Your Favorite Player of All-Time?

ok, so here is just 1 small rule for the player.

obviously you had to be alive in order to see him play! kinda hard to say "Normie Kwong" was my favorite player, yet he played 30-40 years before you were even born! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:


My Favorite Player of All-Time at this stage of my life is Kent Austin!

I had an old Rider Jersey that had #5 and Austin on the back of it!

that's why I had the #5 when I played football.

I would say Jackie Parker, and I was around when he was playing, but I was a little too young to remember his playing days well enough to pick him even though I did meet the man once.

So instead I'll go with Warren Moon. That guy was a real pleasure to watch. I think he is the best quarterback I have ever seen play in any league.

Stanley Jackson !!

Seriously ... so many to choose from. . . probably Sonny Wade.

#1 Jack Abendschan: Offensive Lineman, Placekicker - Saskatchewan Roughriders.
#2 Jerry Keeling: Quarterback, Defensive Back - Calgary Stampeders.
#3 Joe Zuger: Quaterback, Defensive Back, Punter - Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
#4 Garney Henley: Defensive Back, Receiver - Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The sixties were great for me, and like MadJack said; so many of em.

  1. Doug Flutie , best QB ever and was something to watch ! Even if he crushed your team ! Watch the 92 Grey Cup game, he dismantled a dominant Bomber Defence ! Made them look silly ! The score flattered the Bombers !

  2. James Murphy , Clutch in big games !

  3. Allen Pitts, On par with Stegall !

4.Tom Clements Wish we had him longer in Winnipeg !

  1. Don Sweet , best football name ever !

Allen Pitts- one of the best receivers ever!

Honestly...? cflisthebest :thup:

while I am seriosuly flattered.. 8)

I know you're just making fun.


I will go by decades and offence?defence.

50"s - Jackie Parker-Offence & Defence
60’s - Kenny Ploen-Offence, Wayne Harris/Harvey Wylie-Defence
70"s - Brian Kelly-Offence, Dan Kepley-Defence
80’s - Gizmo-Offence/ST. Dan Bass-Defence(thanks again Calgary)
90’s - Darren Flutie-Offence, Willie Pless-Defence

Special mention, Garney Henley - perhaps the classiest player ever.

All time... I wasn't born yet but because of espn classic I feel I can say sonny Wade. Currently i'm going with nik Lewis(I feel his Offensive blocking us reahaping the expectation of a inside reciever). The first player to really make the impact for me was pee wee smith... Back on the eighties.

Defense -- Bobby Jurasin (see signature line below, and future avatar)

Offense -- Ronnie Lancaster, the Little General. I was just a kid when he was still playing, but I still remember him. Class act all the way, both on and off the field.

Special Teams -- Pinball Clemens or Gizmo Williams...both undersized and exciting as all get-out to watch.

Overall, though, still gotta go with 71. Bobby J is the man. I wear his number every game day, jersey only gets washed once a year, at the end of the season. Wish I could have gotten it signed, but don't want to seem like some crazy stalker dude by sending it to him.

Actually, I don't think he WAS making fun. I think he was genuinely impressed. So am I, for that matter. Good on ya.

OK, OK... if I had to pick, I'd probably go with Ricky Ray. The QB is my favourite position, and the Esks are my favourite team. Plus, I think if Ray had a halfway decent O-Line, he'd be tearing the league apart.

By the way, I wasn't making fun. I've never seen you play, so I couldn't make fun. Just felt like making a friendly joke. :wink:

Oh man, my bad. I totally misread Chief's post. I thought he was talking about what a great and thoughtful thread idea it was!!! Thats what I was impressed with. :oops:

:lol: That's pretty funny. Cflisthebest actually used to play football.

Douf Flutie by ten horselengths.

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This is a tough one for me…
Warren Moon (I think he was better than Flutie)
Blake Marshall (toughest Cdn RB ever!)
Danny Ray Kepley
Tommy Scott
Bryan Kelly
Dave Fennell
Joe Hollimon

but favourite… Gizmo no question.
He was, and still is, miles beyond anyone else in what he did. Plus, interviews with him were hilarious!

I dont knock your choosing moon as a favorite, but I must strongly disagree with your comparison to Flutie. Just my opinion of course.

Really tough to choose. There have been so many great players. I can't choose just one, so I'm going to say it's a tie between Danny McManus and Earl Winfield.

Great question, so many great players to choose from, I guess I'll have to go with my first favourite Conredge Holloway.

I also liked Grover Covington. (I can't believe I am admitting it, but I did love a Ti-cat) and to be honest I can't remember who I like first.