Youngest QB to win a Grey Cup?

Looking at the two Grey Cup contenders got me wondering: does anyone know who the youngest quarterback to have won a Grey Cup is? At 24 and 26 respectively, Bo Levi Mitchell and Zach Collaros are pretty young, and I think that's an impressive feat to win a Grey Cup with so little professional football experience under their belts. I wouldn't be surprised if someone younger had won a Grey Cup, but I'm curious to know.

Does anyone know the youngest QB to win a Grey Cup? Or at least some of the younger ones that you may remember?

Ricky Ray ! 24 not that long ago.

Not sure who the youngest is but it might be Jackie Parker who was 24 when he quarterbacked the Eskimos to the cup in 1955. He won the Grey Cup in 1954 but was playing halfback.

After checking I think that it may be Warren Moon who was 24 years and 5 days when he won his 3rd Grey Cup but first as a starter.

Chuck Ealey-72 Tiger-Cats :smiley: born:Jan 6/50…Grey Cup was Dec. 3/72 so Ealey was only 22 yrs old and almost a month away from his 23rd birthday. Ealey has to be the youngest QB to ever turn the trick.

Sonny Wade QB of Montreal won the 1970 Championship over Calgary. Sonny was 23 yrs. old.

A lot of great QB's from the past in this thread,but so far at 22 yrs old Chuck Ealey has the crown over Sonny Wade at 23 yrs.old
1 rst place Chuck Ealey 72 Cup-Hamilton age 22

2nd place Sonny Wade 70 Cup-Montreal age 23

Kenny Ploen QB of Winnipeg in 1957 GC was 22 - June 3rd 1935

Nope,close but no cigar !!!!! The Cats won the 1957 Grey Cup,the Bombers won the next 2 though over the Cats winning it back to back in 58-59.
So at best Ploen so far as we know would be tied with Wade at 23 yrs old. Ealey still has the title at the tender age of 22 yrs old. :cowboy:

Bernie Faloney was 22 1/2 when he quarterbacked the Eskimos to the Grey Cup in 1954 with 22 year old Jackie Parker playing halfback.

Jim Van Pelt was 23 years and 3 weeks old when he QB'd the Bombers to that 1958 Grey Cup win:

He scored a record 22 points (two touchdowns, two field goals and four extra points) in the 1958 Grey Cup championship game, as the Blue Bombers defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 35-28. Van Pelt's first touchdown came on a trick play when he pitched the ball to halfback Leo Lewis and then took a pass from Lewis to run untouched 29 yards into the end zone. His second touchdown was a game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter—a one-yard run that gave the Bombers a 35-28 lead.

But Faloney beats him by about 6 months and Ealey by about 1.5 months.

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