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wondering if anyone else has the exact same name since fan huddle over 20 yrs ago?

who has had the same for over 15 years?

Seem like every time there has been a change to the forums, many have to sign up again with altered names.

I have been fortunate to still have my original name from about 98 I think.

I'm still using my real name, which I used by mistake when i originally signed up, not realizing I would also be using it as a forum handle.

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...I joined sometime around the turn of the century with this handle...cannot remember if it was in The Huddle or not...

Had the same name since day 2 of the Ticat board.... 2005, I think. Can't remember when the boards merged.

(Actually, I've had the same name for over 65 years. :slightly_smiling_face:)

during my 65 years, I have been called many names.

and most of them were well deserved :slight_smile:

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Names names....what's in a name....papa has been flying the same colours and username on here since........ April 05'....Had to pause and think bout that one for awhile...Where the hell has the time

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