Your game day meals, drinks and snacks!

what are your usual or favorite game day meals/ snacks/ drinks?

it’s nachos with salsa and guacamole for first game with argos - redblacks, then homemade sushi for tonight’s lions - stamps clash.

drink will be a strawberry banana smoothy. latte to sip after the sushi.

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If it's home then it's whatever Skip the Dishes calls out to me!

Otherwise, nachos (black ones) with salsa fits the bill...and the waistline better.

At the stadium (BMO Field), it go for the a couple of $3 hot dogs....maybe a 3rd at halftime... since I'm cheap....then popcorn at the end of the 3rd so I have leftovers the next day


always pepsi

today, tuna sandwiches


Well if I'm going to the game (THF) I usually just slap a couple of burgers on the BBQ and wash them down with a cold beer or two before I leave to catch the Gameday shuttle bus which takes you free to the stadium and back again when the game is over . Up until this year before my son moved I used to meet up with him at the stadium as I was coming in from the east end and he was in the west end of town .

I'd usually pack a cold one for the bus and another to have while waiting for my boy outside the stadium . He was usually at the tailgate and we would usually time it up to meet a half hour before kick-off . After getting into the stadium we would usually grab a couple of the $5.00 pregame beer specials and hang with his buds in the end zone before heading to our seats . As a rule I rarely eat stadium food but my son used to have either chicken on a bun or pulled pork .

I miss going to the games with him since he moved but we have managed to take in a game in BC this year and also the Labour Day game when he came home for a visit a few weeks ago .


i don’t drink often but now i want a beer


Pretty much always homemade nachos for me if I’m at home. Time to make them now.


i’m now making my sushi rolls for tonight’s game. spicy avocado tuna ftw.

i always get my fill of nachos before halftime, but not intentionally lol


Time to go make my Tuna mix for later tonight

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FFS i inadvertently started eating my sushi before redblacks - argos game was over lol i couldn’t wait :yum:

Here you can have a couple of mine . I always have a fridge full and don't mind sharing . :beer: :beer: :grin:

I don’t usually have a planned gameday meal except for the Super Bowl. That’s when I make regional foods, based on the teams in the game.
Early in this CFL season I had vanilla ice cream because that was a thing back in July.
I usually grill burgers on Friday nights so it’s often that and a beer those nights.

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holy F that is awesome. i want to come to your superbowl party :yum:

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what the nachos or the sushi rolls?

Neither . I think he's just saying that he likes Yuck as a pregame meal .

Sorry bobo, I'm not watching Hamilton that would be a to respond to GGirl. I'm a diehard carnivore. cow eat veg.....I eat cow... I'm a vegetarian.

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tuna is a meat lol

to be honest, some fish is the only meat i eat.

I love fish, especially the ones with 4 legs.

i don’t think Coelacanths are edible you made me look up a new word, stop it.! I'm happy with the 10 words I know.