Your best childhood memories at the games

From players autographs to the Sal's section, mascot races to the fireworks,
Cactus Jack wells and the happy honker.

One of my personal favorite days, I had my two Sons in tow. On an hot August afternoon game, who we were playing I'm unsure, myself newly divorced, at that time in life you could bring your own snacks, my deal with my Son's were if we save a few $$ in food, we can go to A&W afterwards.
We arrived early to the game near section A hopping to get an autograph, we managed to get a few when Stan Mikawos was Approaching I asked for his autograph, he looked me in the eyes and I will find you later. I thought he got away no biggie. About Fifteen minutes later he found us in our seats, signed our JOGO cards. My Sons still talk of that day.

1983 11 years old, a Rider fan growing up in Vancouver I was at the first regular season game at BC Place. This was a huge deal 50k plus fans and Saskatchewan were the visitors. We were in the upper deck in the corner so not sure why Krazy George picked our section but he shouted out the instructions in that shrill voice of his and got our section to start the first wave.

Ok so BC kicked the crap outta Sask that game so not all roses and sunshine but to be in the first section of what was probably the first wave ever in a CFL stadium is pretty damn cool at 11 years old.

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An elementary school trip to commonwealth stadium in 1990. Six years old, never been in a crowd that big and loud before at that point. Tracy Ham baby. Had a blast screaming and watching drunks. Fast forward 13 years I was one of those drunks lol

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