Your All CFL Team

If you could field a team with any of the current CFL players who would they be and why. The numbers are for the amount of players for the position to be listed.

QB - 2
RB's - 3
WR's - 4
SB's - 2
T's - 2
G's - 2
C - 1

K - 1
P - 1
KR/PR - 1
ST - 1

DE's - 2
DT's - 2
OLB's - 2
MLB - 1
CB/HB's - 4
S - 1

Heres what my team would look like.

QB - Dave Dickenson, Kevin Glenn

Analysis: Dickenson probably the best QB in the CFL would give this team a true gunslinger that would be able to spread the ball to all of my weapons. Kevin Glenn would sit on the bench and learn things from the Veteran Dickenson and lets not forget Glenn is only 26 or 27 so once Dickenson retires he would step in just fine probably.

RB's - Charles Roberts, Robert Edwards, Julian Radlein

Analysis: I went with a true speed burner and a true power back here. Roberts would be my starting back and he is so explosive and would excel behind this O-line ive put together. Edwards would mainly be for short yardage situations and always has the shot of taking it too the house with his deceptive speed. Radlein would be my fullback and would really love throwing blocks for Blink.

WR's - Jason Armstead, Kerry Watkins, Tony Miles, Chris Brazzell

Analysis: Armstead and Watkins give me some real speed and that compliments Miles and Brazzell as they are both true deep threats.

SB's - Milt Stegall, Nik Lewis

Although Milt is near the end of his career I took him because he is the man and is always there for the key catches. Nik Lewis would compliment him and probably learn a few things from the Hall of Famer still young so would be able to dominate years after Milt is gone.

T's - Gene Makowsky, Scott Flory
G's - Bobby Singh, George Hudson
C - Ibrahim Khan

Analysis: An all canadian O-line that would pummel D-lines and provide some awesome blocking for Dave and the running game.

K - Noel Prefontaine
P - Noel Prefontaine

Analysis: The best in the game in my opinion and wouldnt take up an extra import roster spot.

- Bashir Levingston
ST - Donnavan Carter

Analysis: Levingston would be my returner and although he sometimes losses big yards on returns he is ALWAYS dangerous and ready to break one. Donnavan Carter is great on special teams, Blocks alot of punts and gives it his all.

DE's - Gavin Walls, Anwar Stewart

Analysis: 2 of the best if not the best rush ends in the league. They would give O-lines a big problem trying to block.

- Doug Brown, Johanthon Brown

Analysis: Twin towers in the middle who are both very good vs the pass and rush.

OLB's - Scott Coe, Reggie Hunt

Analysis: Solid linebackers that can both blitz and are both pretty decent in coverage. Really love Reggie Hunts playmaking ability.

MLB - Barrin Simpson

Analysis: Barrin is a MONSTER in the middle and doesnt miss alot of tackles. True team leader.

CB/HB's - Omar Evans, Stanford Samuels, Jason Goss, Davin Bush
S - Barron Miles

Analysis: Omar Evans gives me a solidified number 1 cornerback. Jason Goss is always around the ball same goes for Davin Bush and Stanford Samuels is young but a big playmaker that is still learning the game. Barron Miles is simply a master at Safety hardly gets beat and can tackle well.

Team Philosphy
My offense would really try to establish the run game early and often and just keep pounding the ball away then get the pass game going to work off the run and do alot of playaction fakes that would really open up the defense.

The defensive philoshpy would be a mix of Calgarys and Montreals. Take the blitzing part of montreals and put into Calgarys sometimes lovely defensive scheme and it would be a tough defense to read. Although my team wouldnt blitz as often cause just a 4 man pressure with this D-line would create pressure.

Oh and to take it one step further my head coach would be Tom Higgins :slight_smile:. Hehe that was fun, Oh and I could have went with all the obvious guys like Tucker, Simon, Ricky ray but this is more realistic and funner.

QB - Dave Dickenson, Anthony Calvillo
RB's - Charles Roberts, Joffrey Reynolds, Robert Edwards (who I would start at FB!)
WR's - Jason Tucker, Arland Bruce, Nik Lewis (and I moved one WR spot to SB)
SB's - Ben Cahoon, Jermaine Copeland, Geroy Simon
T's - Uzuma Okeke, Dave Mudge
G's - Dan Comiskey, Gene Makowsky
C - Brian Chiu

K - Noel Prefontaine
P - Noel Prefontaine
KR/PR - Tony Tomkins
ST - Eric Lapointe

DE's - Anwar Stewart, Brent Johnson
DT's - Ed Philion, Demetrious Maxie
OLB's - George White, Kevin Eiben, Mike O'Shea
MLB - John Grace
CB/HB's - Chip Cox, Clifford Ivory, Korey Banks, Omar Morgan
S - Barron Miles

Good players, but Makowsky and Flory are guards, while Hudson is a center.

Makowsky plays Right Tackle and Yes I know Flory is a guard, Must have mistaken Hudson for someone else but either way alot of the good O-lineman can play any position along the O-line.