Your favourite jersey number

Ok, I don't mean the number of your favourite player, but if you were a professional athlete and wanted to request a number of your own, what would it be. (Football, Hockey, Baseball, NASCAR etc)

(We'll assume for fun that you can pick any number regardless of the position you play and what the historical range is on numbers in football linemen have a certain range of numbers generally, but we'll forget that for today)

Mine would be # 57


Quinton Porter FTW.

8) The one and only # 9

Growing up I was always #2 and if that wasn't available then I took #3 and when those two weren't available I wore #9.

There were a few years that I couldn't pick my number and ended up with #5 once and #67 once.



1 (Praise Be His Name)


Who's Heinz? Mix blood or really just love ketchup?

Anyways, Id pick 21.

Casey? :lol:


Definetely 53, I started football in Montford's heyday, my original position was defensive end, so he was my role model. I've since played about every other position on the field, but Montford still holds the title of being my biggest inspiration.

anyone I have on I have #3 #8 and #62 Real Practice Jersery

Mine has always been #88, In hockey I wore it every chance I could and when I started playing football it was #8 since #88 on our team was always a Medium and that just didn't work out well for a 6'2" 240lbs Tightend/Slotback/linebacker...LOL.

As much as I hated the Argos, when I was younger I took a liking to number 6 because I wanted to run like Gil Fenerty.

Later I gravitated in general towards prime numbers, with 19 being my favorite. Plus in high school I liked the idea of wearing 19 because it represented legal drinking age. :wink:

I still remember being in the football room picking jerseys in grade 11, and a D lineman friend was annoyed that the eligible numbers for him were picked over. One of the numbers left was 77, so of course I had to point out that was the number worn by all-time CFL sack leader Grover Covington. He decided 77 would be kind of cool after all. :smiley:

#20 - Two very awesome reasons:

  1. Jimmy Edwards (R.I.P.)
  2. Vladislav Tretiak… best goalie in history; bar none!

Through high school and university always # 47 it's a number that has stuck with me for years, lucky too. of luck to tucker


#26 - Garney Henley.