ive goin to games since i was 12,,,so about 34 years,,,,here are my favs:

#10,,84 east final in toronto,,,felix wrights 4 ints and we win in ot,,,brock to johnson,,,i was at the ex one of the coldest wet games i can recall.

#9 ,,85 east final we destroy concordes kenny hobart career day,,,anyone remember paul bennett's hit on nick aracki? ,,fell short next week to bc in the cup.

#8,,,2011 east semi final in montreal,,,one of the most exciting back and forth games ever,,,we win in ot.52-44

#7,,83 east final,,we got screwed bad call,,,thousands of cat fans made the trip,,overachieving team in playoffs beat ottawa previous week on a brock to scott collie 3rd down pass.

#6...99 GREY CUP IN BC,,,we kick calgary's butt,,,danny mac and flutie do their thing,,i was there and snucked in to the shark club with some other fans and partied with the team.

#5 ..joe hagens 3rd down catch 99 east final,,,sets up winning score,,,gutsy call by lancaster.

#4 ,,ozzy ozzy,,hits a 56 yder to win game and put us in 98 grey cup,,,ivor wynne was nuts.

#3,,,1986 cup,,,cats win cup,,,destroy the eskimos,,,,,great team,,,1st cup since 72...after losing in the two prevoius grey cups.

#2,,,game 2 1986 east final,,,cats come back from 27 points down in the two game total series in toronto and win,,one of my fav games i ever attended .

#1,,,1989 grey cup,,,greatest grey cup ever,,,we fell short,,,but champion's catch and the game itself was amazing.

these only the ones i witnessed,,,,others will indeed add 72 grey cup,,,the 67 team,,,and the bernie faloney in overtime return,,,just to name a few

I'm 34 but can't recall seeing 10 but here's mine 92 east semi against ottawa down by a pile big comeback OZZY puts it through
98 vs MNTRL OZZ again
99 grey cup
And the last 3 playoff games against BC TOR and MNTRL
With the good there's bad
93 final vs winnipeg snowball fight vs fans n cat players we got hammered
And 2011 again vs bombers we forgot to show up
But a new playoff this year should be good

Great list!!! Have only 2 games to add to it
92 East-Semi....Cats-29...Riders-28 Cats come back in 4th qtr from double digit deficit in a driving snow blizzard,Ozzy kicks the winner with next to no time left on clock,snow was so heavy,we could barely see the field,sat at very top row of sec.7,freezing cold blustery day,but what a game,what a comeback,unfortunately got destroyed in the East final by the B.B.'s the next week 59-11.Damon Allen's one and only season as a Cat Q.B. Team went from 3-15,"91"season to 11-7 in "92".
72 Grey Cup...Cats-13...Sask-10 was only 11 yrs old at the time,best memory of game was Mosca holding up that Cup for all to see one last time.This game was the end of a dominant 10 yr period from "63 to "72 that saw the Cats appear in 5 Grey Cups and win 4 in that 10 yr span(63,65,67,72)

1957 was the first GC I ever watched, complete with Bibbles Bawel getting tripped. I was 7 years old and could recite the entire Ticat roster to my Grade 3 teacher at old Brantdale School on the Mountain. (Years later I worked at the Dominion store at Mohawk & James, and once got to pack Vince Scott's groceries!)

1967 was an impressive defensive win, shutting down Lancaster and Reed, but 1986 really takes the cake there; never seen such exciting defense.

I remember driving about St. Catharines the afternoon of that second eastern final game. Edgy and very nervous trying to listen desperately while the car radio was fading in and out (poor radio), hanging onto hope with each play that the guys could pull it out, which they did.

Then all the following week reading about how this same Hamilton team was old, slow and beaten up. They were overmatched by this great Eskimo squad. At the end of the Grey Cup game, a different story was written. The Tiger cats came out fierce, aggressive and clearly outplayed Edmonton to win the cup running away with it.

One of the most enjoyable and satisfying Grey cup games I ever watched, along with the 1999 win.

A great couple of playoff years!!!

for sentimental reasons, the 1972 Grey Cup win made the most indelible impression on me as a youth, which commenced a lifelong TC fan.

Just 6 years young, and residing somewhat near IW stadium at that time, there was such an inordinate number of vehicles mulling the neighborhoods, jammed parking on all lawns, and such a rabid frenzy throughout the streets that I had never witnessed before or since.

Listening with the family on the radio when rookie Ian Sunter kicked the winning FG on the last play of the game to win the Cup was poetical magic to me and cemented a fan for life.

An everlasting moment that remains the most cherished of all TiCat memories. :thup:

The 1986 two-game east final comeback against Hogtown Hades. Epic!

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm still confused about the 89 grey cup, I remember that game going back and forth with the ticats winning in the last minute, but Saskatchewan was looking like they were going to win with a last minute field goal, on 2nd down the ticats appeared to intercept the ball to stop the threat, they went to a commercial and when they came back Ridgeway kicked the winning field goal. I never understood how they could do that when they didn't have the ball and the announcers didn't say anything, so I guess they didn't award the interception by the ticats, can anyone remember the game and clear this up please? :?

1-10 for me on this afternoon!!


i think the one u mean is our safety mark young int at back of our end zone,, i thought he caught out but they ruled his knee came down on back of end zone. it was close,. we were in that endzone and all the fans thought he caught it,, to tie game we moved ball down field champion got mugged 2 plays in a row by harry skipper no pass int calls. bruno was livid. so the next play earl drew one made it look so bad the ref finally called it. then it was on 3rd and goal champions catch td to tie it

ON the last Saturday in November of 1961, the Ticats faced elimination at the hands of the high-end $$$$ Toronto Argonauts, who had won the first game of the two-game, total-point CFL Eastern Final crushing the Tabbies, 25-7.

With that 18 point cushion, the Argos, led by quarterback Tobin Rote (who had left the NFL Detroit Lions less than two years earlier to become the highest-paid player in the CFL) were certain they’d be heading to the Grey Cup for the first time in seven years. They boasted an all star lineup which included Rote, Cookie Gilchrist, Dick Shatto, Dave Mann, Jim Rountree, Lynn Bottoms, Dan Nykoluk and Bobby Kuntz

Hamilton had just come off a disastrous 4-10 season in 1960 which had seen them pick up end Hal Patterson from Montreal in the ill fated Etcherrry Faloney trade.( Bernie would stay in Hamilton and Sam would move on to qb the St Louis cardinals for one year before returning to coach in Canada-- and Hal would remain the PRINCE and one of the purest receivers the era had ever known)

but I digress.

IN game two, as I listened on Fife Street on a cheap portable radio with about 8 friends (PS... who as a kid could afford tickets- and the gate guards at Melrose were real stingy--- for we knew... since this was not the regular season they wouldnt allow us to swarm into the bleachers for the last 3 minutes of a playoff game ---so the radio and Norm Marshall would just have to do)


the Tabbies held the Argo attack to 2 points, while the Ticats scored 20 points to tie the series at 27-27 as time wound down.

With just more than a minute left, the Argos intercepted Faloney at the Ticat 35-yard line and with six-time CFL punting leader Dave Mann on their side, the Argos seemed to have the game, and the Eastern title, in the bag.

But, on the game’s final play Mann’s punt did not clear the end zone for the required single point, enabling Ticat Don Sutherin to field the ball and punt it back out of the end zone.

Mann retrieved that punt and kicked the ball BACK INTO the end zone.

Ticat quarterback Bernie Faloney took Mann’s second punt and ran it all the way back 120 yards for a touchdown. But, in those days, there was no blocking allowed on field-goal or punt returns and the exuberant Cats had obviously thrown A WHOLE BUNCH OF BLOCKS. The touchdown was called back and overtime ensued.

The Argos proved no match for the Tabbies in the overtime period. Hamilton scored four touchdowns and won by a landslide to reach the Grey Cup in Toronto the next weekend.

The game with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at CNE stadium proved that dreams have a shelf life- and a very short one. THE ticats were beaten by the Bombers (against whom they played five Cup games in six years) — also in overtime.

Your memory is off a little. It was 37-33 Saskatchewan winning.

After the play in question Ridgway kicked a FG making it 40-33, but it was not the winning FG.

Champion tied it up later 40-40, after which the winning FG is kicked by Ridgway,

Here it is. Start watching around the 2:00 mark of the video.

thanks for clearing that up, I remember it being a great game that seemed like the team who had the ball last was going to win, unfortunately the wrong team won.

I still remember when Champion caught the ball thinking that there was too much time left. Alas I was correct. Still the greatest GC ever, even though we lost. I don't know if a Rider fan would feel the same way if their team lost.


well prior to 95 I was an Eskimos fan than from 95 to 2009 I was pro NFL.(got caught up in the drama) so I really don't have a lot of Cats playoffs memories, except '11 Montreal. god knows it certainly isn't losing to Toronto at home. :cry:

although the BC loss at home was a pretty awesome game even though it was a loss.

So many, too many to count, from Bernie Faloney's crazy run against the Argos in 1961 forward.

If you mean this one in 2009, then I agree 100%

I'll never forget the level excitement in IWS when Glenn hit McDaniel with a pass for the tying 2 point convert to send it into OT after being down by 11 points with 2:16 left in the 4th quarter

Ahhhh…so it’s your fault!

Don’t worry I really slapped myself silly after the game (I really deserved it). :wink: :oops: :wink: