Your 2009 Predictions

Will the Cats reach .500 this year? Will the Stamps repeat as Grey Cup Champs? Will someone other than Montreal make it to the Grey Cup? Who will be MOP?

Any and all predictions go here.

I haven't been updating myself with off-season acquisitions, however, in the spirit of the NHL, I will say Calgary and Montreal will face off in the Grey Cup.

The Cats will win 7 , lose 11 this year. They will make the playoffs if winn and Sask tank this year.

I predict an improvement for sure. Not sure about the win total though. I would hope at least 7-8 wins. 9-9 or better would be amazing but i'm not getting my hopes up yet.

The Cats will NOT make it to .500 this year.
The Stamps WILL repeat as grey cup champs.
Montreal WILL represent the east in the grey cup
Henry Burris will be league MOP

on a side note more predictions....

Cats will struggle early and come out of the gate 0-3.
The board will be littered with threads of fire this person and trade that person.
Montreal will slip a bit but still hold on to first.
Winnipeg's receivers will be their only bright spot this year.
The Blue team will win just enough games to finish 1 game ahead of the Cats...but still miss playoffs.
Saskatchewan will get the cross over, beat the bombers and lose to the Als.
Lumsden will dress for 9 games for the Eskies this year.
Haley will have a break out year for the Cats.
Nick Setta will lead the league in punting average again.
Dorsey comes back to the Argos after labour day to bolster their lackluster return game.
I will enjoy my summer, play lots of golf, drink lots of beer and watch all the games on my TV.

Go Cats.


Dear lord if that is even 25% correct I am coming to you from now on with lottery numbers.

PAIN for the Ticat competition.

I think that the Ticats after several futile years will surprise a lot of people. :wink:

Call me a "homer" but we will see! The Ticats are "due" and I think the pieces are falling in to place for the team to make the playoffs and "SURPRISE"... anything can happen! :rockin:

I have always said between 8-10 wins. I will say we win 8 games and be second in the east.

The exhibition season is to get all the bugs worked out of the system and I hope that MB has turned the ship in the right direction in the last week and had rid himself of some bad seeds.

Can't wait for the game tomorrow.

I won't be surprised though if we win less than 5 games.

I predict the Cats will go 7-11 this year.

IMHO, the 08 3-15 team was significantly improved over the 07 3-15 team: MB's much maligned-on-this-board offence scored a lot more points than the previous year's version, despite Printers and Taaffe, and the record would have been a lot better if it weren't for Creehan's super crappy defense. Marshall should be able to improve that, and Haley and Floyd are probably a big improvement over Anthony and Mariuz. As long as Hickman, McIntyre, and Long are improvements over the players that were there last year, the D should improve by a fair margin, but they will still have their problems, due to both ends and the MLB being rookies (albeit with NFL experience).

Improved talent at receiver is offset by not one starting receiver having a full year of experience, so they will have their fair share of screw ups and will look brilliant half the time and like a bunch of chumps the other half. Then again, the much improved OT position might make an even bigger difference, and they might actually be able to move the ball consistently.

Overall, they will have a tougher time at the beginning of the season due to the number of rookies. If Keith comes back at full speed, they might just get hot in the fall. Porter will play well overall (his rookie QB rating is higher than Ricky Ray's rookie QB rating) but will be spelled off by Glenn from time to time. This will be ok because neither of the two has an ego problem.

I predict I am going to enjoy seeing football again. I will enjoy the hecklers in Box H and hope I can contribute something witty every now and then. It's been a long off season and I am looking forward to tomorrow. People can say what they will, but there are only 8 cities in Canada with pro football and I'm glad i live in one.

Montreal will dominate the East, with Hamilton coming in 2nd as a young and up and coming team. Porter and Rodriguez combine to make some magic happen on offence, not in the most technically accurate performances but in a grittier in-it-to-win-it fashion. Hamilton-Montreal eastern finale. If we are young and healthy, and Montreal is old and broken down, things could happen.

Montreal 12-6
Winnipeg 9-9
Hamilton 8-10
Toronto 7-11

Calgary 11-7
Sask 10-8
Edmonton 8-10
BC 7-11

BC will be the worst in the west, finishing just behind Edmonton.

Nobody better than 12-6. 11-7 may even be the best record but I put Montreal at 12 wins. Only 8 wins will be needed to get in the playoffs and there will not be a crossover.

Im going to stick my neck out right now before the season starts. Last year the stars almost alligned except for the side line influence of dough boy (maccocia). Now we have Mr Hall…nuff said. THIS YEAR I PREDICT LIONS IN A CROSS OVER BEAT MONTREAL FOR A GREY CUP BERTH AGAINST EDMONTON WHO TOOK OUT CALGARY AT COMMONWEALTH. THEN EDMONTON WINS BY MORE THAN 7 POINTS. I can see it now… all of those grey cup tickets at fire sale prices. I’ll take a dozen. BOY DO I KNOW HOW TO DREAM!!! Anyway, thats my prediction and I’m sticking with it. Time to sacrafice a chicken or something…

Montreal and Edmonton in the Grey Cup. :cowboy: