Argos a week later, penalties, inconsistent O-line and secondary

Ugly: attendance the past two games, Moreno's Mic'd up, Chang's starts

The just plain funny: Dwight Anderson's suplex on the Winnipeg guy during the 43-22 win.

Good: Jesse is back
Bad: The receivers
Ugly: Flick traded