Your BEST CFL memory!

I live in Japan now (Asia the past 10 years) and I just want to share a good time with you all. Kinda to balance all the bitchin going on on this site.

So...what's your favorite memory??

My bro and we got seasons tickets for the Bombers as a b-day gift (27th and 28th) from our folks...back in 1994 I think.

Anyway...just hanging with my bro, drinking beers and cheering on the Bombers was awesome! Has anyone heard the 'Nice hat buddy' chant?? You had to be there.

Good times, good times!

It's a simple thing but me and my bros are tight!!

How about you??

Go Bombers!



Growing up in London, Ont I cheered for the Argos and hated the TiCats, except for Garney Henley my favourite player. Now go figure, I end up working in Hamilton and the Cats are my favourite team and I'm a season ticket holder.

But going to see the Argos play at Exhibition Stadium and watching the Cats play there was my favourite first time game-experience memory, a full house of about 33,000 people at Ex Stadium. My dad was a baseball fanatic and wasn't really into football but finally I convinced him to take me to an Argos game, it was great.

My best memory was my first trip to Taylor Field as a 13 yr old. I went with my brother, who is 11 yrs older than me, and few of his friends. They were playing the Ottawa Rough Riders, and I always remembered the name Wonderful Monds, LOL. I impressed my bro by having to go to the can at halftime as well... :lol: :lol: :lol: , and Sask won the game 27-17.


Good times eh?!

Keep 'em comin'!

I dunno what my favorite moment's been.

There was that kickass Omarr Morgan FG block against the Eskimos that gave the Riders the win at the end of the game last year. That was sweet.

Or like in 03 or 04, Nealon Greene's 100YD TD pass to Derrick Armstrong. That was sweet! The local radio station gives away $10,000 if there is a 100yd TD scored at a home game, and I was in the right seat # and right row, but the section was just above mine lol!

I guess really, I just love the atmosphere at Rider games... no to RLR's make-me-a-mod request...

True enough.

I am going to have to say mine is the 1998 Eastern Division Final, Hamilton vs. Montreal with the game ending with Paul Osbaldiston's 53 yard field goal to win and send us to the Grey Cup. Hugging and high-fiving people I didn't even know and watching Dave Richie on his knees in disbelief.

That was a great time ...

Watching Eddie Brown's catch happen right in front of me at the 1996 Grey Cup is a close second.

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I have so many I can't remember them all.

Lui's 1994 Field goal to win the Grey Cup is one that comes to mind.

My best memory is some team from the Prairies kicking a field goal in O.T. to win the Grey Cup in 1989. Let's see - gosh I cannot remember who was playing?? Then there was in Vancouver in 1966 - the little General and the best fullback ever to play in the CFL- George Reed, leading the Riders to another Grey Cup. Hughie Campbell was one of Ronnie's favourite receivers. Back when the Western Semi-Finals were two game total points was interesting especially one game when it came down to a punt to the end zone to tie it and the receiving team (I think it was Calgary ) kicked it back out then it was kicked back in then out again. Those were the days!!
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I was at Calgary vs Saskatchewan this season and DJ Flick made an unbelieveable TD catch. Just as the crowd began to cheer, my wonderfully sexy girlfriend choked and spit beer all over the guy in front of us. Just like some bad movie scene.

I have been laughing about that for weeks.

Watching Rider game last year. Sitting right in the centre of a section where there were nothing but Canadian Soldiers. They gave me support thr troops ribbons and were a bit wild to say the least. The troops had no problems about standing all game long.

Being really young at a Rider game and having this incredibly monstrous storm come rolling in. Real Black clouds, they were actually black! This storm rolled in and scared the shit out of me. I was just a wee lad at the time. Does anybody remember that deadly storm at Taylor field? I cannot remember who we played but the moment of that storm stuck in my head.

Oh yeah and one more . . . I was a kid again and I had some Rider logos face painted on me and some guy behind me said "HEY KID" so I turned around, "WHO PAINTED YOUR FACE?" or something like that. I turned to look at thim and he was laughing with his buddies. I was devastated! My whole time went from happy to devastation. Apparantly he felt bad cuz he apologized later but it was too late to bring me out of my devastated state. I hope that guy sprained his ankle on the way out.

I remember 2 storms like that at Taylor Field. Both were against the Tabbies if I recall.

Misery loves company. Can't you choose a happy moment? Like 1994, when the BC Lions beat Baltimore for all of Canada. Or 2004 Western Final, that wonderful OT game. Or 2006 Western Final, that really close playoff game between the Riders and Lions. do you know it wasn't a happy memory for me?...

My first CFL game, 1966 Calgary (my team) vs Bombers in the Peg. A night game, man did that stadium look awesome to a 6 year old kid. my Dad drove us 60 miles from Beausejour. It was my first and last game I got to see with my Dad.

The Stamps won (-:

He is being him selfish again, not considering our feelings.

Mine was watching Waddell Smith wave goodbye to the Montréal defence at the Big Owe as he scored on a 47 yard pass from Tom Wilkinson in the 67th Grey Cup.

I also distinctly remember George McGowan catching a pass in the end zone at old Clark Stadium in Edmonton in the early '70s. He was a fantastic receiver and my favourite at the time.

:( Want me to tuck you in tonight, little jm boy?

Better yet, I'll send Rob Murphy to read you a bedtime story.

Pretty much any Bomber game I went to with my Dad, win or lose it was all great times.

That and the game when Stegall broke the record.


The first game I went to was the Labour Day game in 1978, and I'd like to say that was my fondest memory. But I was still kind of young, and being surrounded by the alcohol (illegal at the time) and the rowdiness and the fights going on in the stands ruined it for me (even though the Cats won).

It was a few years later that my dad took me to my next game, against Winnipeg. I was better equipped to handle the experience, and the crowd was a lot tamer. I remember the Cats were struggling at one point and my dad yelled, "Put in Zuger!" Still really a novice to the CFL, I had no idea who Zuger was, but seeing the people around us laugh when he said it made me feel really good. (And we won that game, too, even without Zuger's help.)

Several years later, I had to find someone else to go to games with :frowning:, and my friend Mike filled that role. At one game, the PA announcer wished a happy anniversary to some couple, and without saying anything or even looking at each other, the two of us at the same time stood up and waved to the crowd. This was made even more funny by the fact that no one else in our entire section did the same thing. Everyone in our section saw us do it, and everyone laughed, including the cop that was standing on the walkway below.

And of course, Ozzy's field goal in the 1998 Eastern Final (already mentioned). The feeling of despair when Montreal scored the go-ahead touchdown, my nephew saying "They can still kick a field goal", and my absolute certainty that his little heart was going to be broken, followed by that glimmer of hope as they got into range, and the euphoria as we saw it go through. That was the first (and so far only) time I kissed Mike on the lips. :oops: