Your all invited to my back Saturday.

The Defence gave us hope…
The Offence stayed home…again.
Joe Paopao… I hope will not be with this team…come Monday.
I have seen better Offencive Play Calling… in my back yard…by overweight, middle aged, half drunk guys…
Tell you what folks…I will invite the 29 thousand plus to my back yard…next Saturday Night…for the same price… I promise you…you will be more entertained, than you were to-night…Hell, I will even throw in a free beer… to the first 10,000… Then I can retire…OK? :thup: :thup:
But remember…parking is limited… some come early.

You forgot to give your address

I could bring my BBQ , and my old Playbook :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I've started something....possitive... for a change....

Think how good your team would be if you weren’t half drunk? Or is it how much better your team would be if you were completely drunk.

Come to think of it…that’s about the only way I’d enjoy a Ticat game these days.

Be sure to wear the tight fitting paper bags. We don't want any injuries

If you bring the PA guy then I’m not coming.

My wife and I bought very good seats to three home games already played this year: vs Montreal, Winnipeg and Toronto. We have never been so bored in our lives.

What fun it is to see the home team stomped over and over again. What fun it is to see the home team do nothing offensively over and over again.

My wife and I are very glad we are not going to any more home games this year, and there is zero chance we will be buying any tickets next year. I hope the Ticats win, but as far as entertainment value is concerned, the team is a big disappointment, so they won't be getting paid any more by us.

These past two home games I have brought colleagues from work. It took some convincing to get them to the games, but I had faith the "game day experience" along with a decent performance would get them hooked. After two utterly embarrasing performances I won't bother trying to sell the team to anyone else.

How bad is it when I am given 4 free box J tickets for last nights game.....and 2 of the people say that even with the tickets being free, they will not be back. These are great seats, and 2 fans wont even sit in them for free....after that misery of a game last night. Its one thing to watch a game when your teams loses(it happens), its another thing to watch a team that cant even try. The players looked as bored as we did :frowning:

Reading these post have made me more aware of how dire the situation is.It is, to say the least the saddest time,with all the resources Mr.Young has provided, to be a Tiger Cat fan.