Your favourite "TC"?

Wide Open got me to thinkin’; who’s your favourite Ti-Cat who shares the initials “TC”?

I liked all of them, but Travis Claridge (RIP) has to be my favourite.

Take a guess. :wink: But I wish Tom Canada played here. An American named Canada. He should count for a Canadian in the ratio rules. :lol:

Tom Cousineau would have been a beauty too!

Brock Ralph on O and Tay Cody on D

Brock Ralph on O and Tay Cody on D
Did someone miss the point? Or half of it anyway???

Tom Clements, T.C. the mascot honourable mention LOL

T.J. Coffey was not of my "time," but was timeless!

Oski Wee Wee,

My favourite is “57” a true GLADIATOR of the game Travis Claridge. I also like all the rest. Just think if they all played on the same team…

I'd say the initials of T.C. suited most of not all of the players listed in that poll quite well. They have the qualities we want to see in those who play for the Ticats. And it is hard to choose one from that list. On it, we have an all-time great, last year's team MVP, our QB of the future, and player who put on a very memorable performance.

But there one player not mentioned in the poll, who might not have received the most votes, but may deserve honourable mention: Tim Cheatwood.

Hmmm I wonder why TONY CHAMPION isn’t listed there… only the greatest catch in Grey Cup history was made by the hands of this Cat great!!

Wow, good point. How did we miss that? Any others?

Yes, Tim Cheatwood.

Sorry! Tony Champion!!!!!!

And I was at the '89 Cup, too! How'd I miss that!

I was working off the all-time roster and didn't notice page 2... Troy Cunningham would fit the bill as well!

I tried to put TC and Cheatwood on the poll but it looks like you can only enter 5 options!

Oh well! Funny how a hangover seems worse after a TiCat LOSS... my head rarely felt like this in '99!

Tgarney Chenley deserves honourable mention.

Will Tason Caas every make the list? Highly doubtful



You forgot TC the mascot!