so we decided to keep anthony davis, very very smart. im also hoping auggie does good, but brooks was awsome druing preseason and i woudlnt mind if he became our bonifide starter. any word yet on powell and his knew or ankle injury??... neways this is looking to be a solid 2006 season, lets hope our main area of concerns come threw, defensive backfeild. and offensive line.. im ready for the season!!!! eat em raw.

whos going to back up our defensive ends?? im looking at the roster and we onlt habve walker as a backup.. what happend to cunningham...?? we r going into the season with one backup de??well im going to cross my fingers but if one of our starters do get injured.. u know who to call!..big joe.

we got dunbrack too and he’ll rotate mostly with peterson and belli.
also probably walker over fatafehi and that will also give scott,cheat and devonte a rotation…
you’re gonna need a few guys rotating along the line especially in the humid months.
from what i know don’t hold your breath abut joe’s return maybe in in case of injury. i to would like to see joe back but i dont think it’s going down.

i dont think so too, and who r u tlking abuot when you say scott?

i meant cotton mixed up
guess im thinkn johnny lol

lol , old news, what ever happend to him neways.. didnt he jus fall apart after being injured

Ottawa picked him up and then no one picked him up in dispersal.

Why isn't ralph starting?

who says he isn't?

what doeS that have to do with anything, other then them being our cheerleaders (hot ones at that)

Sack Attack

It was football related. I think it what is called an "End Run" to try and get around having his post censured like all the other ones on the cheerleader incident. Trying to hide it I guess

genius move.

sure hope its not someone else just trying to post under a pseudonym.... because i'd hate to see this site start IP banning...

really, i hate to act like some sort of thought poice here, (tho with no authority i'm pretty safe of being accused as such) but just let the howard stern thing drop.

its an all ages site... supposed to be family friendly. we can't even finish of the saying "argos su _ _" without the second word being censored.

There are plenty of sites in which to discuss the cheerleader incident, this really isn't the best choice.

(try but even then its old news there, so i doubt you'll meet a
warm reception there either.)