Your first Tiger-Cat game

dont remember the year around 97 labour day game. We lost to doug flutie and the argos by about 40 points. it was a few years after i moved here went with a friend who is an argo fan {yes bring on the abuse i have a friend who is an argo fan}.

I was about 3 or 4 so it would be around '68 or '69; my dad would take me to a game a year.
I was in the South Stands around section 30. I remember eating hotdogs and asking where Angelo Mosca was.
Not sure who we were playing but I remember we won and the hotdogs were pretty good.
A good introduction to a lifetime of football and the Tiger Cats

My first game was while I was in high school in the late 50"s. Loved it so much I joined the Dorothy Hurst Tigerettes to get in for free. Cinder track and real grass.
Hurt the feet but had a great time. Can't remember who played during the first game but have had season tickets 3 times since then and have taken my husband, daughter and grandson to their first cfl ti-cat games over the years. Still there and hoping for better years to come.

You think that's bad - I have wife that was an Argo fan!

Without resorting to an "alternative set of interrogation procedures", as GW Bush would say, I was able to bring her over - now I'm just waiting for the team to deliver the Grey Cup win every three years I promised.

I was able to bring her over
Nice work "section 8"....we need more secret "operatives" like you to pillage the Argos fanbase and bring them onto the "good side" :thup: :D