Your 2nd Favorite Team?

I'm a Lions guy, Big Time. But, I do like the Redblacks, so I will root for them unless they're playing BC of course. I also have a bit of a soft spot for the Esks should BC have a less than great season. Annnd, I don't mind the Blue Bombers.


Ticat fan through and through. My 2nd favourite team would have to be the Blue Bombers


The Stamps would be my favourite West Division team.

My 2nd is BC, with the first being Hamilton of course. I also have a soft spot for Ottawa, but not enough to be my #2 team.

my 2nd favorite team was the Als for quite a few years although the RB's have now squeaked by them to reach the #2 spot.

and at one time (80's-90's) the Lions were my 2nd fav team especially during the Dewalt/Fernandez/Parker era.

On behalf of my fellow Stamps fans and our wonderful Outriders.

THANK YOU our American friend.


LIONS 2- but a close second to the Stamps.

I have been going out to Vancouver 2 x a year ( 3 this year ) since 2010.

My East Team are the TC's. Followed second by my man Hank lead RB's

#1 - Hamilton (no surprise there)
#2 - Ottawa (guess no surprise there either)
#3 - Whoever's playing the Argos (and definitely no surprise there)

I kind of have a soft spot for teams that have been not very good for a while. For most of the 2000's i rooted for the Ticats in the East. Rooted for the Redblacks since they returned.

I recall being in this same stage myself. Rooting for underperforming teams makes the game a bit exciting. But most of the time though, I would pick the Blue Bombers as my second favorite team.

Have finally come to the conclusion the Cats are my number one team followed by the Double Blue, the team I grew up as my favourite. And end of story, no more thinking about this! :o

Atta boy Earl!! One less thing to dwell on. Decision fatigue is a downer.

“Decision fatigue” I really like that one slant. Nice job! :thup:

Haha...ya decision fatigue.
I work in intense spurts with my brain being tested and fried.

To alleviate decision fatigue I limit my simple decisions:
When out there on these spurts I:
Eat the same breakkie and lunch
Wear black shoes with blue clothes
Brown shoes with brown clothes
Run every day at 530 am
Drink same beer :smiley:

When off I have no idea. Just get up. Put on flip flops, shorts, T and wander. :smiley:

So how does a childhood Argo fan defect to the darkside? If you don’t mind me asking, don’t want to bring back all the mental fatigue lol.

He finally saw the light.