Your first picks in new Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame

Not knowing what the criteria for selection is, I’ll go with:

Football: Jim Young, Russ Jackson, Bob Krouse, Brian Timmis, Bernie Custis, Jimmy Simpson

Non-Football : Jackie Callura, Billy Sherring, Paul Henderson, Ken Dryden, Pat Quinn, Harry Howell, Melville Marks Robinson, Tim Horton/Ron Joyce, Ray Lewis, Joanne Malar, Bill Sturrup, “Pops” Kenesky


Who would you like to see in Hamilton’s Sports Hall of Fame?

November 26, 2009
Garry McKay
The Hamilton Spectator
(Nov 26, 2009)

The announcement earlier this week of the creation of the Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame has spawned an interesting buzz in the city over who the first inductees should be.

The organizing committee is still working on what the criteria should be for entry into the hall. They’re asking anyone who’d like to be considered for the selection committee to apply online at

The official nomination process is expected to begin in mid-February. And while that’s still a few months off, there’s no reason why everyone can’t speculate on who some good candidates would be.

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Ron Joyce????

Al Morrow

[url=] ... .php?i=485[/url]

My reasoning for picking Mr. Joyce is that through his past decades of leadership at Tim Donut Ltd., Hamilton kids have benefited greatly because of Tim Horton's sponsorship of Minor hockey, football, soccer etc. The Tim Hortons name has long been associated with providing opportunities for kids in the City of Hamilton. (sporting and otherwise) ie: Timbit Leagues

OK i get ya ......

I just went and read that link .. if i am looking at it right this is just for HAMILTON SPORTS

I can see alot of rule bending to ge people in there.. but

yes for contributions to minor leagues i see your point now

In the end, who really cares? It's going to induct people we really don't care about that will be showcased in a building that we won't visit. Kinda like the CFL HOF.

This should just be an online thing. Forget the actual building. That money could be saved for something worthwhile.

Who is this going to attract anyways? People from Hamilton. People will go once, it won't get updated and will be left to rot! Just like the CFL HOF.

Kevin Eakin

Dearhunter good choices but I think you left out Peter Dalla Riva :thup: and Joe Krol

No.. Cody Ledbetter..

Does Tony Gabriel count? Born in Burlington.

According to the article, the criteria for selection hasn't been finalized yet, so for our purposes here on, I think anyone who has made any sporting contribution to Hamilton deserves mention...and Tony Gabriel sure did his fair share of contributing.

.....and besides, my thread, my rules..... :lol: :lol:'s all good !...and besides, this is one thread that shouldn't cause any flame wars because everyone's opinion on who should go in the Hall are just that....their unique opinion.....there is no right or wrong :wink:

Good thread deerhunter! Some of the negative comments just make me think of the Robert Kennedy quote about 20% of the people being negative all the time. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I’d like to see Dr. Frank Cosentino in the Hall of Fame, not so much for his career in the CFL but moreso for his many writings and publications on Canadian football and Canadian sports history. The link below takes you to a listing of some of what the National Library of Canada has indicated for him. This doesn’t include the many articles written in scholarly sports history journals as well. He did some groundbreaking research into Canadian football history. I had the pleasure of having him teach some lectures when I attended the Univ Western Ontario many years back. A wonderful man, truly.

[url=,+Frank,+1937-%22&rt=1&bill=1] ... t=1&bill=1[/url]

Canadian Encyclopedia entry:

Frank Cosentino, football player, educator (b at Hamilton, Ont 22 May 1937). He played 10 years in the Canadian Football League after a stellar university career at the University of Western Ontario, where he quarterbacked and captained the first Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union football champion in 1959. His CFL career began in 1960 with the HAMILTON TIGER-CATS, and he played there until 1966, participating on two GREY CUP championship squads in 1963 and 1965. He was traded to Edmonton in 1967 and again to Toronto in 1969, where he finished his career that year. After six years of teaching and coaching at the University of Western Ontario in London where his teams won Vanier Cups in 1971 and 1974, he joined York University in Toronto as professor and chair of Physical Education and Athletics, serving from 1976 to 1981. He retired from York University in 1997 as Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar. An able pro quarterback, Cosentino is also known for his several books on the CFL and the history of football and sports in Canada.

In keeping with the general sporting theme of this thread, here's a neat piece of research entitled "Hamilton's take on the 1978 Commonwealth Games" (which were in Edmonton)

[url=] ... hgames.pdf[/url]

It includes quotes from, Award winning Spectator Sports Writer "Bob Hanley" (perhaps another candidate for the Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame? )

Looks like an excellent read deerhunter.

Just found this one on the web by Frank Cosentino, looks interesting as well, part of a series of the Canadian Historical Assn', Ethnic Group Series:

Afros, Aboriginals and Amateur Sport in Pre World War One Canada

[url=] ... -26_en.pdf[/url]

Another great find Earl.....good stuff. :slight_smile:

I'd also like to nominate the 1965 Stoney Creek World Series Little League team that made it to the final game (losing 3-1)

(Stoney Creek has always been a suburb of officially part of Hamilton)

Under legendary manager Bert Carrigan, Stoney Creek had actually made it to Williamsport, PA as Canadian Champions in 1962 also, but the '65 team was the best.

Here's the roster: ("bolded" comments are my own)

Stoney Creek Little League

Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Ackles 	Bradley
Bartkiewicz 	Gary
Bender 	George
Betz  	Karl  [b](Had a cool dune-buggy in the 70'[/b]
Bromley 	Leonard
Carrigan 	Bert [b](Manager)[/b]
Dalton 	Geoffrey
Ferroni 	Richard
Kenny 	Ronald  [b](Tiger-Cat prospect if memory serves)[/b]
Lockhart 	William
McKay 	Douglas [b](became a Toronto Maple Leaf NHL assistant coach)[/b]
Ostrosser 	Darrell   [b](brother Brian was called up to the New York Mets by Yogo Berra to replace Bud Harrelson)[/b]
Palango 	Joseph
Smees 	Douglas
Sutin 	David
Vlajkov 	Jim      [b] (Family founded the "Attic Pizza" as a shrine of sorts to the '65 team)[/b]

It's not being negative. It's being truthful and seeing the big picture.

When was the last time you were at the CFL HOF? I was there 2 years ago and it hadn't changed a lick since I was there in 1998!

What makes you think this new hall of fame will be any different? How many times will you honestly go? I might go once and that's it. How many visitors do you think it will get? Not many.

It's just another building that the city is going to build that the taxpayers will have to support.

Why do we need a sports hall of fame? Hamilton does have some good athletes and sports but is there really enough that after a few years we will be putting in people because we need to induct people every year.

This is just another project that a few people really care about.

I honestly don't care about it. What % of people in Hamilton will go see it? You might get 2,000 visitors a year if you are lucky. How can that justify opening up a building?

The logical thinking is when you open up a new stadium build a new CFL HOF and combine it with the Hall of Fame.

Either way, I think it's a waste of tax dollars and it's just another thing in this city that the taxpayers have to prop up.

The logical thinking is when you open up a new stadium build a new CFL HOF and combine it with the Hall of Fame.

That makes sense to me although some people who aren't into football/soccer/track will say why would they put a Hamilton SHF in a football/soccer/track facility? But either way there will be detractors any way you look at it. A more neutral site that is public could be the main library or art gallery, I don't know.

Dr.Gene Sutton

From a local aspect we have tons of names that should be in this SPORT"S Hall of Fame Amateur and Professional ...
Teachers and Mentors , Builders , and owners ,Volunteers and Broadcasters .

Like i said Dr.Sutton was just many of the names i came up !

Vinnie Ryan .........McGorys Boxing