Your feelings on keeping Maciocia

Seeing as I'm in enemy territory (the Eskimos forum), I refrained from calling him "Machokea" ...

Anyway, I want to see how many Eskimo fans want him back as head coach, and how many don't. Whether or not he does come back, we shall see (they keep SAYING he'll be back, but from following sports as long as I have, I won't believe it until I see it).

Personally, I'd LOVE to see him back as head coach of the Esks, because it worked out pretty well for me this year!

It's all good. Maciocia won the Grey Cup last year, as a rookie head coach. You know, that big silver trophy Edmonton's won twice since the last time calgary won it. I truly believe that Maciocia has a great football mind, and with some restructuring of how the management and coaching staff are set up, and the replacement of some older veterans, the Eskimos will be back in the playoffs next year. Congrats on getting further in the playoffs than the Eskimos for the first time in 5 years. But, it will all be hollow when you don't win the Grey Cup again.

PS, how are the flames doing this year?

As long as Maciocca gives up his offensive coordinator duties(and he has already said that he probably will), and the Eskimos find a legitamate offensive coordinator to replace, I don't really care if Maciocca keeps his status as "head coach".

Ditto, Danny proved that he can't handle both jobs. Bring in Joe Pao Pao to handle the offense. Joe is a great offense guy but he couldn't do double duty either.

I would say sign him to a ten year contract. Bring Paopao in as Offensive Coordinator and Jim Daley as special advisor! :wink: :wink: :wink:

There's no way the Esks will bring in PaoPao, he was horrible as OC in both Ottawa and Hamilton.

Never say never! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just trying to get a rise!

in my mind, the only problem w/ Maciocia was that he was too conservative as an offensive coordinator, and now that this position is vacant, my fears are greatly asauged

IMO keep him :stuck_out_tongue: no other HC wants 2 go there

he is wonderful keep him forever! i really mean it :thup: