Your all time favourite logo by team

What are yours?

These are mine

I've always liked that one even though I prefer simpler logos, that boat just worked so well. The 80s Argos unis were the best ever. Was heartbroken when they changed.

I've always thought that that Hartford Whalers logo was superb. Simple, easily identifiable and still stylish - not just a couple of letters - but a very clever couple of letters. And very easy for a kid to draw on his lunchbox. Extremely functional. The negative space between the fluke and the W forms an H. Also, in the late 80s Hartford's AHL affiliate was the Binghampton Whalers and they turned the logo on it's side to make a B.:wink:

I like the current Argos and ticats logos the best.

Well for me being old school; I'll go with the logo's posted by GoRiders.

[url=] ... d_Logo.jpg[/url] [url=] ... ative3.gif[/url]

My favourite is over there ---------------------->

BC - Current Logo
Edmonton - Current Logo
Calgary - Current Logo
Winnipeg - Current Logo
Saskatchewan - Current Logo
Hamilton - Current Logo
Argonauts - The one with the Greek warrior, just replace the teal
Ottawa - White R logo
Montreal - Current Logo
Schooners - Well...they only had one logo attempt, but yes that one

Schooners’ was beautiful

Call me old-school, but I like the original leaping tiger the best for the Ticats.

Usually I like 70's/80's logos best, but I find this one too busy

And that's why they replaced it with the new leaping tiger. But I still prefer the old one. Tradition shouldn't be messed with.

The famous ARGO Boat logo used from 1960 to 1975 :thup:

PULL TOGETHER... I knew the person who designed it.