Your Favorite Player of All-Time?

My all time favourite player is George Reed. He is a class act all the way. He was never a hot-dog on the field, respected his opponents and the game, a true professional on and off the field. Its too bad that many of the players today cannot say the same thing.

As an Eskie fan I have to give this list a GIANT :thup:

Ray Elgaard ..... the man was a beast ..... List of TSN's top 50

Rank Name Position(s) Years in CFL[1] GP[2] Team(s)

  1. Doug Flutie QB 1990–1997 136 BC, Calgary, Toronto
  2. George Reed RB 1963–1975 203 Saskatchewan
  3. Jackie Parker QB, RB, DB, K 1954–1968 173 Edmonton, Toronto, BC
  4. Mike Pringle RB 1992–2004 188 Sacramento, Baltimore, Montreal, Edmonton
  5. Warren Moon QB 1978–1983 94 Edmonton
  6. Garney Henley DB, WR 1960–1975 216 Hamilton
  7. Ron Lancaster QB 1960–1978 288 Ottawa, Saskatchewan
  8. Russ Jackson QB 1958–1969 167 Ottawa
  9. Wayne Harris LB 1961–1972 132 Calgary
  10. Allen Pitts 	SB 	1990–2000 	176 	Calgary
  11. Dan Kepley 	LB 	1975–1984 	138 	Edmonton
  12. John Helton 	DL 	1969–1982 	219 	Calgary, Winnipeg
  13. Hal Patterson 	WR 	1954–1967 	80[3] 	Montreal, Hamilton
  14. Damon Allen 	QB 	1985–2007 	350[4] 	Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, Memphis, BC, Toronto
  15. Milt Stegall 	SB 	1995–2008 	163[4] 	Winnipeg
  16. Willie Pless 	LB 	1986–1999 	229 	Toronto, BC, Edmonton, Saskatchewan
  17. John Barrow 	OL, DL 	1957–1970 	192 	Hamilton
  18. Tony Gabriel 	WR 	1971–1981 	168 	Hamilton, Ottawa
  19. Johnny Bright 	FB, LB 	1952–1964 	157 	Calgary, Edmonton
  20. Brian Kelly 	WR 	1979–1987 	137 	Edmonton
  21. James Parker 	DE, LB 	1980–1991 	161 	Edmonton, BC, Toronto
  22. Chris Walby 	OL 	1981–1996 	254 	Montreal, Winnipeg
  23. Less Browne 	DB 	1984–1994 	174 	Hamilton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, BC
  24. Dave Fennell 	DL 	1974–1983 	154 	Edmonton
  25. Gizmo Williams 	KR, WR 	1986–2000 	200 	Edmonton
  26. Sam Etcheverry 	QB 	1952–1960 	122 	Montreal
  27. Tommy Joe Coffey 	WR, K 	1959–1973 	197 	Hamilton, Edmonton, Toronto
  28. Grover Covington 	DE 	1981–1991 	168 	Hamilton
  29. Leo Lewis 	RB 	1955–1966 	161 	Winnipeg
  30. Lui Passaglia 	K, P, WR 	1976–2000 	408 	BC
  31. Pinball Clemons 	RB, KR 	1989–2000 	185 	Toronto
  32. Roger Aldag 	OL 	1976–1992 	271 	Saskatchewan
  33. Dickie Harris 	DB 	1972–1982 	134 	Montreal
  34. Normie Kwong 	FB 	1948–1960 	157 	Calgary, Edmonton
  35. Marv Luster 	DB 	1961–1974 	183 	Montreal, Toronto
  36. Ray Elgaard 	SB 	1983–1996 	220 	Saskatchewan
  37. Angelo Mosca 	DL 	1958–1972 	160 	Hamilton, Ottawa
  38. Larry Highbaugh 	DB 	1971–1983 	195 	BC, Edmonton
  39. Matt Dunigan 	QB 	1983–1996 	194 	Edmonton, BC, Toronto, Winnipeg, Birmingham, Hamilton
  40. Joe Montford 	DE 	1995–2006 	185 	Shreveport, Hamilton, Toronto, Edmonton
  41. Kaye Vaughan 	OL 	1953–1964 	166 	Ottawa
  42. Mervyn Fernandez 	WR 	1982–1994 	83 	BC
  43. Bill Baker 	DE 	1968–1978 	174 	Saskatchewan, BC
  44. Dan Bass 	LB 	1980–1991 	197 	Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton
  45. Terry Vaughn 	SB 	1995–2006 	203 	Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Hamilton
  46. Joe Krol 	QB 	1945–1955 	92 	Toronto
  47. Tom Clements 	QB 	1975–1987 	182 	Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Winnipeg
  48. Rollie Miles 	RB, LB, DB, KR, P 	1951–1961 	122 	Edmonton
  49. Bill Frank 	OL 	1962–1976 	184 	BC, Toronto, Winnipeg
  50. Darren Flutie 	WR 	1991–2002 	193 	BC, Edmonton, Hamilton

I have it on very good authority that the members of the panel who chose the TSN top 50 who were old enough to have seen Parker and Flutie play voted overwhelmingly for Parker.

I think I gotta break the rule here. I am too young to have seen George Reed play - but he is Roughrider Royalty.

My favorite of my time - probably Roger Aldag....Solid player (talk about longevity!), great guy off the field, I used to live in his neighborhood.

I will go in a bit of a different direction here....

Best nickname of all time....

I like "Swervin' Mervyn"! (Bill Baker "The Undertaker" - also great!)

thats because they are senile.

and you are full of BS.

Did you see Parker play?
Do you know me?
Only an ignorant jerk would accuse someone they don't know of lieing. But since you don't believe me, ask someone on the panel.

I'll even help you, here is the list of voters, someone as smart as you should have no problem contacting one of them, they will tell you. It was also stated on TSN that Parker won by a large margin amongst older voters.

dont make statements like that unless you yourself can back it up. I am not going to try to prove your point for you, do it yourself. Until you do, your full of BS

:thdn: WTF!?! Excuse me??

You have got a lot of nerve - and not a lot of brain power - to make an asinine comment like that.
You're comment is full of BS. Just because people are older than you, have more experience than you, exhibit more tact than you, (and are obviously smarter) doesn't make them senile.

Grow up.

you are the one who made the inflammatory comments and can’t back them up mate. You are the one who needs to be back-peddling or at the very least explaining yourself.

Now, to get away from the mess that FYB started, and back to the topic...
For me there's a difference between 'favourite player' and greatest/best player.

I see this thread as not about who was the best, but who was your favourite. For example, I forgot to include Don Warrington... someone nobody other than some of the Esks fans (especially my fellow Grey-beards) would know. He retired in 80 and was killed in a car accident shortly afterwards. His memory fueled the Esks run to the GC and the win in 81. After winning the GC one of the players (was it Wilkie? Kep?) said "It really wasn't fair, we were playing with 13 men the whole season" in reference to how losing a valued friend and team mate had brought them together and helped them to focus. Best of all was that Warrington wasn't a superstar... he was like so many Canadians playing in the league... a role player who would do anything asked of him.

So while Giz may be my fave from a pure entertainment standpoint, Warrington gets my nod from the pure sportsmanship perspective.

Now as for favourite nicknames... I like that! Here are some of my faves...

  • Gizmo has to be one of the best.
    Other excellent ones...
  • Don "Jeep" Warrington
  • Dave "Dr. Death" Fennell
  • Ron "Swamp Dog" Estay
  • Jim "Dirty 30" Young
  • Bennie 'The Grinch" Goods
  • James "Quick" Parker
  • Tony "The Bull" Burse
  • Normie "The China Clipper" Kwong
  • Jackie "Spaghetti Legs" Parker
  • Ron "The LIttle General" Lancaster
  • Ed "Not Too Tall" Jones
  • Michael "Pinball" Clemons
    ... I'm sure more will come to me!
    and as much as I hate to admit it, 'The Undertaker' was a good one!

And as for fave real names...
Wonderful Mons has to take the prize!

You did the same thing to me in another thread.. so not only are you a liar, but a hypocrite too... and a biased one at that... I agree with FYB... all you have done is given us names, not how they voted..

For me, my favourite players are Lui Passaglia (his winning FG in 94 cemented me as a Lions fan) and Geroy Simon (the best player I've seen since I've had STs)

I hope you didn't forget a D !

[url=] ... 74001.html[/url]

The CFL top 50 of alltime was done on a points system. Here's the link none the less.

Did what to you?

:lol: nicely done. I had a feeling I should've worded that differently :lol:

Would have to be Milt ... but there are lots of favorites. Peter Liske Willie Burden and John Helton. James West. James Murphy. Garney Henley Rod Hill Sonny Wade lots of them

maybe you accused him of being senile. In which case... :twisted: