Your favourite other team uniform

I like to think this is a poll that the Gang Green can't unjustly influence, and that the reasonable fans in the fanbase outnumber the selfish ones.

So here is the poll, what is your favorite "other team" uniform. You can't pick your own team. Any team in the CFL is fair game, as is any current uniform. We all know things were better back in the past, but this poll is for the now.

Me, I'm going with Montreal, as I like the away jersey.

Montreal is my FAV as well.

Simple and the colors go well together, IMO.

I'm going with Winnipeg - the blue jersey with gold pants and helmet with the white W. It has a classic look.

They also get my vote for worst jersey of all time - the odd beige jersey they used a couple of years ago. It looked like something a small Canadian town high school might wear because that's all they can afford. Looked like a bad silk-screening on a cheap t-shirt.

I voted Lions, for their regular home orange and road whites. Their thirds are nice too if they get legible numbers on them. I also like the Ti-Cats, but only when they wear the yellow pants. I like the Argos too, not sure what their 3rd jersey will be this year, but if they have those light blue ones, I kinda liked them too.

B.C.Lions…my second favourite team and uniform(except for that hideous 3rd jersey from last year :thdn: )If we had a 3rd vote it would go to the Bombers(except for that hideous gold 3rd jersey :thdn:)I also wasn’t a fan of the Cats 3rd jersey from around 07-08 the gold jersey with white numbers and red trim :thdn: Although I have to admit that as a one off,last years Wild Cat uni was a nice touch,but I don’t think it would work on a regular basis.

I like Calgary's jersey. Something about the colour scheme and the design just appeals to me. I'm a fan of Ottawa's jersey too, though.

Good idea, Hammer. :thup:

I threw down a vote for Edmonton.

I'm a little surprised at Montreal's (early) popularity. It's probably my least favourite.

While I didn't vote for them, they're probably my second favourite non-Ticats uniform. I like the shoulder stripe. Seems to make their players look just a bit bigger.

I voted Toronto, their double blue jerseys have always looked good.

...Seahawks....all other CFL teams (besides the team I normally cheer for), well, their jerseys utterly stink...they only look good when they are covered in cleat marks and blood...

...when does the season begin again?

Come on, play fair. At least say which one is least bad - like the rest of us did. :slight_smile:

I voted for Hamilton, but Winnipeg would be a close second...

Winnipeg....but ONLY the 70's retro ones they sometimes wear. Ditto for the Alouettes.

I also like Toronto and Hamilton (home).

I like Calgary's iconic "galloping horse" (red) helmets best, but they need to lose the black in their uniforms and go back to the classy red and white colour scheme.

...Jets....September 4th 2014 season begins.

Alright, well as of this post the ranking is looking like this.

Montreal - 5
Ottawa - 0
Toronto - 6
Hamilton - 10
Winnipeg - 2
Saskatchewan - 0
Edmonton - 1
Calgary - 2
BC - 3

I'm a little surprised at where Saskatchewan is in these rankings, but I can guess a couple preferences from this.

  1. Stripes on Sleeves - Hamilton and Toronto both boast prominent stripes on the sleeves that don't have logos interfering with the stripes. Now this is a bit of a retro thowback effect as well I think, as the stripes of these uniforms certainly harkens to the uniforms of the 60s.

  2. Black doesn't look good on everyone - A common complaint I've noticed is Calgary's Black helmets, Sasks (former) Black jersey's and the Lions wearing Black. It seems pretty clear that if Black isn't your normal team color, it should be stayed away from, and it seems many don't feel Black the color of any of these three teams. That also being said, the RedBlacks don't seem to be faring too well either.

  3. Get rid Side Stripes - Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal all have stripes that go from the hips to the armpits, but they don't seem to be fairing well in this poll. Montreal seems to be the exception (possibly because their stripes continue onto the shoulders?) but it seems stripes on the sides aren't looked favorably upon.

4.Not a fan of Green - Seems that the two Green teams aren't fairing too well in this poll. Now that being said, I firmly feel that Green and Yellow are very difficult to make good uniforms for, because generally a yellow base doesn't tend to look good (as some have mentioned in regards to the Cats old 3rd jersey) and your green and white bases end up a bit plain. Look at the Packers after all. I also tend to think that Green and White doesn't allow for massive strokes of brilliance either. The NY Jets don't tend to be touted as an awesome jersey either, although the eagles tend to fair better. Perhaps some silver/grey thrown into the Rider's jerseys? The color is in the logo.

  1. Contrast on the Sleeves & Shoulders - Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton all have three colors on the shoulders and sleeves of their uniforms (logos excluded). It looks like accenting the shoulders and sleeves this way works for a lot of fans.

The thing is though Hammer, BC has a rich history with predominantly black uniforms, so it's not like last year's vastly popular all-black uniform (gun metal with orange accents, actually) was just a gimmick. As a matter of fact, the club wore black jerseys from 1960-1971, and again from 1990-2004. It was actually the first uniform I ever remember them wearing growing up. This photo was taken out at UBC in July, 1971.

To clarify my ballot.

2009 Argonauts home is my number 1
2013 Bluebombers third jersey is a VERY strong 2
So ballot reflects WPG

Hamilton is the worst; but only because they remind me of the Squealers.

Weird...the one topic where I would actually vote for the Argos... :oops:

You think based on the Atlantic Schooners logo that Halifax would have a similar uniform to the Blue bombers?