Your favorite CFL game ever

Out of all the CFL games you guys have attended in your life (and for some that may only be a couple), which one was your favorite, or most memorable? Again we're talking about games you've actually attended not just watched on tv.

I should ask why also

Allow me to set the stage...the year is 1989. I am 4 years old, at the game with my family.. The game is at...Taylor Field?(no matter I was there anyway), the teams playing are Saskatchewan and Hamilton.

Even though I was 4 years old I will never forget the end of that game, the game was tied with very little time left on the clock. The man known as Roberkicker(who i later learned was named Dave Ridgeway) lines up for a field goal. The field goal was good and the crowd just exploded into cheers and everyone was trading hugs.

This game is most memorable to me because it was one of the first games that I can remember going to(I did go to some before this, but none quite as memorable), that and I was present when my team won their last Grey Cup, that is just huge.

I have been to a lot of good games, many Labour day classics at Taylor Field. Another good candidate was the game against calgary that finished at like 51-51 after 3 overtime scrimages a few years back.

My favoorite though was probably last years West-Semi final between the Riders and Eskimos at Commenwealth. It wasn't the most exiting game ever, Neither team played exceptionally well. But There was a feeling in the air that I knew the Riders would win, and that the Esks knew it. Their fans seemed very passive, and needed to be prodded to cheer on their team.
Also Memorable because I was with two of my best friends, and my brother, and we were rowdy. BUt fun rowdy, most esks fans loved us as much as the rider ones, except for one guy, but he was an idiot. Many esks fans congradulated us on the win after, and wished us look in BC, and I felt welcome by the majority of people in Edmonton.
It was just a very fun weekend, and it was capped off by a great Rider win over the Esks in Edmonton, a very rare occurance.

Vancouver...... 1994.... Grey Cup game... Lions trying to keep the Grey Cup in Canada... tied 23 - 23 against Baltimore with just a couple of ticks left in the game.... all 55,097 fans on their feet as the Lui lines up to attempt a 38 yard field goal.... the clock runs down to 0:00... the ball is snapped... placed... kicked...... time seemed to stand still... and what took mere seconds felt like hours as the ball sailed toward the goal line......... IT'S GOOD!!!!!!! ....Lions win the '94 Grey Cup 26 - 23...

By far the best and most enjoyable game i've been to.

Last season's last game of the season for Winnipeg, thus far is my favoite game.
Eric Carter made the big play and intercepted the ball for a TD.
That was a thrill! I still have it on video! 8) :smiley:


I’d go with a 2005 game… Edmonton vs. Montreal on July 8th.

  • The Als just collapsed before Ottawa on the previous week. I expected a dysfunctional team;
  • When playing Edmonton, I always go to the game knowing it could very well be a loss.
  • We had a new kicker I wasn’t really sure about yet.

… Then electrifiying Landry returned a missed field goal for a 125 yards TD…
… and returned a punt on 71 yards for another one…
… On Edmonton’s last drive, my favourite Als, Anwar Stewart, knocked Ricky Ray on his ass and forced Edmonton to punt the ball with 8 second remaining and the score being tied at 29… Landry caught the ball and dived in a defender’s legs to stop the clock at 0.2 seconds.
… Damon Duval had been perfect so far on that evening and this was a first real test for him. I expected him to miss… But he nailed a 48 yarder right in the middle of the upright and the crowd exploded.

Too nice of a scenario.

Can't remember, it's been so long.

My favorite was 1997 Grey Cup.
Nedd I say more!!!!

its like deja vu all over again. My most memorable game was also in 1989. Saskatchewan and Hamilton playing for the cup in Toronto. My partner and myself were an island of green in the middle of thousands of Hamilton fans, as we had bought our tickets in Toronto before the playoffs even started. Through the game the lead changed hands several times, and we had a great time ptiching and catching verbal shots and ribbing from all the Hamilton fans around us.
The game was in it's dying seconds and Robo Kicker boots it through for the win and the cup. The crowd explodes! After the game downtown Toronto was infested with partying Rider fans, and I'll never forget running into a well known Saskatchewan sports caster that was... well hammered is the best way I can describe it. One of the best Grey Cup games ever!

THE 1976 GREY CUP , IN TORONTO :shock: :smiley: .........THE 1989 GREY CUP, IN TORONTO.......YAAAAAAAA!!!!!! SASK :shock: :smiley: ............THE 1996 GREY CUP , IN HAMILTON........ARGOS!!!!!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

THE 2000 GREY CUP.....IN CALGARY. :cry:

And the.... 2004........GREY CUP , OTTAWA.........ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOSSSSS! AND THE BEST........... parties. :smiley: :shock: :smiley:

June 12, pre-season game against BC at Taylor Field. Riders lost 37-23 in a boring game full of back-ups no one heard of. But Paul McCallum's 55 yard punt for a single at the end of the first quarter was magical.

Nov 12 1995, McMahon, the west final against the arrogant Eskimos.. once again come down to tell us how bad we would lose. I don't remember much of the game, except for Marvin Coleman returning a kickoff for a touchdown. I can honestly say it was one of the happiest moments of my life, I was there with my family, we were all screaming and jumping around... it was magic. We went on to win 37-4. I still have the ticket stubs.

sad to say one of the best was a sad loss for the blue and gold. i believe it was 94 when baltimore came into the peg for a playoff game and we just couldn';t pull it off. lost by a couple points in the end and baltimore went on to lose to the leos in vancouver. this game had all the hype of the normal playoff game plus the extra patriotic flare. i was at the game with a section full of good friends all going crazy... it was just a great experience. it would have been better had we won though. had i been to that grey cup game it would have been great too because that was one of the best grey cups i have watched but on tv is just not the same. wow i really hated those american teams.

now worst game experience.... just a few years later. must have been 96 maybe 97. went to a game with some less than diehard fans n the middle of the jr era. so of course it wasn't gonna be good. before we go it starts raining. i mean really raining. and we are in winnipeg so the wind is blowing, i think it is oct so temp had a high of 12C or so and by game day it was dropping quickly. as i said jr ws our coach so by halftime we are down by 25 or so with no signs of potential life from the bombers. this i was used to seeing as i was one of the remaining bomber fans in these days. by half time both people i was with were done. they were cold and unhappy to say the least. with about ten minutes left in the half they had retreated to under the grand stands to avoid the beautiful weather. i had told them i planned on staying to the end regardless of the outcome or weather so i was stubbornly sitting on my cold metal bench. these were the pre plastic seat days. i think there was about ten rows and twenty seats between me and the next true fan enduring the horror that was our routine in those days. finally at about the end of the third my "friends" had had it and were not staying any longer. as they were making this clear to me the bombers were intercepted again. and i left. i actually left a game with more than a quarter remaining to be played. this remains to be the only time i have ever done this and i don't know if i could ever stomach to do it again. i felt like such a traitor. no matter how brutal my bombers were and how ittle effort the team made to give us fans any hope i still felt so wrong leaving early. this moment scarred me for life. i still feel bad for the people i was with as they were near hypothermic but i was so diehard that i really was bitter that they made me leave early. that moment remains the only moment when i gave up on my team. i was so disgusted. i will never forget that moment and it does allow me to know that i will likely never go through anything that bad with my bombers again.

Worst would be an easy one.. last year I went to a game against Sask with my gf and her family.. who are all from Regina. They'd arranged ahead of time to meet a bunch of other Riders there, so I was sitting 20 deep in green shirts. We lost 44-8 I believe.. and the only reason we even had the 8 is because single points add up eventually. It wasn't so much the abysmal performance by the Stamps as having to put up with 5 straight hours of abuse at the hands of the Priders that made this the worst game I've ever been to. On the other hand.. it was still fun. :slight_smile:

Like T& T said but also...

July 1st game where the "Canada Day Miracle" happened in Ottawa....

Mtl vs. Ottawa in 2nd OT....I was there, very exciting game...

Pee Wee Smith when he caught the long pass and ran right out of
the stadium. Was our first big win against Edmonton that I'd ever

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My Favourite Game That I Ever Attended Was Last Years Labour Day Tie In Hamilton. The Crowd Was Amazing.

The Best Game I've Ever Seen Was On The Second Last Week Of The 1999 Season. It Was Between Winnipeg And Toronto. Winnipeg Needed To Win Both Of It's Remaining Games To Make The Playoffs. The Game Was Tied With 1:50 Left In The Forth Quarter. Prefontain Punted The Ball From His 45 Yard Line About 15 Yards Deep Into The Endzone. Stokes (Or Bruce, Can't Remember) Was The Returner. He Made His Way To The Front Corner Of The Endzone. Needing To Get Out Of The Endzone To Keep The Game Tied, The Winnipeg Returner Dove With Out Stretched Arms Towards The 1-Yardline As Big Mike O'Shea Put His head Into The Returner Knocking Him Out Of Bounds. That Play Was The Closest And Best Single Point Play I've Ever Seen In Football And Is A Great Reason Why The Single Point Makes The Game That Much More Interesting.

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