Your favourite Blue Bomber running backs of all-time!

Vote for as many as five of your favourite Blue Bomber running backs of all-time!
Here are the options:

Fritzie Hanson
Gerry James
Leo Lewis
Charlie Shepard
Dave Raimey
Mack Herron
Richard Crump
Jim(Jay) Washington
William Miller
Willard Reaves
Robert Mimbs
Michael Richardson
Blaise Bryant
Charles Roberts
Fred Reid
Andrew Harris
Other (Explain below.)

  • Fritzie Hanson
  • Gerry James
  • Leo Lewis
  • Charlie Shepard
  • Dave Raimey
  • Mack Herron
  • Richard Crump
  • Jim(Jay) Washington
  • William Miller
  • Willard Reaves
  • Robert Mimbs
  • Michael Richardson
  • Blaise Bryant
  • Charles Roberts
  • Fred Reid
  • Andrew Harris
  • Other (Explain below.)

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I voted.
Is that enough or do you want explanations?

Michael SELLERS from 2002 - 2003 season, he was unstoppable build like a brick house


I don't know if I'm playing by the rules, I chose 3
Mini Mack
Willard Reaves
Andrew Harris

Mini Mack. - I was just a kid, I delivered news papers so I can to go to Bombers games (and buy candy, we were very poor) I bought my tix in the Salisbury house section for almost free. Mini Mack was not much taller than me. But he rocked the house.

Willard Reaves a big fan of Willard over his career the little engine that just kept going, later while coaching Peewee Cresentwood Grizzlies his son Ryan joined our football program. Seen Willard there often, he took over my coaches position I became Manager, go figure.
We also had Chris Walby son on our team.

Andrew Harris, Winnipeg boy who helped get our Grey Cup monkey off our backs

We used to call Mini Mack (Smack Heroine) because he got busted for drugs.

The more explanations, the better. They keep the forum active.


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Mike Sellers COULD have been the best ever but we'll never know. Never understood why they didn't use him over Chuck Bob. Nothing against Roberts but Sellers was often untackleable. He was the only back that I've ever really been afraid to play against (Blake Marshall also got into that territory a bit). I mean what do you do if you just can't tackle a guy? Jeez.

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Leo Lewis was before my time but he has to be up there especially when Grant labeled him the best player he ever coached . Pretty Sure it was him .

Charles Roberts broke his records so he has to be somewhere near the top .


All-Time Blue Bomber Runningback #5
Willard Reaves 1983-1987

The 1984 CFL Most Outstanding Player as well as a three-time rushing leader & a three-time CFL All-Star in his five seasons. Grey Cup champion, 1984.

All-Time Blue Bomber Runningback #4
Andrew Harris 2016-2021

A three-time CFL rushing leader in his first four seasons in Blue & Gold, Harris climbed the ranks of the greatest backs in team history when he helped lead a surprising (& convincing) pummeling of the heavily favored Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 2019 Grey Cup. Harris' 134 rushing yard, two touchdown performance resulted in him becoming the first player in Grey Cup history to be named both Outstanding Player & Outstanding Canadian. A five-time CFL All-Star (twice with BC, three times with the Bombers) Harris won the first of his two Grey Cups with the Lions in 2011. The CFL's All-Time leading rusher amongst Canadian-born players.

All-Time Blue Bomber Runningback #3
Charles Roberts 2001-2008

The Bombers' All-Time leader with 9,987 rushing yards, most 1000 yard rushing seasons (6) & #2 all-time with 79 career touchdowns. A seven-time CFL All-Star from 2001 to 2007, from 2002 through 2007, Roberts averaged 1475 rushing yards & nearly 10 tds on the ground per season. A two-time CFL Rushing Leader (2005-2006).

All-time Blue Bomber Runningback #2, All-time Blue Bomber Player #3
Melvin "Fritz" Hanson 1935-1946

A charter member of the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame & western Canada's first football superstar.
In 1935, Hanson almost single-handedly delivered Winnipeg the first championship victory by a western team with more than 300 yards in punt returns in the Grey Cup. Often overlooked is his follow-up performance in the 1939 Grey Cup, a 8-7 Winnipeg victory over Ottawa where he ran for 126 yards and "pitched-in" with his teams' only completed forward pass.

Hanson won his third Grey Cup with the Bombers in 1941 & capped his legendary career with a fourth in 1948 as a member of the undefeated Calgary Stampeders.

All-Time Blue Bomber Runningback #1, All-Time Blue Bomber Player #1b
Leo Lewis 1955-1966

Bud Grant called him the best player he had ever coached.
Kenny Ploen said "he was a quarterbacks' best friend".
A six-time Western All-Star & four-time Grey Cup champion, Lewis was the MVP in the Bombers 1962 Fog Bowl triumph over Hamilton.
Along with Roughrider legend George Reed, in 1993 he was one of the two runningbacks named to the CFL's All-Time All-Star team. A 2014 fan-poll conducted by TSN Radio & the Winnipeg Free Press resulted in Lewis winning both greatest runningback AND greatest kick returner in franchise history. Along with Charles Roberts, TSN selected Lewis to it's All-Time Blue Bombers team in 2020. While Roberts bested his 8,861 rushing yard total, Lewis' career 6.6 yard per carry average remains the team standard and is second only to Willie Fleming's 7.1 ypc in CFL history. To this day, Lewis' career 29.1 yard average per kick return remains the highest in league history.


Reaves was the CFL's best back for the decade of the 80s. Both he and Harris are ahead of Roberts in my opinion. I can't really speak for Lewis or Hanson as they were long before my time.

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WOW that's sum good crap. Iove it

My ranking
1-Harris - he's fresh in my memory and that Grey cup domination will always rank him as tops in my mind.The guy has it all, power, speed, hands and smarts
2- Reaves- punishing runner.He was the dominant RB for a long time
3- Roberts- I would have him in second but for his lack of performance in the 2007 Grey Cup. Kevin Glenn was out and our hopes layed on Roberts carrying the team. And he chose to party all night and his play showed it.The game was still winnable.
4- Other - Mike Sellers - Loved watching him rumble along with multiple would be tacklers hanging off him
5- Mack Herron- He was really the 1st RB of note that I really remember playing


Agreed Grannybomberfan. My favorite Running back COMBO was 'Thunder and Lightning' (Micheal Sellers and Charles Roberts), otherwise Andrew Harris has my vote for 'favourite BB running back of all-time'. :partying_face:


I'd also add Mike Sellers, that combo with him and Blink was a truly great 2 back system.

Best fullback in CFL history.

There is a good Charles Roberts highlight reel video on youtube worth watching if you were a fan. He was a smaller man that played big and ended up with incredible career stats in tds and ypc.

Deserving of the Ring of Honour imo but won't get it but Andrew Harris will. Life goes on. I wish him well wherever he is.

Different day and game but Jay Washington and Richard Crump were a dynamic duo circa 1977 ish.

Or maybe it was J Washington as I thought his name was Jim and he went by his initial. Ahead of his time if he did. Excellent back

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Roberts is alive and well and living in Winnipeg still as far as I know with his Winnipeg wife. Met him a few years back at a Bomber dinner and spoke to him for about half an hour and learned all of this. Funny, but when I was talking to him I blinked and he was gone. Reaves also lives just outside of Winnipeg and has pretty much since his career ended.

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Guess Who------Running back to Saskatoon. :grinning:

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