Your favourite "non-famous" Tiger-Cats"

Yes, this thread is for all those Tiger-Cats from the past who toiled like "warrior poets" but never seemed to catch the glory they deserved.

Here's my short list:

Ed Turek
Dave Fleming
Jon Hohman
Gord Christian (recently deceased)
Jack Blair

..any additions?...... (I could name many others) :slight_smile:

Lance Shields
Jed Tommy
Hassan Bailey

Ed Gadavacious
Chris Shelling

Dave Lane.

Just because we went to high school together. . .

Lee Knight,

Roger Dunbar, Ryan Donnelly

Kyle Walters, Ray Mariuz, Augie…

there must be more special teams players
but I can’ think of any of them right now

5" 9" and 155 lbs..tough as nails on punt returns

Not blessed with a long career, eh, Madjack? :wink:

George Reed
Rudy Linterman
Mel Profit
Leon McQuay
Eric "The Flea" Allen
Glenn Weir
... list goes on

Oops, sorry, this is still about the TigerCats, oh well, I won't take these names back, they came from the top of my head.

Wasn't a TigerCat fan long enough to have enough "non-famous ones" I guess, but I'll think about this.

I guess it depends on the definition of "non-famous", but...

Joe Hagins
Todd Wiseman
Tom Porras
Steve Stapler
Howard Fields
Mike Philbrick
Gerald Vaughan
Jason Riley
Frank Robinson
Eric Carter
James Cotton
Johnny Shepherd

The more I think of, the more I want to add. Some of these guys make the list for only a handful of plays.

yup, you got the idea......basically, the "un-sung" heros we all still remember with great fondness.

Can I add John Manel ?

Romel Andrews
Paul Bushey
Dale Sanderson
Corris Ervin

Sandy Beveridge
Geoff Tisdale
Drisan James

1 Teddy Page
2 Marty Martinnello
3 Steve Hamiel
4 Bob Krouse
5 Ed Turek

Darrell Corbin...
Wally Zatylny
Mac Cody
Daryl Harle
Leo Ezerins
Bobby Dawson
Walter Bender
Eric Carter

hhhmmmm, lemme sleep on this one.....

Dick Wesolowski
Scott Collie
Sam Britts
Dave Sauve
Andrew Grigg

Sorry to hear about Christian, he's a Hurricane Alumnus, as is Blair, whom I played with for the 'Canes. I went to the one and only Jon Hohman Football camp in '72 at the stadium, it was a thrill. And Dave Fleming; the best catch I ever saw. He caught a last second TD in the east endzone in full sprint and kept on running full tilt through and into the locker room door...poof, gone...classic. :lol:

Anyone remember a trick play?...Dave Fleming took his helmet off, down on one knee right on the sideline but still within bounds...the opposing team assumed he was off the field and the Tiger Cats were a man short so they ignored Dave the snap Dave took off without his helmet and caught a TD pass...Can't remember the opposing team or the year but the play was controversial at the time.

I remember that one (he put his helmet on as the ball was snapped), they also did it to Bobby Thompson . I'm sure it was in '71. That play is illegal now I'm sure, it was a good one. :thup:

Dick Wesolowski
Dave Viti
Charlie Turner
Leif Pettersen
Bob Krouse
Henry Sorrell
Billy Ray Locklin
Marco Cyncar
Angelo Santucci

I absolutely go for Dave Fleming too.... only thing is, to my mind he's famous!

AAAhhh yes...Dave "the flie" Flemming...and may I add Derek McAdoo

I went to Hohman's camp also......small world ! (it was at Scott Park school)

Yes, Gord passed away a few years back. One of his sons played in the NHL for a while and his other son was quite the golfer and last I heard was trying to get his PGA card (don't know if he did though as I have lost touch with the family recently because they have all moved away)

Chris Bauman
just keeps playing and doesn't comment on the unwarranted hate some have for him