Your first Tiger-Cat game

It's pretty quiet on this site today, so thought we could have a little fun and go down memory lane....

When was the first Ti-Cat game you attended? Who were they playing? Anything stand-out from that game?

My first game was Summer 1993 versus Calgary Stampeders (who were lead by Doug Flutie). Ti-Cats got smoked and were down 19-0 early on. It was a dreadful game, but it hooked me and my brother. We were back the week later for the Labour Day game.

My sis joined us and we went to every game in 1994 before getting season tickets for the Drive for '95.

And, the rest is history!

Ha! I can’t remember what I ate for dinner 2 nights ago let alone recall much from 44 years ago. What I have recollection of is that I didn’t have 60 cents to buy one of those waxed containers of Coke, so I settled for a 10 cent cupful.

Oh yeah, also, while scrounging for a discarded program after the game, I remember seeing one heck of a lot of empty whiskey bottles. (big ones)

My ticket location was Section 36, in the nosebleeds, overhanging the street, i believe.

Dave Marler was at QB
We Had Gold Hemlents VS Toronto..
We Won
Don't Remember much after taht

My first game was on Thanksgiving Day 1979. The Cats were playing whoelse, the Argos and won the game 42-3. Had a great time at the game and what great way to start my life as a Ti-Cat fan with a whipping of the Double Blue dimwits.

I cannot remember if my first game was seeing Ottawa with Russ Jackson at QB or if it was a game against the Argos where Joe Zugar rolled out and pitched the ball to Willie Bethea who ran for about a 100yd TD.
Both games in the late 60s.

I was very young.

1970 or'71.....Can't really recall the game or who we were playing but me and my mates were "bleacher creatures" where the Tigervision is now.....$2 a ticket..

I do remember us running around on the new Astro-Turf after the game though and tossing those little yellow plastic footballs with the "Deluxe Cleaners" stamp on them....(trivia: the owner of Deluxe Cleaners sold out and founded "The Attic Pizza" in Stoney Creek)

R.I.P. Mike of the greats!

It was the first year of the "new" south stands (1961 or 62?) and my parents took me to a game. I was 5 or 6 years old. I don't remember who we played or who won. I don't even remember any of the plays (I think I didn't know "how" to watch a football game yet).

What I do remember is the sound of 28,000 screaming and cheering fans. Pretty exciting stuff for a little tyke.

:thup: Some of the best game's I ever went to is when GARNEY HENLEY was playing. I had

a nickname for him and called him the bullet with hands.
Anybody out there know what happen'd to CHUCK --- I think his last name was spelt

1962 against the Argos at Civic Stadium. I only remember three things: 1.) It was a sunny day. 2.) The Argos had dark blue jerseys and baby blue helmets. 3.) The Tiger-Cats won!!!
I'll take the good old days any day.

I believe my first game was in 89 for the Labour Day Classic. I was 17. Went to the CNE for the day and left late afternoon and took the train to Burlington and car to the stadium.
I believe Ti-Cats lost the game (my friend looked older and was able to buy us beer). Had a great time though because we did the same thing every Labour Day for about 5 years. Spent all the money we made in the summer in one day. lol.

Looks like I'm not so old after all. We're talking '67 (I would have been 13) and it would have been in those wonderful $2 bleachers that got so many of us started. I think that they were 3/4 full of guys between 12 and 17.

Who was playing? Who knows.... but Alan really shouldn't have thrown that ice cube from the bleachers down onto the head of that bald guy!

Okay... thank you everyone for making me feel like I'm young again :slight_smile:

First Ti-Cat game was against the Green Riders, and my parents took me and my sister. This was way, way back in 1988, and this was one of those "Win-Win" types of games. I know the Tabbies lost, but there was one amazing interception by the Good Guys.

With all those amazing details, I thought I'd let you all know I don't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, so please be kind. :smiley:

I’ve mentioned it before but my first game was the 34-34 Labour Day tie against Edmonton in 1981.

Amazingly, my second game was a 24-24 tie against Saskatchewan the next year.

Late 1940's. Dad said we had to deliver a trunkload of firewood (from Lawson Lumber where he worked) to HQMILTON qb Joe Krol's place after the game.
Bob Jackson.

The first Tiger-Cat game I went to was the first game of the 2-point total point Eastern Final in 1966 against Ottawa.

We sat in the now demolished bleachers in the west end-zone. The Rough Riders were an inspired bunch that day as there assistant coach Al Smyth had just passed away. Ottawa thumped the Tiger-Cats that day 30-1. They went on to the Grey Cup and lost to Saskatchewn, who won their first Grey Cup ever. I was 8 years old at the time and could’nt believe it.

I was born in 1958 and the only year the Tiger-Cats hadn’t got to the Grey Cup until that point was 1960. (don’t remember that one).

One more year of success under Ralph Sazio in 1967, before the dark years began. Joe Restic was installed as head coach in 1968, and the team was never the same again. Geez, we even had a quarterback quit on the team in mid-season and go home (Bill Etter).

Also was there in 1972, second game of the Eastern Final against Ottawa. This time I was in the East end-zone under the scoreboard when the team overcame a 12 pt deficit (thank God for Garney Henley’s late touchdown in the first game) and won a squeaker to advance to the Grey Cup at home. Not sure of the score but it might have been 23-8

I hope you guys don’t mind an Argo fan’s contribution here. Actually, I can’t recall specifically the 1st Argo game I went to but it would’ve been in the 60s when me and my buddy would walk to the CNE for the games. We didn’t have any money so we would climb on to the roofs of the nearby Midway game booths from which we could catch glimpses of the field. I must’ve been able to see enough because here it is some 40+ years later and I’m still a huge fan. Only now I can afford a ticket.


An Argo fan

this wasn't my first game ever,but, it will stand out as the most memorable events ever.
It was a two game total point series between our Cats and A'holes, er, Argos.I attended both games with my crew and we were split in our loyalties.Our first game here in Hamilton was a wash and I think that the following week we had to win by 14? points. Well we made it to the Ex, and we were getting our ticker tested with the Argos starting off good. A couple of us were surrounded by this mass of Argo faithful and they were abusive...throwing beer and pizza on our TC jerseys and really puttin' to us verbally. Then all of a sudden Ilisec bobbled a punt and we recovered or ran the botched attempt in.And it seemed like the floodgates opened .....We started playing and nothing could go wrong! We won with points to spare and went on, beating them savagely.We were gloating and whooping it up while we watched the Argo supporters jaws drop. Our TC jerseys were so stained from food thrown at us.What a hoot! I remember so many attempts to goad me into a scrap or more....the police asked if we had a deathwish or something. A load of us needed an escort to the GO train platform.

My first game was one of those two point
eastern finals in the early 60's against the Alouettes. I remember Don Sutherin kicking off and the ball hit the uprights at the far end. Most kickoffs today only go down to the 20. That was the beginning of a motivated effort by the home team.

I also remember watching an Eastern Final on TV also in the early 60's when the Cats were ahead by one point. Toronto tried for a single into the endzone (Dave Mann)to tie the game. Garney kicked it back out. The Blue team kicked it back in, then Bernie Faloney went 115 yards for a TD. It was called back. I forget how it all ended, but it was very exciting.

  1. A nightmare. Sat in the south stands with my father and uncle. Scared when a fight broke out two rows behind us. Scared to death when someone threw an empty micky over the end zone back wall as we were leaving and it shattered five feet from me. My father wisely left me home for the rest of the season.

In 1972, moved to the north stands and it's been nothing but apple pie and hugs from mom ever since. (figuratively speaking, of course)

I believe it was the '96 Labour Day Classic. I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. I didn't have a concrete grasp of the intense rivalry between TO and Hamilton unitl that game. I don't remember the game, but I remember the fans!!